Circle Medicine Guidebook

A Little-Known Secret Being Used By Birthworkers & Sacred Space Holders To Go Deeper In Their Sacred Work, Increase Their Income & Sustainability, Create a Greater Impact and Bypass The Burnout (Without Attending More Births)

Are Circles Calling You?


New Circle Medicine Guidebook Reveals Everything You Need To Know To Begin Facilitating Circles In ANY Setting


From The Desk Of Katherine Eden

Adelaide, South Australia


Dear Birth Keeper/Sacred Space Holder,


If you’re feeling called to work outside of the 'system' to start offering Circles, but you don’t know where to start and it’s keeping you stuck, then this book is the most important book you’ll ever read…


But first a warning.


This book is not a ‘high vibes only’ ‘love and light’ ceremony guide that is going to bypass the critical but sometimes challenging and controversial aspects of what it takes to hold space.


If you’re solely interested in facilitating Circles because they seem novel and trendy, or you want to stay comfortable paddling in the shallows and not learn what it really takes to facilitate true transformation for your clients, then this book definitely is not for you...


Embodying the art of holding space and surrendering to the true call of Circle Medicine Facilitation is about honouring the light and the dark. It is about dancing with the shadows and acknowledging discomfort, privilege and necessary deaths that bring forth growth and rebirth.


The exact tools that I will be giving you are the same ones I have personally used myself having run circles in my professional work as a social worker, then moving to more traditional women’s circles, retreats, workshops and online circles, as well as for many clients in the form of Blessings and honouring ceremonies. I have worked in sacred service for over 10+ years. These are the tools that have allowed deep and powerful vulnerabilities to rise to the surface to be witnessed and healed so clients and participants can move forth, transformed, into a more empowered, connective and authentic state of being.


I share what you need to know to help evoke the results your clients really want — profound transformation through true authentic connection.


These tried and tested methods of formulating beautiful but powerful circles weave together scientific, historical and anthropological research with sacred, ancestral, intuitive ritual.


I give you the exact tools and resources that I have created and used that will enable you to hold sacred space and evoke profound transformations time and time again in any setting.


I have helped countless Birthworkers & Sacred Space Holders to diversify their offerings and become unapologetically clear and confident in their soul calling, so they can go deeper in their sacred work, serve more people in a deeper, more holistic and profitable way (while still vehemently protecting the sacredness of this work).


"We have been sitting in circle longer than we haven't"- Jane Hardwicke Collings


Are you frustrated at the state of the world, and the lack of sacredness and connection?

Do you feel angry about how fear and shame are used as weapons against us to profit from our most vulnerable and sacred moments?


Do you carry the witch-wound and fear of offering this sacred work into the world?

Are you looking for ways to support yourself and your family without having to work within a system that steals our power and denies the sacred, and without having to sacrifice too much precious time and energy away from your family?

Do you feel like a Fringe Dweller at heart? Yearning for community and connection?

Do you feel ready to serve your community in a way that also serves you and helps you answer the call that Spirit has sent to you?


You are not alone! 


The system has been working seamlessly to medicalise, pathologise and disconnect us from our sacred and wild human experiences that are our birth rites!


Birthworkers and space holders are leaving in droves, unsure on how to continue with what they are witnessing or combat the profiting from our vulnerabilities and fears.


We are at risk of extinction!


The answer to leaving a legacy that helps to the world lies in understanding our Herstory and our shadows, to honour our rites of passage and all that arises in these liminal spaces.


"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" - Chinese Proverb


We are completely disconnected from our world, from one another and from ourselves.

But many are remembering!


Many are yearning for and seeking out more connection and ways to balance the scales and reclaim our sacred rites.


"Not enough of us know how to sit in pain with others. Worse, our discomfort shows up in ways that can hurt people and reinforce their own isolation. I have started to believe that crying with strangers in person could save the world..." 

Brene Brown


So, What exactly are you getting?


This book will be delivered as an Ebook via email.


I want to tell you, this guide is completely different from all other ritual guides! This guide is solely dedicated to Birthworkers and Sacred Keepers who want to begin facilitating powerful Circles and Ceremonies either as part of an existing business or as part of a new service.


And I do not fluff around.


This book, whilst well over 100 pages, is both easy and visually pleasing to read. I have collected so many photos over the years from facilitating Circles and Rituals, as well as ones I have been personally part of, and I’ve used them in this book to show you exactly what you can create too.


This is over 100 pages of detailed information to build your confidence in offering sacred Circles so that you can finally stop feeling like you don’t know enough!


And, it is about much more than just Circles, let me tell you!


What you get in this book delves far deeper than just Circle work. You can use this information to support your doula/birth work or other sacred work, to facilitate Blessings, Fear Releases and other ceremonies. It dives into shadow work as well as touching on unique sacred business tools.


I am passionate about helping birthworkers and space holders to Thrive in their sacred business, and goodness knows we need more of you!


It has become a common part of my work where clients report that their Circle offerings have become the most popular and profitable aspect of their business. So much so that their birth attendance dropped significantly and they could focus on holding space for these clients and go much deeper with them on their journey.


Additionally, many birthworkers and space holders have been able to clarify their unique and niched area of expertise and offer very specific, unique and revolutionary Circles to help hear the world we are in right now. These sacred workers were able to move through their witch-wound fears and step into the soul work that had been calling them for years to be the leaders and facilitators for exactly what their clients were calling for; bringing much needed connection, transformation rewilding and healing to this world.


Some examples of these circles include Early Birth/Loss Circles, Grief Circles, Birth Planning Circles, Early Motherhood Circles, Postpartum Circles, Maga Circles, Menarche/Young Woman Circles, Queer Circles.

