June 15

Language is important, especially in birthwork.


Language is really freaking important. Babies are not delivered, A cervix is not incompetent, there is no failure in the realm of birth, birthing women and people are not “girls” and birth is not a business. ⁣

90% of women & birthing people do not need anyone else to help them gestate, birth and nourish life. Consent is everything- you need a YES or it’s a no! Women are not vessels and have rights to birth where and with whom they choose.

The words we use hold power and we need to be responsible for how we use it. ⁣

The sacredness of birth is being degraded before our very eyes. For a couple of generations now we have been the frogs in the slowly heating pot, but it is boiling furiously now! We can’t see ourselves and birth as a sacred life process that was once referred as the most sacred mystery of life being cooked alive by the medicalisation and fear culture of birth. Slowly stripping women and birthing people of their innate ability to walk on the threshold of life and death, literally embodying the sacred mystery of creation in their womb. ⁣

All the seemingly ‘small’ interventions and ‘small’ insinuations of our inability to birth without their interference have led to the completely dire and drastic consequences for women, birthing people and our babies who are growing up believing that this is just the way it is. That they are not the human version of divine and able to birth without assistance thus continuing this cycle of destruction.⁣

Start by witnessing the words that leave your mouth. These words hold power and can lift someone up or tear them down. Be the change you wish to see… start with your words. ⁣

If you’re a doula or birth professional looking for support to Thrive in life and business, I offer group and individual sacred business mentoring just for you!⁣


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