The Liminal Space Academy:
Sacred Arts, Circle Medicine & Threshold Walking Trainings

Do you want to go deeper in your sacred work?

To diversify your offerings while taking the sacredness of your work to the next level?

You’re here because you have heard the call to weave science with the sacred and diversify your offerings. Each rite of passage that we move through impacts the next whether we acknowledge it or not. You know that birth is an incredibly powerful rite of passage and you would like to learn more about the power of circle and blessing medicine to take your clients on a deeper journey to honour this powerful transition.

I have a range of offerings relating to embrace all aspects of circle + ceremony medicine, honouring every phase.

Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitation Training

Are you being called to facilitate circles, blessings & ceremonies for your clients to honour the sacred and holy initiations of our rites of passage because you know the impact that our rites of passage have on us, our children, future generations and the earth, but you don’t know where to start and it’s keeping you stuck?


Yes? Then you’re in the right place!


This online journey will arm you with all you need to know to feel confident in facilitating Blessings and Circles.


You will be given the exact steps and my unique Circle Medicine Formula to go from flirting with this calling to circle work, to taking intentional and assured steps that will enable you to feel confident and fulfilled in stepping into this sacred offering.



The Blessing Book

A Blessing Ceremony E-Guide

This New Book Reveals Everything You Need To Know To Start Facilitating Blessing Ceremonies…

Blessing Ceremonies Are A Little-Known Secret Being Used By Birthworkers To Increase Their Income, Create a Greater Impact and Bypass The Burnout (Without Attending More Births)

I share what you need to know to help evoke the results your clients really want — profound transformation.


These tried and tested methods of formulating beautiful ceremonies and circles weave together scientific and anthropological research with sacred ritual.


I give you the exact tools and resources that I have created and used that will enable you to hold sacred space and evoke profound transformations time and time again in any setting.


I have helped countless Birthworkers diversify their offerings and become unapologetically clear and confident in their soul calling, so they can serve more women and birthing people in a deeper, more holistic and profitable way (while still vehemently protecting the sacredness of this work).


This book is completely different from all other ritual guides! This guide is solely dedicated to Birthworkers and Sacred Keepers who want to begin facilitating Matresence Blessings either as part of an existing business or as part of a new service.




Circle Medicine E-Guide

Circle Medicine has been something I have been processing for many years now. I have known for a long time (over 10 years!) that I want to step into the role of teacher and mentor for those who are feeling the call to start their own circles. There feels to be an urgency around needing to reclaim Circle Medicine to preserve the sacredness in our world, to preserve connection and to protect against so much disconnection used as a weapon for profit.


Are you frustrated at the state of the world, and the lack of sacredness and connection?

Do you feel angry about how fear and shame are used as weapons against us to profit from our most vulnerable and sacred moments?

Do you carry the witch-wound and fear of offering this sacred work into the world?

Are you looking for ways to support yourself and your family without having to work within a system that steals our power and denies the sacred, and without having to sacrifice too much precious time and energy away from your family?

Do you feel like a Fringe Dweller at heart? Yearning for community and connection?

Do you feel ready to serve your community in a way that also serves you and helps you answer the call that Spirit has sent to you?

You are not alone! 


The exact tools that I will be giving you are the same ones I have personally used myself having run circles in my professional work as a social worker, then moving to more traditional women’s circles, retreats, workshops and online circles, as well as for many clients in the form of Blessings and honouring ceremonies. I have worked in sacred service for over 10+ years. These are the tools that have allowed deep and powerful vulnerabilities to rise to the surface to be witnessed and healed so clients and participants can move forth, transformed, into a more empowered, connective and authentic state of being.


I share what you need to know to help evoke the results your clients really want — profound transformation through true authentic connection.


Here is just a fraction of what you will be getting:

Why discomfort is a necessary part of the process and how to hold space for it Page 72 & Page 87

How to implement circles respectfully by  understanding and avoiding cultural appropriation and white privilege. Page 93

The step-by-step guide to planning a powerful and transformative Circle Page 97

My 5 easy steps to planning a circle Page 98

A Circle Planning Checklist Page 102

The 12 different types of circles Page 104

What to do when challenging situations arise during a Circle Page 110


And SO much more!

