The Academy Of Sacred Circle Mastery & Threshold Walking

Do you want to go deeper in your sacred work?

To diversify your offerings while taking the sacredness of your work to the next level?

You’re here because you have heard the call to weave science with the sacred and diversify your offerings. Each rite of passage that we move through impacts the next whether we acknowledge it or not. You know that birth is an incredibly powerful rite of passage and you would like to learn more about the power of circle and blessing medicine to take your clients on a deeper journey to honour this powerful transition.

I have a range of offerings relating to embrace all aspects of circle + ceremony medicine, honouring every phase.

The Art Of Holding Space: Blessing Facilitation Training

Are you considering incorporating circle & blessing medicine into your offerings?

Do you feel stuck not knowing what steps to take next to feel confident in offering this as a service?

This online journey will arm you with all you need to know to feel confident in facilitating Blessings and Circles for a mother/parent to be.

You will be given the exact steps and formula you need to take to go from flirting with this calling to circle work, to taking intentional and assured steps that will enable you to feel confident and fulfilled in stepping into this sacred offering.



NOTE: This e-journey is a self-guided course that will take you through the steps you need to move into circle work. There will be no mentoring or support and it will not go into detail about how to turn circles/ceremonies into profitable and sustainable sacred offerings within your sacred business.

If you would like vital support and a balance between the work within the context of the sacred container of your business please check out the Immersion Program.

Threshold Walker Certified Immersion Program

You want to master the art of holding space, step into you conscious soul-led leadership while growing your sustainable, profitable and impactful sacred business.


This is the creme de la creme of training that I offer. You will not find a more comprehensive program to take you from a new-born birthworker or circle keeper to a fully fledged confident master of holding space and walking sacred thresholds, stepping fully into the leadership space of your soul-led path and being the change you wish to see in the world.


This 12-month immersion program will transform you, there is no doubt about it. Nothing will ever be the same again, in all the best ways.


If you are yearning to go deeper in your work, to master your magic, fulfill the call you have been commanded to answer and ensure a sustainable business model so that you can continue in this sacred work for the long haul, this is for you!

I will teach you everything I know about what it means to be a professional, ethical, sacred and successful leader in the realm of sacred work. You will be reborn as your most authentic and confident self with a crystal clear vision of what steps to take next to get your message out into the world.

This immersion journey will guide you through:
-Rewilding & Energy Mastery
-Step by step Circle Keeping, Ceremonies, Blessings and honouring rites of passage.
-Shadow Work
-Money Mastery, Energy Exchange & Manifestation
-Sacred earth based magick
-Avoiding cultural appropriation
-The art of holding sacred liminal spaces
-Avoiding burnout
-Navigating complex scenarios
-Professionalism as a means to ensure you do no harm
-Business Mastery (including social media, networking & marketing)

Plus you will have ongoing support from both myself as your guide in the form of regular calls, lives and teachings as well as a sacred VIP community of others on a similar journey.

Circle Medicine E-Book (FREE)

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