November 21

Do you live in FLOW?


Do you live in flow?

Join the  #ultimateflow movement!


We are all cyclic creatures. We flow in sync with the earth, the animals and the moon. We ebb and flow. We feel and express the yin and the yang.


For many, especially those who have a menstrual cycle, unlocking the wisdom and transformation that comes when we live in flow can be completely and utterly mindblowing!


For centuries our cycles were revered and respected and much better understood than they are today. Women would often bleed together and be in sync with each other and the moon. When women bled, it was well known that their dreams and visions were potent, so the community relied on their bleeding visions to help guide them. And for those who did not bleed with the others- these were considered to have gifts of healing, creativity and magic!


Today, more women are disconnected. Disconnected from each other. Disconnected from the earth. Disconnected from their own power and wisdom that lies within their womb. The consequences of this disconnection ripples out into so many aspects of our world. When we are disconnected we can better be controlled AND we are more likely to buy more! The perfect recipe for a capitalist, patriarchal society right?


This wisdom is your birthright!!

It is your basic human right as a cyclic being to know and understand this.


Whether you know about what happens or not, the cycle continues to flow, so best to harness and utilise that power! It is time to reclaim and rise in your own epic wisdom.


For me, flow has always been an intrinsic way of being. I have always felt really connected to my energetic ebb and flow. I could always feel when I was pushing too hard. As a child and teenager I always knew (albeit didn’t quite understand) that my body had important messages and patterns. However, our culture isn’t really setup to live in flow! We are constantly living in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out), feeling pressure from all angles, are in a constant state of doing rather than being, and we are forced to fight time by appearing ageless. It is exhausting! Resistance is the counter to flow!


Women’s wisdom is no longer passed down through generations. Girls tend to learn more about their bodies from you tube than they do from their family. Body shaming is rife. The most magical and intuitive of all of the phases, the phase that was seen as holding in the blood/the magic in order to access higher powers is that of the Crone/the Wise Woman. But how to de treat and portray older women in our society? Definitely not as the potent intuitive leaders they once were.


This is not living in flow


When both the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine) energies are not equally respected and honoured things can get completely out of whack. Our society most definitely honours the yang/masculine/push push push energy more than the yin flow. We are expected to maintain our maiden phase for our entire life; a constant state of yang energy. And this is where burn-out occurs. We are not meant to push so freaking hard! Stress, anxiety, depression, mental illness, burnout, self care as a commodity; we hear these daily.


Flow is not self care; flow is the staple baseline of being.

Flow is living life the way life was intended to be lived.

Self-care is in ADDITION to flow!


What does all of this mean?

A cycle is something that flows through a pattern. It has a beginning, a middle and a conclusion… but not an end because it repeats. “A series of events that are repeated over time”. The earth’s cycles are that of Birth, Bloom, Decay, Death, Rebirth. It continues and repeats. You can see this cycle in the moon (through its phases from waxing, to full, through waning to dark, to new and back again), in the earth through our seasons and plants, and also in the human life-cycle (rebirth is of course seen differently to different people). When we do not embrace each phase, we can get very stuck and stagnant.


What many people don’t know, is that we as humans also experience this cycle each and every month. Women in particular cycle through a yin phase and a yang phase. Each phase of the moon, and each season correlates also with the specific time of a woman’s menstrual cycle. We experience inner seasons that correlate with each of the earth’s seasons each and every month and we embody an archetype for each season. This archetype is individual to every woman, but essentially is how we express each phase in our own unique way.


Living in flow will mean something different to each person. Even if you don’t experience a menstrual cycle, you still have a cycle that will shift and change over the month, year, and throughout your lifetime.


Living in flow means knowing when it’s ok to push harder, and when to go gently.


There has been a lot of discussion in many circles of late about self care, self nourishment, refilling your cup, slow movements and the like. It is my dream to see ALL women find their ultimate Flow! To focus on the rewilding and unleashing of our self, stripping us right back to the needs of our innate cellular being. This is the baseline of our needs; and then we build up from there.


“Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them.”

– Kristi Ling


To be is to flow.


So, ‘where do I start?’ I hear you ask! How do we unwrap and strip away generations of oppression and shame and the need to fight against our flow?


To be is to flow. Cycle charting allows you to find out what your unique flow looks like. You can track any patterns that emerge, and anything that changes when you implement something new into your life.


Well, lets just start with the basics shall we? Start with charting. When you are able to fully grasp the patterns of your own cycle, you my dear will be unstoppable! No one can take away your power to flow when it’s right there within you! It IS you!


You may already chart your cycles, perhaps for fertility. There are many apps available, which can be a wonderful tool. But there is honestly nothing else like spending a few minutes per day, putting pen to paper (and if you’re like me, it’ll be many colourful pens and textas) and diving deep into your being to check in with yourself.


If you have never charted before,

welcome to the next level of YOU!


Before beginning your charting, consider these things:

Choose an intention for your charting- What would you like to focus on? If you are new at this, just go slow. Start with one thing and build from there. is there something you are specifically looking for? (fertility, energy peaks and troughs, moods, negative self talk, cravings, intuition, lucid dreams/messages etc)

Find a time; ideally at the same time each day, to focus on you and how you feel. Ground yourself, and dive deep into your body, womb and your charting. At the end of the day, or first thing in the morning are often perfect times of the day to check in with yourself and ask where you are at.

Look at the moon: We, as cyclic beings are connected with other cycles and rhythms. Women often cycle with the moon. Women used to bleed together on the dark moon, which they say was disrupted by the introduction of artificial light. However we also know that women bleed at all times of the moon phase, with each presenting different messages and gifts. This can also be very helpful if you don’t bleed because you may find that your energy or other patterns cycle with the moon. You may also like to start your charting based on the moon phases if you don’t have an official ‘day one’ because you do not bleed (day 1 is the first day of menstruation – when you bleed. You cycle until the day you bleed again the next time which is again day 1). There are many apps to find out exactly where the moon is for each day, just note it in your charting.

Check in: The point of charting is to understand more deeply your own unique rhythm and cycle. Remember, a cycle is repeated, so this is not a one-off activity. This is something that will evolve over a lifetime. The longer you track, the more knowledge and power and potent insight you will gain! Charting for 3 months will not give you the same insight as charting for 3 years. Living in flow is a state of being, it’s not a one-off self-care exercise. Regular cycle charting is part of that. Check in every three months and note any patterns on your pattern tracking guide. Charting will not only allow you to see what your unique flow looks like, but also any changes that emerge from anything new you have implemented into your life.

Join the Movement!: 

What if there was a circle of womb anchored magical sisters waiting to walk and share with you on this charting and power harnessing journey?

You are invited to join the Rewilding Sisterhood + Moontime Energy Exchange Movement a FREE safe, and sacred sisterhood community. This is a modern red tent movement that brings women together to REmember and reclaim the power of menstruation. It is space for all women (and those who identify as) to support one another, retreat, and share. It acts as a magical container to draw on ancient wisdom, and pass down to the future generations. Within this community, we reconnect with ourselves, each other, the Goddess, Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, and the magic of the seasons and cycles, just as women have always done. We cannot pour from an empty cup. It is vital we refill in order to continue with all that this busy modern world asks of us. For the sake of our daughters and granddaughters, we must unite and rise to reclaim this time.

This movement invites us to be part of the change we wish to see in the world.


You can access my *FREE* Mandala Moon Dial Cycle Tracking Pack here!

Join the Moontime Energy Exchange Movement (including a huge amount of gifts!) HERE.

Join the facebook sisterhood group here


Use the hastag #ultimateflow and join the sisterhood of others who dare to live by their own rhythm and flow


Living in flow; Welcome to the next level of YOU! use the hashtag #rewildandflow to let us know where you are at!