You are the human the world needs now, and right now circles are needed to bring the deep medicine so many are seeking.


“But how exactly do Circles do this?” I hear you ask,


This is exactly why I wrote this book!


The Circle Medicine Guidebook also supports your own rewilding journey because we cannot give out what we do not have for ourselves.


As you can see, how to build your confidence in running Circles is just the beginning.


Here is a fraction of what you are getting:


The top 5 most common challenges have heard about getting started in Circle facilitation Page 9


What a liminal space is and why it is important to Circle work Page 18


The real reason (steeped in science) that circles and gatherings make us feel transformed time and time again no matter the setting Page 24


The importance of Ancestor connection and how it continues to impact us today Page 38


A summary of our HERstory, how very specific events continue to impact us today and how to acknowledge these wounds in Circle work. Page 40


Why the world needs YOUR circle and how your one circle could change the world Page 53


How to practice ethically and why it is important in this work Page 61


An introduction to Brene Brown’s Shame Resilience Theory and why it relates to Circle work Page 68


Why discomfort is a necessary part of the process and how to hold space for it Page 72 & Page 87


How to implement circles respectfully by  understanding and avoiding cultural appropriation and white privilege. Page 93


The step-by-step guide to planning a powerful and transformative Circle Page 97


My 5 easy steps to planning a circle Page 98


A Circle Planning Checklist Page 102


The 12 different types of circles Page 104


What to do when challenging situations arise during a Circle Page 110


Ways to incorporate Circles into your business and tailor them to your unique audience Page 114


How to protect your own energy as a facilitator Page 119


And so much more.


PLUS as a BONUS offer, I will also include an illustration graphic of the Circle Medicine Formula™ which demonstrates how the information in the Circle Medicine book, when implemented properly, works to evoke the powerful and transformative Circle Medicine for all who attend, regardless of the setting, intention or individuals present.


The best part is that this guide was specifically designed for birthworkers and sacred space holders to incorporate into their sacred business BY a Birthworker and Threshold Walker who did just that.


A few years back I discovered the true power that arises from facilitating safe and brave spaces for Circle Medicine to work it’s magic. I took this discovery and turned it into a number of in person and online Circles and Gatherings with such beautiful outcomes.


You will truly enjoy your sacred work!

And your business will thrive without even feeling like work.


Here’s what to do next.


The exchange for this book is only $5.99 today and you’ll get it right away as a download.


As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an email with a link to download the book.


You can access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want without having to wait for the mailman.


And in case you’re wondering…


YES, even YOU can facilitate amazing, beautiful, powerful Circles for your unique and special groups and clients, whomever they might be.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead


It works for anyone with a sacred business with an interest in holding space for the liminal.


That's because what you'll be learning is grounded in basic human needs, physiology and psychology.


There is also ZERO catch.


I have decided to give you this entire book for $5.99 PLUS the Circle Medicine Formula™ illustrative guide So that you can see for yourself how easy and wonderful it can be to transform your business into one that serves your clients, serves the world AND serves you!


I hope that you’ll love it, enjoy every moment as you honour these sacred moments and maybe even join one of my programs in the future.


But with all that said, there is one thing to keep in mind:


Time is very limited.


This book is part of a test I am running for my business.


Because the price is so low, I am taking a loss on the book. Seriously, I do not know how or why I am selling it so cheap! (If you have downloaded my blueprint you’ll know I LOVE to give away massive amounts of value).


This is truly a limited offer at this price so claim your copy now while they’re still available


I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and hope to hear from you soon.


PS just in case you’re like me and skipped to the end of the letter, here’s the deal.

I am offering you a 131 page book that outlines exactly what you need to know if you want to incorporate Circle Medicine into your sacred business. PLUS you’ll get my Circle Medicine Formula Illustrated handout to visually make sense of how these theories and principles all work together.

The book is $5.99 (a super nutty low price I know!)


I am also walking you through the exact information that I have researched and put into action over many years that will allow you to feel confident and comfortable facilitating Circles for any group.



Claim your copy now

You will not regret it!

About me

Hey there, I'm Katherine.

Liminality Witch, Cycle Guide, Threshold Walker, Birthkeeper, Social Worker, Sacred Business Guide & Mum to two wildlings.


You have been called to this work.
You did not choose it.
It chose you.


But you want to serve without taking away from yourself, your family or from the sacredness of this work.


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With a foundation of honouring the cycles and reclaming our wildness, I guide Birthkeepers & Threshold Walkers to go deeper in their work, master their magic & grow their impactful sacred business.


I believe it is not only possible but imperative to master your magic while growing a profitable and sustainable business your OWN way, without compromising the sacredness of your message.

Feedback From Those Who Have Read It!


"It was truly a joy and privilege to have the opportunity to be one of the first people to read these books. I had my own ‘ah-ha’ moments within the magic of these pages! Just by reading these books I feel valid, seen, heard, held and loved. Within my heart, my purpose made more sense and has deeper, richer meaning. Thank you!

These books are beautiful resources, Each book has a perfect sense of flow, I was hooked on every word! It felt great to be guided by some one with a strong sense of knowing where they are going, there for, where you are taking us. You have beautifully compiled all of your knowledge and lived experiences into two really easy to read books. Each book has a perfect sense of flow."

Emma Penno

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"I found {The Blessing Book} inspiring, it set context of the current situation we are facing and how we can choose to change moving forward. It felt very beneficial for someone who had not heard of those concepts before. It gives the underpinning purpose and history of the ceremonies and what to do for further learning and intuitive exploration... The energy of it is so balanced!! So humble and powerful, deep and rich... I truly can see the impact it is going to have for our planet"

Emma Spouse

Nurtured Wildlings