Would you like to understand the power of your cycle and how to work in alignment with your own natural rhythms so that you can thrive in life and business?

These E-Journeys will all take you on a path of sacred learning that arms your with the tools you need to make a confident choice about your next steps within the alignment of your own rhythm and flow.

Rhythm & Flow (With Katherine Eden & Erin Black)

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and disconnected?

Disconnected from yourself? Your children? Your partner? Mother Earth?

Are you constantly seeking quick fix self-care trends to refill your cup that don’t seem to have any lasting effect?

What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life…

information that is your birth rite?

What if we told you there was a glorious coven of magical sisters waiting to link arms with you to go on the journey of a lifetime?

Rhythm and Flow is an online circle to dance among sisters with Grandmother moon, remembering and reclaiming our wise woman wisdom. It reconnects women with the wisdom of Mamma Earth and their womb; the true essence of their being. It teaches women how to harness the potent energies of the cyclic nature of all things to create a life of ease and connection. Connection to self, others and Mother Earth.

Holding The Space: Circle & Blessing Facilitator Training

Are you considering a move into the area of birthwork, circle work or other sacred business?

Do you feel stuck not knowing whether this work is for you?

This journey will arm you with all you need to know to make a confident choice about your next steps. We will breakthrough any fears and limiting beliefs you hold that are blocking you from fully leaping into the sacred work that is calling you. You will be given the exact steps and formul you need to take to go from flirting with you calling to circle work, to taking intentional and assured steps that will enable a sustainable and profitable offering.



Moontime Energy Exchange Movement (FREE COMMUNITY)

“How different women’s experiences would be today if provision was made to build a beautiful and cosy hotel in every community, where women could check in (for free) during their periods, or when they were pregnant or menopausal… Perhaps there are things we could do in order to have this be a reality for our daughters and granddaughters.” Sara Wickham, Sacred Cycles”

Have you ever wished you could have support to go inward during your menstrual phase, to honour your biological need for stillness that our culture no longer values?

The Moon-Time Energy Exchange Movement is a FREE modern red tent movement that brings women together to REmember and reclaim the power of menstruation. It encourages an exchange of energy between sisters once a month to support and honour the needs of the yin menstrual phase, offers a huge amount of free resources and rituals, and acts as a generational handover for this ancient knowledge that is our birthrite.

Let’s BE the change we wish to see!