~Wild Power, p.9.


What will I gain from living in flow?

When we push and ignore our flow and our natural cyclic rhythms, we ignore part of our own being. Ignoring or avoiding our flow, is like avoiding winter, or spring. It’s like ignoring our need to eat or sleep or breathe. Have you ever noticed that when you really struggle with something – a season for example, and you spend your time pushing it away or fighting it that it makes the experience much much harder? Then you end up rejecting it more and it just ends up a vicious and uncomfortable cycle? The exact same thing happens when we reject our natural flow. Our body and our womb has a way of ensuring that we cannot ignore it. Often, in the most unpleasant way.


The amazing contrast to this though, is that when we live in flow with our own being, with our womb/womb space as the driver, she provides us with the most remarkable gifts that ripple out into every aspect of our lives. She becomes the foundation to living our most remarkable life and living out our dreams. All because we respect our womb wisdom, and we live in flow.


When you understand your cyclic flow you will begin to understand exactly why some days you feel like Leonardo DiCaprio on the edge of The Titanic completely bursting with energy and excitement… and then you slip into an angry, agitated, truth-bomb flinging wild woman. Suddenly retreating to your cave in your trackie dacks, never wanting to see another human. Tapping into some heavy dreams and downloading interesting creativity but with no motivation to act on it, right before emerging again ready to take on the world. You’ll understand that these phases are all really really bloody normal! When we embrace them and their needs to either be seen, be challenged, or hide, surrender and retreat your life will be revolutionised.


Think about the potential for your work or business, your health/fitness or relationships. You will know when you are at your peak for communication, extroverted energy, physical fitness/energy and analysing details. Then to know when you’re coming into a time when you are not at your peak to be dealing with confrontational people and perhaps you should avoid your parents or your ex. While of course our lives and work don’t stop despite the times of our cycle (as much as we might like them too, and some movements are making allowances for period days), just having that awareness and knowledge about yourself, knowing what you will be able to best handle and what you may not be able to, is completely invaluable. It is not something that anyone else can tell you or change for you. This is your own secret superpower! How cool is that?!


So. If that doesn’t inspire and motivate you, I don’t know what will!


Are you ready to dive deep to understand and live your best life by finding your ultimate flow?


Find your #ultimateflow.

The key to utilising your Flow in this modern culture is about being in tune with YOU and also a little bit about being organised! Especially if like me, you’re juggling mum-ing and business! When you organise your life to match your unique flow, you can ensure that you can take time out and retreat when you need to. It’s about planning your more extroverted activities like videos, social media, meetings and interviews in peak energy times. You can plan for quiet date nights in with netflix  (with or without the chill) vs nights on the town with your girlfriends.


I have carefully created and curated the Ultimate Flow Planners for Birthworkers, Women in business and Moon Maidens. They will assist in rewilding your life so that you can live in full, lavish, unburdened, no-shame flow! No excuses! You will be able to schedule and plan that perfect and unique balance of yin and yang to ensure your life and business is in harmony with you #ultimateflow. You and your flow become the centre of your busy life, and not the other way around!


These planners include your year of daily/weekly/monthly planning. It incorporates the moon phases, self care and journal reflecting, business dreaming and strategising, PLUS an entire year of cycle and pattern charts. These planners allow you to be in the drivers seat. If you are new to this practice you have the option to take it slow and do basic daily charting, or go to the next level with my unique signature mandala moon dials for charting anything and everything that your heart desires.


Your Womb is the seed of your creativity… so unleash her! You will also be prompted every 3 months to check in and dive deeper into any emerging patterns so that you won’t forget. These planners make living in flow the easiest it can be, so that you can get on with living your best life.


You will transform your life and business, and become the best balanced and organised Goddess that you can be!


If you have any questions about finding your #ultimateflow you can get in touch here.

Photos by Kirsten Klemasz Doula and Photographer



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