Fear Release For Birth & Parenthood E-Guide 2nd Ed.

You want to go deeper in your sacred work, including to feel confident in holding space for fear at the liminal space of Matrescence.


​Is fear of birth taking over your client’s pregnancy?
Are they getting closer to their due month and feeling the pang of anxiety, limiting beliefs, or fear creeping up on them?


Birth is promoted as being pretty darn scary!


Perhaps they have already given birth and have felt traumatised by their previous experience so fear about a next birth is starting to take over.


Or perhaps it’s not even birth itself that they are frightened about, maybe it’s just the transition into the unknown realm of parenthood?


The purpose of this book is to assist you as Birthworker to not only support and acknowledge your client’s fears/limiting beliefs, anxieties, concerns or any possible blocks (intense feelings, people, past experiences) that could inhibit your birthing process, but to also support them to discover their own meaningful way to release them.


So, are you ready to go deeper with your clients, to go ahead and feel REALLY confident and positive about holding space for your clients even when it is raw and emotion filled?


Are you ready to embody the art of holding sacred liminal space while they release themselves of any fears, worries, concerns or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them (that could in fact inhibit them from having a beautiful birth) and fill themselves with positivity and gratitude instead?


This book is especially powerful utilised as a tool for facilitating Blessings & Circles. It is a sister guide to my Blessing Book and Circle Medicine Guidebooks.

The Second Edition was written and revised in 2020 to update some of the theories and principles outlines in the 1st Edition. If you loved the First Edition (released in 2017) you will adore what has been added into this new and updated version.


“This guide is phenomenal. Well-researched yet warm, it feels like you’re sitting down with Katherine and she’s talking you through how to feel confident and fearless as you prepare for birth and parenthood. I wish I had access to a tool like this when I was pregnant, but now as a doula, I have the privilege of supporting my clients with it over and over again! Our world is so blessed to have contributions like these from professionals like Katherine.” Hayley Wilson

Certified Threshold Walker 10 Moons Mentorship Container

You want to master the art of holding space, step into you conscious soul-led leadership while growing your sustainable, profitable and impactful sacred business BUT you also know that you cannot effectively hold space unless someone in holding space for you.


“To know the road ahead, you must ask those coming back“- Chinese Proverb.


This is the creme de la creme of training that I offer. You will not find a more comprehensive program to take you from a new-born birthworker or circle keeper to a fully fledged confident master of holding space and walking sacred thresholds, stepping fully into the leadership space of your soul-led path and being the change you wish to see in the world.


This 12-month immersion program will transform you, there is no doubt about it. Nothing will ever be the same again, in all the best ways.


If you are yearning to go deeper in your work, to master your magic, fulfill the call you have been commanded to answer and ensure a sustainable business model so that you can continue in this sacred work for the long haul, this is for you!

I will teach you everything I know about what it means to be a professional, ethical, sacred and successful leader in the realm of sacred work. You will be reborn as your most authentic and confident self with a crystal clear vision of what steps to take next to get your message out into the world.

This immersion journey will guide you through:
-Rewilding & Energy Mastery
-Step by step Circle Keeping, Ceremonies, Blessings and honouring rites of passage.
-The Circle Medicine Formula™
-Shadow Work
-Ancestor Medicine
-Money Mastery, Energy Exchange & Manifestation
-Sacred earth based magick
-Avoiding cultural appropriation
-The art of holding sacred liminal spaces
-Avoiding burnout
-Navigating complex scenarios
-Navigating Ethical Considerations
-Professionalism as a means to ensure you do no harm
-Business Mastery (including social media, networking & marketing)

Plus you will have ongoing support from both myself as your guide in the form of regular calls, lives and teachings, Masterclasses from experts in the field, as well as a sacred VIP community of others on a similar journey.

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