The Embodied Spaceholder Training Pathway

Embody your magic, serve with integrity, dive deeper into your sacred work and take the sacredness and sustainability of your sacred business to the next level

You’re here because you've heard the call of your sould to be of service to hold space for ritual and ceremony...

Discover the Embodied Spaceholder Training Pathway as a guide to help you embrace all aspects of sacred spaceholding & circle medicine from a deeply grounded and embodied place.

Embodied Spaceholder (Circle Medicine) Training

Are you being called to facilitate circles, blessings & ceremonies for your clients but you don’t know where to start?


Yes? Then you’re in the right place!


This online journey will give you the exact steps to go from flirting with this calling to circle work to feeling confident and fulfilled in stepping into this sacred offering.

This is NOT *just* a circle facilitation training. The Embodied Spaceholder Training and mentorship pathway weaves science with the sacred, drawing upon ancient and ancestral wisdom as well as modern frameworks, you will be guided through a deep inner journey, discovering the fundamental principles that facilitate healing and transformative spaces vs those spaces that perpetuate disconnection and harm.

Please note, the Blessing Book & Circle Medicine E-guides are now only available as part of this training.

LIMINAL: In-Person Embodied Spaceholder Training Retreat

Immerse yourself in two days of Embodied Spaceholder training, experience the magic and medicine of circle and sisterhood in real life, and connect with a circle of like-minded women who will become life-long friends and colleagues.

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Sacred Business Activation

Sacred Business Activation is an embodied approah to business. It helps you to embody your soul gifts through a holistic business initiation for spaceholders that integrates mind, body and spirit to master your magic and rewild the way you share your gifts.

Delivered ONLINE & In-Person.

Embodied Mastermind & Mentorship

A long-term mastermind journey for those already experienced in Spaceholding and Circle Medicine looking for connection, accountability and next level sacred business upgrades.