"Liminal is an English adjective meaning "on the threshold", from Latin līmen, plural limina.
Liminality: the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage

Liminal deity, a god or goddess in mythology who presides over thresholds, gates, or doorways"

You're here because Ceremony, Circle Medicine & The Power of Liminal Spaces are calling you home....

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"We Have Been Sitting In Circle Longer Than We Haven't"- Jane Hardwicke Collings

The world is remembering and returning to the power of circle and rites of passage once again.

But in order to hold others with full integrity, sustainability and confidence, you must also regularly be held yourself.

Connection is what brings us home again.

Take a listen to what previous LIMINAL participants have to say....

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Due to popular demand...

LIMINAL: Embodied Spaceholder Training Retreat is BACK

Coming back for round 2 we have decided to offer TWO options in order to make it more flexible and to accomodate the mummas and on-call workers, as well as making more affordable and accessible for previous participants to keep coming back (not just for the food hehe, but for ongoing professional development, community and accountability).

As spaceholders we need ongoing accountability and community.
Our vital need to be held in order to hold others is FOREVER.

Choose between TWO days or THREE days with day three being an additional (and optional) advanced training in Ceremonies, Rites of passage and specifically Closing & Rebirth ceremonies.

What is a closing ceremony you ask?

Take a listen to my PODCAST EPISODE on closing ceremonies HERE

Watch the VIDEO below to see a real life closing ceremony and one of the many ways you will become confident in facilitating.

Are you a current spaceholder?
Or is spaceholding calling you but you aren't quite sure where to begin?

Are you considering holding circles or ceremonies, attending births or deaths, or do you hold space for people in your current or emerging work?

This Training Retreat is for YOU!

A desire to hold space and gather people/community together is not enough in a world that is hurting and disconnected from years of separation and patriarchy.

Trauma-informed and ethical spaceholding is THE difference between holding healing space vs contributing to more harm and more disconnection.

We are not healers and we do not 'heal' others with our medicine, Embodied Spaceholders hold 'healing' space with a focus on their OWN nervous system capacity, and  hold with integrity via a trauma-informed, ancestral understanding and ethical lens in order to walk alongside others so that they reclaim their OWN wholeness.

To hold a healing, connective and trauma-informed space is not to view people as 'broken', but instead it is to view others as innately powerful, with all they need inside of them as they reclaim their wholeness and come home to themselves.

In order to hold others, you too must also be held.


To hold with complete authentic wholeness and truth is to hold with integrity.

To hold with integrity is to uphold personal responsibility and accountability

Embodied Spaceholders are spread all around the world and come from a variety of backgrounds

We are the Witches, the Fringe-dwellers, the Priestesses, the Shadow Dancers, the Lightworkers, those who walk thresholds; the Deathwalkers, the Midwives & Doulas/Birth Keepers, The kinesiologists and body workers, the herbalists & Earth-Keepers, the mediums, psychics and energy workers, the ritualists, the animists, shamans & medicine people, those who travel between dimensions and those who speak to the trees and elements. We are the change makers, the trail blazers, the action takers and the magical misfits that the world needs now.

Our community includes:

Yoga teachers
Pilates teachers
Hypnobirthing practitioners
Death doulas
TCM practitioners
Social Workers
Reiki Practitioners
Healers/Medicine women
Massage Therapists
Event planners
Birth photographers

And more…

Become part of the revolution of Embodied Spaceholding & Circle Medicine

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