Blessing and Circle Medicine 

Facilitator Training

Master the art of holding space and circle keeping,

so you can confidently transform your clients' lives — and your own!

Are you being called to facilitate circles, blessings and ceremonies for your clients?

Would you love to get paid for providing transformational sacred work  that doesn't even feel like work?

Yes? But there's a problem, right? You feel stuck and...

  • You don't know what next steps to take or what you should be focusing on first.
  • You keep second-guessing your abilities and wondering whether you have what it takes to turn them into a real business.
  • You feel alone and you're craving connection with experienced professionals and a like-minded community as you navigate this work.
  • You lack confidence and feel uncertain about how to make this dream a reality.

Know this:

Divine Intervention has brought you

here for reason.

So put those worries away for now and imagine...

Following your calling and building a business and life you love while getting paid for your innate gifts...

Feeling confident in your work without the constant plague of doubt in your mind that you're not enough or don't know enough...

Knowing how to facilitate a sacred blessings, ceremonies and circles from the planning to pack up with ease and confidence...

The Divine has called you here because you're a Space Holder answering the call to become a Threshold Walker.

Let me guess, holding space feels so natural to you that you've never fully recognised it as a gift?

Perhaps you're a yoga/pilates teacher, coach, counsellor/therapist, birthworker, midwife, kinesiologist, meditation facilitator or teacher...

Many of these professions (and more!) centre around the art of holding space — even when the professional doesn't know that is what they're actually doing.

It is a beautiful gift and I bet the people who receive it from you adore you for it.

But let me tell you this...

It's time to further your skills in the art of holding space and circle keeping.

You are being called to dive deeper into your sacred work, to grow and diversify your sacred business by facilitating Blessing, Circles & Matrescence ceremonies.


How would it feel to get paid for truly transformational sacred work that never feels like work, while being part of deep global and ancestral healing and connection?

I see you!

In fact, I was you a few years ago and I still remember my first call to this work like it was yesterday...

You and I both know the world needs healing — desperately! 

I remember completing my doula training (after studying social work and midwifery) and feeling really lost and almost defeated by how taxing it was on me and my very young family.

I knew there had to be so much more to this work to support women, birthing people, babies & families during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Whatever we were commonly doing was (and still is) not working well enough to prevent such significantly negative outcomes.

I thought back to my years as a school social worker and could see the invisible thread that weaves strongly between how children and teenagers are programmed to view their bodies and sacred life events as taboo, shameful and broken, and the impacts it was (and is) having on birth and beyond.


I could see that working in circle with teenagers, to support them to feel seen and heard and honoured in their vulnerability brought through something so powerful it is hard to describe in words. It was something so raw, so ancient and yet something more natural than I had ever witnessed.


Once they felt safe and brave to let their walls down, they talked about their fears, their insecurities, their bodies, their futures, their relationships, their shame and their hope. We often discussed birth and sex and taboos were not only welcome but expected because when they are met with connection and empathy, shame cannot survive, only love, for self and for others survives.

I know now that I had witnessed circle medicine at work - I just didn’t realise it at the time.

I was hooked on finding a way to support others evoke more of what this world clearly needs right now if we have any hope of repairing the damage done for so many years.


Healing the sisterhood wound & healing the witch wound became my mission.


I could see that this work would bring a reclamation to the feminine and restore a much-needed balance to this world.


To be human is to be spirit in physical form.


Our spirit is yearning to be unearthed, witnessed and held.


This is where the honouring of our rites of passage through ceremony & gathering in circle of any form evokes the medicine and where you can be a bringer of light and change through becoming a confident and self-assured circle & blessing facilitator.


This is our peaceful and gentle rebellion to stand against everything and everyone that has stolen our power from us. This is our activism, in the most sacred way, to bear the torch from our ancestors to reclaim this ancient way of being.

"We have been sitting in circle longer than we haven't" 

- Jane Hardwicke Collings

A few years back I discovered something...

