September 17

A mother’s intuition.



What is motherhood if not but a daily dance with our intuitive gifts?

This is true for all women as we are cyclic, intuitive beings by nature, but as mothers this takes on a whole other level. We must look deep within us to find the answers. No one else knows our children like we do. No books no studies no doctors will know the answers like a mother who connects to her child beyond the physical. Today We are denied our own powers and we are commanded to seek the answers outside of ourselves. We look to ‘teachers’ to tell us the way even though they feel so mis-aligned and our womb and gut screams NO!! But everyone else is doing it so it must be ok?!

No, it’s not ok. It will never be ok until we take back the reigns and trust ourselves again!! Too often we find out that those teachers, studies or doctors were wrong. That their ‘tricks’ were harmful and we feel guilty for not listening to that internal screaming.

Mothers, follow the pleasure! We are pleasure seekers by nature. This is our guide! Our Yonis with their pleasure seeking GPS function literally guide us through life!


So ask yourself. How do you want to feel? Does this action/thought/thing bring you closer to, or further away from alignment with pleasure?


If it brings you pleasure and deep internal satisfaction, follow that. If you are screaming on the inside that it feels wrong then it probably is. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or saying. If there is resistance, stop. Recalibrate.


My doctor said to me the other day, “well, it wasn’t that long ago that there were no doctors! Just trust yourself”. There have always been herbalists and shamans of course, and while this timely statement didn’t quite help the issue i had gone there for, it was the perfect reminder that even he believes in the power and reclamation of our intuition to guide our parenting! So why don’t we?…


Are you feeling disconnected from other kindred women and mothers?


The Moon Time Energy Exchange and Rewilding Sisterhood is a FREE community of women (and those who identify as) to remember and reclaim the wisdom woman wisdom of living in alignment with pleasure and flow.

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Photos by Kirsten Klemasz Doula and Photographer.


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