July 15

I am a feral woman, are you?


Words by Clarissa Pinkola Estes from her book Women Who Run With The Wolves:⁣
“The word feral derives from the latin fer… meaning ‘wild beast’. In common usage, a feral creature is one who was once wild, then domesticated, and who has reverted back to a natural or untamed state once again. ⁣
I postulate the feral woman as one who was once in a natural psychic state- that is, in her rightful wild mind- then later captured by whatever turn of events, thereby becoming overly domesticated and deadened in proper instincts. When she has opportunity to return to her original wildish nature, she too easily steps into all manner of traps and poisons. Because her cycles and protective systems have been tampered with, she is at risk in what used to be her natural wild state. No longer wary and alert, she easily becomes prey.⁣
There is a specific pattern to the loss of instinct. It is essential to study this pattern, to actually memorise it, so that we can guard the treasures of our basic natures and those of our daughters as well….⁣
There are many lures to which we are susceptible: relationships, people, and ventures that are tempting, but inside that good-looking bait is something sharpened to a point, something that kills our spirit as soon as we bite into it….⁣
No matter where they live or in what time, there are cages waiting always; too small lives into which women can be lured or pushed. ⁣
If you have ever been captured, if you have ever endured … starvation of the soul, if you have ever been trapped, and especially if you have a drive to create, it is likely that you have been or are a feral woman.”⁣


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