​​Advanced Sacred Business Coaching

​8 or 12 week sacred business coaching Sessions

​with Katherine Eden

Advanced Sacred Business Coaching for Birth Professionals & Sacred Space Holders

You got into Birthwork to share your gifts and make an impact, but you didn’t realise it would be so hard to turn this passion of yours into a profitable business.


As your training neared its end you were bubbling with excitement to start taking clients and work your passion, but since completing your training you’ve experienced block after block trying to get your business off the ground. 


Your head spins with all the things you could be doing and you don’t know where you’re meant to start and what you’re meant to focus on… 


You’re asking yourself, “Where are all the people I can help?”… “How do I find them?”…  “How can I get them to know I exist, value what I offer and pay me for my services?”


Truth be told, you’re not being run off your feet with enquiries, let alone paying clients.


The clients aren’t showing up — or at least not consistently — and when you do get one you know you’re not charging nearly enough or, worse, you’re giving away your services for free [insert your justification here: “I don’t know enough already”, “I’m not experienced enough” ,“They won’t pay what I want to charge.”]


In a perfect world you’d love to just be doing the work and having perfect-fit clients reaching out and hiring you, because heaven knows you can’t say you’re too thrilled with the idea of having to focus on “business stuff” and having to market yourself…


But deep down you know you need to…


And because you keep coming up against business blocks, you’re now starting to doubt whether you can make this calling of yours the sustainable, profitable business you dream of, and you’re beginning to wonder whether it’ll have to be (or remain) a side hobby or passion project — but you’re certain of one thing: you don’t want that!


How would it feel to be able to contribute at your highest level doing the work you’re called to do and also be paid generously for it?


How would it feel to have a roadmap you can follow so you know you’re doing the right thing at the right time.


This mentoring will give all you need to know to make a confident choice about your next steps. We will breakthrough any fears and limiting beliefs you hold that are blocking you from fully leaping into the work that is calling you, or that you are already currently doing.


You will be given the exact steps you need to take to go from flirting with you calling to taking intentional and assured steps.


These sessions supports all levels of experience and are tailored to your individual needs.
From new graduates to experienced and confident birth professionals, circle keepers or healers wanting the ability to troubleshoot and debrief both the challenges and triumphs of this work.

​When we are seen and heard and work through the highs and the lows we are able to grow deeper in this role of our sacred work.

​Let me be your life & business doula.

​You can be, do, have anything you wish!

Freedom is possible and achievable.

You CAN reduce the overwhelm and gain the clarity you desperately seek... Sometimes you just need ​a little support!

This is where I can help.

​I'm Katherine. Holding sacred space for others to reclaim their power and become the divine vessel for their magic is my gift ​& calling. This is something I was given in this human experiene to give back & support others to continue offering their much needed light into the world.

I want to see you THRIVE in your live and business!

With over 10 years in the doula/birthwork industry, a background in psychology, social work, midwifery, circle facilitation, counselling & sacred business coaching I live to see more lightworkers, birthworkers and sacred business owners take up more space in a world that has undervalued this vital work! ​

The world need you now more and ever but you won't be able to keep going if you are unable to put food on the table, if you don't have any clients because no one can find you or if you are burnt out.

I have also been called to foster loving community and connections between like-minded sisters/people to come together and heal the wounded sisterhood that has been impacting our sacred work for way too long. ​I want to see these connections contribute to the break down of all the stigmas and taboos we have been carrying about our bodies and help others feel empowered by their menarche, pregnancy/birth/mothering, menopause and ​aging journeys.

The world Suffers when you don't follow your calling

​Ready to ​journey with me?

"I had the honour of sitting with Katherine as she held the space and allowed me to navigate my own self worth.She opened up a dialogue for me to work through some very challenging ideas and difficult emotions, with constant nurturing, total non-judgement and a positive and empowering presence. She helped me to claim some of my own power and radiance by guiding me gently toward my realisations.

Katherine uses lots of different tools in her work, and I found all of them useful, and have continued to use some of them in the months following our sessions.

She has an incredibly warm, inviting, positive and caring vibe and I came away from each and every session feeling nurtured and deeply respected.

The work Katherine and I did has been life changing. I find myself channeling our sessions when I am in self-doubt, and find it much easier to find my radiance again and never seem to be "lost" for long.

I can't recommend her highly enough and honestly wish I could pocket her and have her whisper wisdom to me all day!! She is Incredible"


This ​Coaching is for you if:

  • check
    ​​You feel overwhelmed by what steps to take next to build your business
  • check
    ​You’re not making enough or you’re doing pro-bono for friends and family and you know it’s not sustainable but you feel a block when it comes to increasing your prices
  • check
    ​​​You’re struggling with the idea you have to market yourself and your business because it feels uncomfortable and it’s just doesn’t feel ‘you’ and you know it’s holding you back
  • check
    ​You’re unsure how to package up your services in a way that attracts your ideal clients and makes it easy to sell
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    ​​​You don’t know what you should be focusing on when it comes to putting yourself out there, finding clients, and structuring your offerings.
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    ​​​You know you need to work on the business side if you want to make this calling of yours financially viable and sustainable, but you’re getting blocked when you think about having to focus on ‘business’ and you don’t know where to start.
  • check
    ​​​You’re doubting your skills, abilities and knowledge and you question whether you know enough and are prepared enough to start taking clients
  • check
    ​​You don’t know how to charge for your sacred work and feel guilty or icky about the idea of charging
  • check
    ​​You’re feeling like a fraud and never feel like you have enough training or experience to do this work (or charge for it)
  • check
    ​​You’re feeling blocked about where to start and how to start sharing on social media
  • check
    ​​You feel overwhelmed by what steps to take next to build your business
  • check
    ​​You’re frustrated at not getting paid clients and not moving in your business
  • check
    ​​You feel like you're spending more time on your business and not enough time actually doing the world
  • check
    ​​​You're wondering why you can't just offer your services and have ​clients just come to you.
  • check
    ​You consider yourself highly driven, open to coaching and willing to do whatever it takes
  • check
    ​You're ready to take full ownership of your life (including your shadows), to have faith in ​yourself and do something completely different.
  • check
    ​​You are someone who is up for the challenge to set yourself free and live the life you deserve and desire.
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    ​You are really ready to ​invest in yourself, your business and your dreams.

(please note, these are coaching sessions that will specifically focus on ONE area of your choice. These are not counselling, diagnostic/clinically therapeutic sessions, if you feel that you).

An example of what we might work through looks like:


​An example of Coaching ​Session Breakdown:

Month 1:

You as the business

What your goals and desires are for your business

What your own energy matrix looks like

Get clear on your offering/s

How your story impacts your work
Stepping into your leadership


Month 2:

Audit your current business structure


Social media strategy


Funnel eco system

Month 3:

Taking clear action and making offers to attract ideal clients
Creating a sustainable long term strategy and action
Reviewing areas covered

What you will Receive:

  • ​8 or 12 weeks of 1:1 individualised coaching with me
  • ​Regular calls (phone or zoom) plus ongoing availability through message, email & voxer
  • ​Written email follow ups with action plans, goals and resources
  • ​BONUS materials, resources and information from my personal content library


​Advanced Sacred Business Coaching:

8 weeks = $1699

12 weeks = $2499

Payment Plans available.

Book your free call to connect with me to ​ensure that our values align and my skills are best for what you are hoping to achieve.

(note: ​having a FREE clarity call does not guarantee a spot for coaching. ​Places are also very limited so you may need to be placed on the waiting list.)​

Copyright 2019, ​Katherine Eden