I discovered the true power that arises from facilitating safe and brave spaces for Circle Medicine to works its magic.

And I took this discovery and turned it into a number of in-person and online Circles and Gatherings with such beautiful outcomes.

Circles are a portal for transformation; they are in and of themselves a threshold. They are sacred and maintain and uphold reverence for sacredness in the world where sacredness seems to be lost elsewhere.


Circles weave together science with the sacred as a necessary part of the medicine to anchor us back to our spirit souls embodied in physical earthly form; the true human nature. What our spirit yearns for will heal our physical bodies. What our soul calls us to will be positive for this world. This is our holy wild nature that we often forget.


Circles are the medicine our souls call us to remember, as a matter of urgency!


Not because they are pretty.

Not because they make us feel lovely

Not because they are fun

Not because they are a nice way to relax and give ourselves some self-care

Circles, if held positively, are powerful medicine that will transform your life and the lives of those around you. The transformations that occur within a circle, ripples out far beyond you as an individual and far beyond the linear time and space we know in this moment. Circle heals and transforms our past, our present and our future. Even when we don’t realise.


No matter what the setting or aesthetic, and regardless of different facilitator styles, have the potential to evoke, validate and enable the most authentic and truest form of our souls/spirit which reside in our physical, earthly bodies waiting to be woken. This is medicine that allows us to alchemise our spirit and body together (as they should be and yearn to be) and it reminds us what it truly means to be human; spirit in physical form.


We have honestly become so disconnected from our spirit and soul that we have forgotten what it means to be human.


To be human is not solely to be a physical body on this planet, moving through the motions of our culture’s patriarchal expectations.

To be human is to embrace our physical needs as well as equally honouring the needs of our spirit and soul.

To be human is to fully embody the heart, brain connection.

We must strive to be keepers of the sacred within all that appears to be mundane. 

When we die, only our physical body remains Earthside.

So why, when alchemised within our body, do we bypass and ignore the needs of our spirit?

To be human is to feel completely sovereign and powerful with everything we need already inside of us as physical manifestations of our spirit while also symbiotically needing to feel connected with others, to feel seen and to feel like we belong somewhere amongst others.


Circle is the sacred place where we remember how to be our truest most authentic selves... we are spirit cloaked in a physical body and circle is where our spirit/soul feels safe to be seen beyond our physical form; where we remember what it means to be wholly human.


When we enter a circle, we enter a liminal space where transformation takes place through reconnection. We then leave the space refilled and renewed. Sometimes a little shaky on our feet but strong in soul and spirit. We are not the same as when we entered. We leave transformed, with the intention to reintegrate all that took place in that space.

Additionally, Blessings are a type of sacred circle and a beautiful way to honour pregnancy, or any transitional journey. They are a wonderful way to support your clients to honour any emotions arising from this path- including fears, worries or blocks, without it being specifically therapeutic.

Calling a circle is the embodiment of shadow work and is a reclamation of the dark feminine. This is about holding space for deep, vulnerable, brave and sacred shadow work and unconscious processing. This work is serious and it has to be treated with reverence. You can't "love and light" this stuff and expect the sort of outcomes and deep connection we need to actually see the change we wish to see.

The world suffers when you don't follow your calling.

I know you can feel it...


We need you to follow this call.

This is what you are here to do, to help be part of creating the world we all want to live in, now and into the future.

You have been passed the torch by the ancestors who went before you, that took their place in the fringes, often risking their lives and reputation to follow their call...

… the witches, the midwives, the fringe dwellers, the healers, the rebels, the dark mothers, the wild women, the undomesticated, the shamans, the space holders and the earth keepers.


You are part of a small group of veil lifters and mystery holders here to reawaken others to the power that has been stolen from them.


There is so much that needs to be unlearned in our world regarding birth, death and our mysteries yet things feel so hopeless that turning up to support birth alone feels futile and that we are contributing to the damage being done.


