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Rhythm & Flow

This journey is a remembering of what is already within you. It's that missing piece of the puzzle that you could never quite put your finger on.


Rhythm & Flow Member

"To be joined together across time and space through the sacred magic of the womb is something very special indeed ...

"I'm ecstatic that something like this exists because we are shifting away from the separation and oppression of women's matters. It's so important to be in tune with this kind of information so that we embody more flow in our lives, which in turn brings light to those that are lost. This circle, alongside the other women's circles that are alive across the world has the potential to generate incredible power — for every woman as well as for us all. "


Rhythm & Flow Member

"The connection booster I needed ...

Stepping into the Rhythm & Flow circle has been just the connection booster I needed. Connecting to myself, nature and the incredible humans that gather in this group to share their stories. The learnings Katherine and Erin have provided touch on everything you could imagine. The perfect glimpse into reconnecting and rewilding, as promised."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"Feeling very blessed to be in this space ...

I've had lots of fun being part of Rhythm & Flow. Amazing value and so much wisdom shared. I feel truly inspired to make a commitment to loving myself fully thanks to all the realisations I have had while going through the content. Feeling very blessed to be in this space."