Goddess Gathering

Next gathering in June 2018.

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Are you considering a move into the area circle work or other sacred business?

I have a range of offerings relating to embrace all aspects of circle medicine, from joining a circle to creating a circle, I have you covered.

Holding The Space: Circle & Blessing Facilitator Training

Are you considering a move into the area of birthwork, circle work or other sacred business?

Do you feel stuck not knowing whether this work is for you?

This journey will arm you with all you need to know to make a confident choice about your next steps. We will breakthrough any fears and limiting beliefs you hold that are blocking you from fully leaping into the sacred work that is calling you. You will be given the exact steps and formul you need to take to go from flirting with you calling to circle work, to taking intentional and assured steps that will enable a sustainable and profitable offering.



Join A Circle

Join a circle via:


Rhythm & Flow: Journey For The Wild Woman Within

MoonTime Energy Exchange Movement- Rewilding Sisterhood

Goddess Gatherings Adelaide – (Not currently scheduled)

Circle Medicine E-Book (FREE)

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