What if I told you that you could go deeper in your sacred work, step fully into conscious leadership of our own unique call and support the sacred-keeping of all of our rites of passage?


What if I told you that it is possible to build a thriving and sustainable sacred business from facilitating blessings & circles to help be part of the change and healing that the world needs now?


That it is possible to wake up with joy knowing you are here to serve in a way that sparks joy (and get paid for it!)


We need you to follow this call, this is what you are here to do, to help be part of creating the world we all want to live in, now and into the future.

Maybe this is just what you are looking for? Perhaps your soul is tired and isn’t sure which steps to take next to stop/reduce attending births and do your part for change in another way?


If this speaks to you and the knowledge you hold that you are part of something greater cannot be silenced any longer, know you have found your kin.


The Blessing & Circle Medicine

Facilitator Training

The Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training is specifically designed to transform the most confidence-lacking Space Holder into a wise and self-assured Blessing, Ceremony & Circle Keeper.

Finally say bye-bye to survival mode and burn out and instead

build a profitable business focusing on your calling!

Become a Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator and...

  • Learn how to plan a sacred blessing, ceremony or circle from the very beginning to pack up.
  • F.eel confident in your work, without the constant plague of doubt in your mind that you are not enough or you don’t know enough.
  • Unveil your own unique way of facilitating and create rituals and ceremony styles that reflect your authentic style and speak to your unique audience
  • Follow your calling and build a life and business of your dreams.
  • Finally get paid for your innate gifts that will change the world.
  • Feel completely and utterly worthy, competent and confident in your ability to hold space in all circumstances of this sacred work
  • Unearth what your gift looks like in the world as a packaged offering that feels good and is aligned with your desires and intentions.Liberate yourself by making your sacred business work for you and your family (not the other way around).
  • Plan your sacred business around how you want your life to feel, rather than the other way around.
  • No longer feel like this sacred women’s work, healing work and birth work are to be given in exchange for sacrifices to yourself or your family.
  • Reveal your own special sauce and stop trying to emulate others doing similar work.
  • Build a community that supports the foundations of your success

"We are the women the Earth needs now"

– Jane Hardwick Collings


This course is for your if...

  • You want to feel confident to support your clients to go deeper in their journey with you.
  • You're tired of seeing others talking about ‘empowering your clients’ because you want to walk alongside others while they remember the tools (already within them) to empower themselves.
  • You are ready to step into your soul-led conscious leadership and be part of the positive change we all wish to see.
  • You're looking for support from an experienced facilitator on how to ensure you can seamlessly facilitate any type of blessing and account for any unexpected circumstances/events.
  • You are committed to scaling and growing your sacred business in a way that allows a more sustainable and profitable business without the burnout.

This course is NOT for your if...

  • You are not willing to go as far as you wish to take your clients
  • You are committed to a spiritually bypassing, ‘love and light’ narrative or unethical practices which bypass necessary shadow work, inclusivity, culturally appropriate practice, critical questioning and listening
  • You are not willing to put yourself first and make self-care and your own personal and professional development first before others (because this truly matters!)
  • You are not willing to put safeguards and boundaries in place for yourself, your business and for those, you are working with 
  • You are not ready for transformation or change 

The Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator Training Is Like Nothing Else Out There

You are here with a gift and you are here to serve. This is what you shall do! No need for disbelief in your ability or your value.

You cannot do this work alone.

You cannot do this work for free.

You cannot do this work without honouring your own needs.

You cannot do this work without being seen.

You must ensure that you hold space not hijack it and ensure you do no harm.


And, just as the landscape of ethical and authentic marketing is changing, our need for connection is not... we as sacred workers and Threshold Walkers need to grow and move with the times so that our message and gifts can be seen, heard and utilised

Why this work is so important...

Circles are a portal for transformation. They are in and of themselves a threshold. They are sacred and maintain and uphold reverence for sacredness in the world where sacredness seems to be lost elsewhere.

Are you ready to become the Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator the world needs?

