Dive Deeper Into Your Sacred Work

Diversify your offerings and take the sacredness of your work to the next level

You’re here because you've heard the call to weave science with the sacred and diversify your offerings...

Discover the range of offerings below that will teach, guide and help you embrace all aspects of circle & ceremony medicine, honouring every phase.

Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitation Training

Are you being called to facilitate circles, blessings & ceremonies for your clients but you don’t know where to start and it’s keeping you stuck?


Yes? Then you’re in the right place!


This online journey will give you the exact steps to go from flirting with this calling to circle work to feeling confident and fulfilled in stepping into this sacred offering.

The Blessing Book - The Ultimate Start-Up Guide to Blessings and Ceremonies

This new book reveals everything you need to know to start facilitating blessing ceremonies.

Let me share with you what you need to know to help evoke the results your clients really want — profound transformation.

Let me share with you the exact tools and tried and tested methods for formulating beautiful ceremonies which will enable you to hold sacred space and evoke profound transformations time and time again in any setting.

The Circle Medicine Guidebook 

This guidebook will share with you what you need to know to help evoke the results your clients really want — profound transformation through true authentic connection.

I have worked in sacred service for over 10+ years. These are the tools that have allowed deep and powerful vulnerabilities to rise to the surface to be witnessed and healed so clients and participants can move forth, transformed, into a more empowered, connective and authentic state of being.

The exact tools that I will be giving you are the same ones I have personally used myself having run circles in my professional work as a social worker, then moving to more traditional women’s circles, retreats, workshops and online circles, as well as for many clients in the form of Blessings and honouring ceremonies.

Fear Release for Birth and Parenthood E-Guide (Second Edition)

Is fear of birth taking over your client’s pregnancy? Are they getting closer to their due month and feeling the pang of anxiety, limiting beliefs, or fear creeping up on them?

Birth is being promoted as being pretty darn scary!

Are you ready to embody the art of holding sacred liminal space while they release themselves of any fears, worries, concerns or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them (that could in fact inhibit them from having a beautiful birth) and fill themselves with positivity and gratitude instead?

This book is especially powerful utilised as a tool for facilitating Blessings & Circles. It is a sister guide to my Blessing Book and Circle Medicine Guidebooks.

The Second Edition was written and revised in 2020 to update some of the theories and principles outlines in the 1st Edition. If you loved the First Edition (released in 2017) you will adore what has been added into this new and updated version.