June 25

Is your work still sacred if you charge for it?


Is our work still sacred even if we charge for it?⁣⁣

How do you feel about money? ⁣

How you feel about money and your relationship with money is going to determined how you answer this question. Why is an act of soulful service that comes from a place of pure intention, from our highest good that we have been called here to do suddenly dirty because we charge for it? This is the conundrum that has been surrounding women’s work since the rise of patriarchy. Suddenly women’s work was no longer valued and prevented us from caring for ourselves and our family and to be able to continue doing the work in the first place without monetary exchange. ⁣

‘Women’s work’ turn into hobbies that should be ‘done on the side’ and therefore the inability for many women to continue offering these services because they became too taxing and a burden to their family and to themselves. ⁣⁣

While we consider women’s work to have been freely given in the past, that just isn’t the truth. “Women’s work” such as doula and midwifery services, even childcare, if not paid in money, would have been paid for in another form of currency that was valuable for the time- in animals, in food, in bartering etc..Money is only dirty and unholy if you believe it to be. The energy of money is not to blame for the unholy and horrendous acts of greedy and selfish humans. If you do not charge for your time and for your services how do you expect to continue to serve in your work? And who is paying for you do it? If you do not charge for your sacred service how will you offer the best for your clients if you can’t afford a back up, or support in your own experiences and emotions or childcare, or food on the table, or to pay the rent?⁣

If you are not charging for your services YOU are PAYING to be there! What attachment do you hold to someone else’s experiences if you feel you need to pay to attend?⁣

This is not to say that we should not be offering our services to those who cannot afford it, but when you value yourself enough to incur a fair energy exchange, you can afford to create ways that serve those who need it most without taking away from yourself or your family!


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