This course gives you everything you need to fast track your ability to begin curating & marketing your own circles and events, plus you'll...

What is it worth to you to start living your dream life, in service to the Goddess, a defender of the sacred and part of the revolution for global healing and transformation while in complete alignment with your own energy and life purpose?


Go from inexperienced to self-assured

Transform from an inexperienced facilitator lacking confidence in your abilities and uncertain as to where to start to a wise and self-assured Blessing, Ceremony & Circle Keeper.


Profit from your calling

Build a profitable sacred business that means you can stop living in survival mode and focus purely on this calling


Attract your dream clients

Get clear on who you wish to work with, how your gifts best serve them and how to magnetise them to you


Get access to plug-n-play resources  

Remove overwhelm from the business and practical realities of this work by gaining important tools and resources to make things simpler, easier


Discover what is unique about you

Unearth your own unique gifts and skills so that you can create something completely unique and authentic to you and who you wish to serve


Say bye-bye to burnout

Liberate yourself from the risk of burnout and learn how to protect your energy, and work from a place of alignment, to the rhythm of your own unique energy.


Get to focus on the work – rather than business!

Reduce how much time you spend setting up your sacred business with a number of resources and practical tools so you can spend more time actually connecting with your clients, deep in the sacred work- exactly what you are here to do.

all yours

What You Get With The Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator Training

Lifetime Access
Facebook group

This program includes access to the VIP Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator Training Group – a sacred community of kindred spirits dedicated to a path of Blessing, Circle Medicine & Ceremony Facilitation.

Audio and Video Lessons
The Portal

All of the resources, information and materials you need to begin (and keep to use in the future) including:

  • Day plans for both blessings & circles
  • Themes & topics to use for your events
  • Guided lessons on circle activities such as; crafts, poems, chants
  • How to package your offer/s
  • Finance and budget tracking sheets
  • Necessary business form templates and other planning tools
  • How to take bookings and payments
  • Self-care & protecting your energy tools, resources and lessons

So many Extras!

As a BONUS for each person that signs up, you will have access to 3 months in the Rhythm & Flow portal and ReWilding community

PLUS access to the Devotion & Rebirth Closing Ceremony Ritual content

Every student who completes the course will receive a branded website badge to display on your website and social media

Welcome, I'm Katherine... 

I live to see Spaceholders and Threshold Walkers not only survive in this work but truly thrive.

I do this by helping Sacred Space Holders to diversify their offerings and become unapologetically clear and confident in their soul calling, so they can serve more women and birthing people in a deeper, more holistic and profitable way — while still vehemently protecting the sacredness of this work.


As a Threshold Walker, Social Worker, Coach, Circle Keeper and Sacred Space Holder for over 10+ years (actually, I am sure I was called to this service as my soul path for this life, right from birth), I’ve walked alongside countless women step into their soul-led path and have watched them thrive.

It's my personal mission to facilitate a revolution of Threshold Walkers...

Threshold Walkers who are keepers and defenders of the sacred; that walk with empty presence along the thresholds of life assisting in re-connection with ourselves as Spirit in physical form, with our Mother Earth and with one another. I remember what it felt like to want to support my clients (and ALL people) to honour their sacred moments but not feeling confident in where or how to start and feeling overwhelmed by how to create offers out of something so sacred.

"When you rise, we all rise" 


What others say about 

the Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator Training

This journey is a remembering of what is already within you. It's that missing piece of the puzzle that you could never quite put your finger on.


Blessing and Circle Medicine Graduate

"Utterly amazing ... 

“It was so utterly amazing. If anyone is considering this training, do it!!”


Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training Student
Melbourne, Vic

"This course has just melted away so many questions ...

I knew there was going to be tools and resources... but the amount is mind blowing!!! I literally have access to a database to help me with preparing, planning, knowing what I could include, how to work with people, how to deal with unexpected things that may arise at a circle. This course has just melted away so many questions and everything is right there!


Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training Student

"I know I will come back again and again ...

