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...to the hearth of rewilding, community weaving, embodiment & circle medicine. A space that invites you to reclaim your innate power, unleash your true potential and unearth your inner magic.

We are the gentle revolution that the world and the Earth needs now!

Whether you seek spaceholding for yourself, to become a circle/ceremony facilitator, or desire guidance for your sacred business, I provide a myriad of education and resources to support your transformative path. 

At the core, I offer a nurturing space for the journey of rewilding, where women can reconnect with their authentic selves and embody their true power to live and create with authenticity and freedom. Here, you will discover a haven for inner Rewilding, Circle Medicine and Trauma-Informed Embodied Spaceholding.

Join me in this gentle revolution as we transform the paradigm of sacred and ethical spaceholding, value its wisdom, and create a supportive network of those following a heart-driven, soul-led journey. 

Where is your heart calling you?

REclaim your own inner power

Training & Mentorship

Growing & thriving in your sacred business

In order to hold, you too must be held.

We are here to reclaim the village, to heal (return to wholeness) ourselves and the collective together.

Since the dawn of time, we have come together to celebrate, to share wisdom, to tell stories and be seen and heard. We have always been called to gather, to learn, to bond, to return to the power and healing of the collective.

Self care and individual care is not enough. This old (capitalist) idea is failing us.

We are interdependent beings and we rely on co-regulation to thrive.
This is to remember what it means to be human. This is rewilding.

Hey, I'm Katherine

Energy Alchemist, Community Weaver, Rewilding Advocate, Embodied Spaceholder; Liminality Witch, Cycle Guide, Threshold Walker, Birthkeeper, Social Worker, Sacred Business Guide & Mum to two wildlings.

You have been called to this work.
You did not choose it.
It chose you.

But you want to serve without taking away from yourself, your family or from the sacredness of this work.

With a foundation of honouring the cycles and our rites of passage, I walk alongside women to reclaim their wildness and wholeness.

It is my mission to lead a gentle revolution to rewild and reclaim the the lost parts of ourselves. My work serves connection and wholeness through the pillars of sustainability, regeneration, integrity, embodiment, and honouring the sacred at every phase.

I mentor spaceholders to embody grounded, responsible, courageous, heart-led, trauma-informed and integrity-driven sacred work

This is home for Spaceholders to go deeper in their sacred service, embody their soul work & grow their impactful, sustainable sacred business.

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The Art Of Rewilding Podcast

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What makes an endorsed embodied spaceholder so different?

The Embodied Spaceholder community is a gathering place for change makers, action takers, conscious leaders, activists, rebels, witches and medicine women where you can connect, learn, and grow in your role as a spaceholder  to reclaim your wildness, unleash your potent potential and cultivate the collective healing of the feminine. Join me in this gentle revolution as we transform the paradigm of sacred spaceholding, value its wisdom, and create a supportive network of those following a heart-driven, soul-led journey. 

Together, we will embrace the essence of rewilding and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, embodiment, and collective healing with conscious integrity.

Embodied Spaceholders are spread all around the world and come from a variety of backgrounds:

Those that hold Sacred Liminal Spaces include the Healers, the Witches, the Fringe-dwellers, the Priestesses, the Shadow Dancers, the Lightworkers, those who walk thresholds; the Deathwalkers, the Midwives & Doulas/Birth Keepers, The kinesiologists and body workers, the herbalists & Earth-Keepers, the mediums, psychics and energy workers, the ritualists, the animists, shamans & medicine people, those who travel between dimensions and those who speak to the trees and elements. We are the change makers, the trail blazers, the action takers and the magical misfits that the world needs now.

Our community includes:

  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Coaches
  • Yoga teachers
  • Pilates teachers
  • Hypnobirthing practitioners
  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Kinesiologists
  • Death doulas
  • TCM practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Counsellors
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Healers/Medicine women
  • Massage Therapists
  • Teachers
  • Event planners
  • Birth photographers
  • And more…

Looking to become an Embodied Spaceholder for circles, ceremonies & rites of passage?

Want to join the revolution of embodied spaceholding and become an Endorsed Facilitator?

You will not only feel confident in facilitating powerful and circles, rites of passage ceremonies, and hold space for transformation with integrity, you will also have the skills to grow a thriving and regenerative sacred business. 

Become an endorsed facilitator and you will be supported to match with those looking for exactly what you offer in your area as well as having access to ongoing resources, support and training.

Looking to be held yourself?

Join the REturning in-person Closed Circle Waitlist for 2024

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