It’s been amazing!! I love how deep you took us - nothing superficial - perfectly immersed in history, connection and purpose! I know I will come back again and again and find something new I didn’t ‘see’ previously. Thank you Katherine for your presence and gentle space holding. Big love to you!


Blessing & Circle Medicine Graduate

"I deeply appreciate you and this training ..."

"I mostly just wanted to let you how deeply I appreciate you and this training. I have worked with a couple of other teachers who have shared some business training, and I just could go on and on (and have done to my partner on almost a daily basis!) about how you are by far the best match for me. Thank you so much for helping me to learn how to go about doing sacred work for a living without feeling inauthentic or sales-y or manipulative, and still be in flow and in alignment with my deepest inner guidance. I have not found another teacher that has been able to speak to me in this way..."


Blessing & Circle Medicine Graduate
Adelaide, SA

"It felt like a massive hug from a circle of women..."

"‘Stepping into Katherine’s blessing & facilitator training felt like a massive hug from a circle of women that have passed down deep knowledge to reignite connection. Within this program is a portal of topics that you didn’t know you needed to know before holding sacred space for others. Adore Katherine’s wise woman teachings & the content is magic’"


Blessing & Circle Medicine Graduate
Adelaide, SA

"I'm feeling confident moving forward ...

"I'm feeling confident moving forward! After I finish one of your video lessons I'm like f*ck yes!!! I need to do this! It is such a reasonable price considering what you're getting and the fact that we can move forward and offer a service from this. You've literally shared what would take us yearssss of reading/researching on our own in a matter of weeks. It radiates how much knowledge and experience you have... you're incredible and seriously such a natural at teaching"


Blessing & Circle Medicine Graduate

"The content is *just* so delicious....

"Hello There Beautiful Human. I just need to thank you.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I am absolutely LOVING working through your course .Thank you for holding space and being you. ❤ The content is *just* so delicious. I sit up late at night when the house is asleep and devour it. ❤"


Blessing & Circle Medicine Graduate
Perth, WA

"I feel more confident in myself and the space that I am able to hold..."

"Completing Katherine's training gave me the tools and confidence to start my own women's circles. What I love about Katherine and her teaching style is that she is down to earth and practical. When running circles I think it's especially important to be aware of what may come up in these spaces and have tools to work through them appropriately, and I appreciated that. I'm excited to now be offering circles and ceremonies within my community which are so needed as we navigate the times we are in. I feel more confident in myself and the space that I am able to hold for other women. Thank you Katherine, it's an honour to be a part of your community"

Is there something else you need to know?

How do I access the content for the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training?

Once you have purchased you will be emailed your login information so you can access the course online. Please note you will need access to an internet connection to be able to gain access to the course and watch the course content.

How long do I have access to the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitation Training?

You have lifetime access to the course material.

While I hope that this program will last a very long time, I may need to alter or cease the operation of this program at any time at my sole discretion. Other than unforeseen circumstances such as; serious illness of myself, the creator of my family, I commit to providing a minimum of 12 months access to the membership site.

Please Note - Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of the course, not yours or my lifetime.

Can I share the content of the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitation Training with others?

You cannot share the content (or any login details) of the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training (either via the membership portal or close group) with anyone else as this goes against the terms and conditions of your purchase. This information is for your educational purposes only. If you know of another person who would benefit from this membership, please kindly share this page with them or encourage them to read through our blogs/Instagram pages or to contact us direct.


Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Absolutely not! The only prerequisite is that you are a glorious human being who feels the call to deepen their knowledge and connection, and to spread the sweet love, compassion, care and connection.

How long will the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training take to complete?

Although the program is self-paced, modules will be released weekly and are designed to flow into one another. The release schedule will take 12-weeks.

What is the investment for the Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitation Training?

The Blessing and Circle Medicine Facilitator Training is a one-off payment of $.


Are there payment plans?

Yes. There are two options to invest in this program, you can see the payment options by clicking the signup button below.