March 13

Moon Cycle Magic : More than just fertility

Ask not what you can do to your cycle, but what your cycle can do for you!


Are you a cyclic, bleeding being? Do you have a womb, and you bleed roughly once a month? Perhaps you spend way too much money on menstrual hygiene that are going to end up in landfill, and you dread your days of bloating, pain and next level angry? You avoid wearing white in that week once a month. You’ve at least once during your period sheepishly looked down at a chair to see if you’ve leaked. And you often feel the weight of those comments about how it must be ‘that time of the month if you speak up for yourself. Yep- the joys of your period!


You’ve felt the heaviness, shame and negativity that surrounds this very normal bodily function that roughly 50% of the population experience every single month. A function that serves to create life. In fact it is the sole reason you and I are alive! Yet all we do is find every single thing that we hate about this time,  and hold it responsible for so many negative things in our life and world.


Did you know that women who were bleeding were once held as the keepers of the wisdom for their community? They would bleed together under the dark moon and bring back messages that their community would use to make decisions about their future. The maidens on the first bleed were believed to hold so much power within their blood- so much so that soldiers and men in power would be frightened to be around in them in case they cast a spell on them.



Menstruation is not the horrible burden that it is made out to be. It should not be painful and harrowing. In fact it can be a magical, mystical and incredible time that offers many gifts to those willing to connect. Often pain and suffering is a manifestation of other things going on as a message that something is out of alignment.


As someone who specialises in working with pregnant and perinatal women, it is often not until a woman is wanting to fall pregnant that she even really notices her period (unless they have been a cause for pain, or have been suggested to be suppressed by contraception). This level of awareness heightens considerably for women who have trouble conceiving. Suddenly life starts to revolve around cycle and ovulation tracking, temperatures and vaginal discharge. But still, it focuses on the anxiety of conceiving and not on what the menstrual cycle is actually trying to tell the woman.


Can you believe that women who engage (and pay a LOT of money) in IVF are still not really taught about how their cycles work? This boggles my mind no end, and makes me so cross that this information that is every woman and bleeding person’s birth right is not a standard! Especially when engaging ‘experts’ to assist them in conceiving! The act of conceiving is completely handed over to an ‘authority’ to just magically make it happen, with a one-sized formula, without any understanding of of ones own body.


YOU are the authority of your own body and YOU lovely are NOT one-size fits all!


Unfortunately for the majority of women, this ‘motherhood’ phase is often the ONLY time in their lives that they connect with their cycle. This time in a woman’s life that marks huge significance each and every month is viewed as an inconvenience, or at worst (and probably most commonly); with complete disdain and shame.


But what if your monthly bleed held more than just information about your fertile times? What if you could benefit so much more if you actively tuned in and did not mute it with hormonal contraception? What if by deepening your understanding of your cycle you could unlock so much more potential and magic?


We have become disconnected in our modern world not just from our menstruation, but from our bodies as a whole.


Our bodies are connected with the moon, and are intertwined with the other cycles of the earth.


There are messages about the power of our womb in so many of the fables we have been told- we just don’t realise what those messages are because we have been told to be ashamed.


When we take time out to nourish ourselves, we are more able to give to others from a place of abundance. When we take a stand to be the master of our own lives and know that we are our very own authority on our bodies and health, we make a protest again those who try to use this knowledge for their own gain.


We are wild, flowing, sexual, blooming, abundant, intuitive and wise creatures. Our womb, and the blood that lies within her is the seed of our creativity! We have just been stunted for so long, we have forgotten.


It is time to REmember.


Our menstrual cycle is divided up into 4 unique and individual phases. When someone says that a woman is very different from one week to the next, they couldn’t be more accurate. At each phase a woman is physically, emotionally, hormonally and mentally different.


Every woman and her phases are so different, but the easiest way to outline the average phases is to divide each phase into a week. The average woman experiences a 28.5 day cycle which connects with the phases of the moon.



Menstrual Phase:

The first phase begins on the first day of your period. If you are charting your cycle (which I talk about as being vital to every aspect of our life, you can read more about it here and access your free charting guide here) day 1 is the first day of your bleeding. If you are not bleeding you can start whenever resonates most strongly- Day 1 of the Lunar Cycle is the day of the New Moon (you can read more about charting without a menstrual cycle here).


Physiologically, this is when the unfertilized egg decays, as does the thickened lining of the uterus that was building up to house and grow a fetus. These begin to break down as the hormones drop and they are shed with the menstrual blood. Menstruation can be anywhere from 2-8 days in length.


During your menstrual phase your outer lights are turned right down and your inner lights are turned up. Your energy field literally shrinks down and you are called to go inward into your own self nourishment, inner work and hibernation. The veil between worlds is thinnest during this time so you are much more open to dreams, messages, downloads and womb power.


This phase is connected to the archetype of the crone. The Crone or Wise Woman is the most magical and intuitive of all the archetypes. She is innately wise and needs nothing from externally anyone else- all of her gifts and wisdom are already inside her. The crone also represents the magic of death, decay and rebirth- a vital (and under honoured part of our cycle).


We very much shy away from death in our culture, mostly from fear and because we are not encouraged to embrace every aspect of life- which almost always includes death. When we reconnect with our cycles and our natural rhythms we embrace death or at least acknowledge death as a vital part of the cycle that initiates rebirth. When we ignore a phase of the cycle it is like pretending that winter doesn’t exist. It is leaving out a huge part of the puzzle. It is like an in breath, without taking an out breath. Without winter the earth doesn’t have a time to replenish. The animals don’t have an opportunity to hibernate and refill. It would be a world (that we as humans currently live in) where we are on the go non stop- a world that is constant pressure, stress, burnt out and is not sustainable. We are cyclic beings that rely on our ability to experience both the in breath and the outbreath.


Physically, after the egg released at ovulation was not fertilised, the lining of your womb is breaking down and releasing getting ready to rebuild for the next egg to be released.


As with all cycles in our world everything revolves around Birth, Growth, Bloom, Decay, Death and Rebirth. This is the same when it comes to the physical aspects of our wombs.


In the same way that you are releasing physically, you are also being called to release anything and everything that no longer serves you in your life. This releasing is a vital part of the cycle so you can begin fresh during the rebirthing phase. If you do not release and change the things that are not serving you or allowing you to experience your highest pleasure potential, you will experience blocks. Our bodies have a way physically manifesting messages to force us to listen. We are experiencing epidemic rates of fertility and womb related issues and mental illness. In many cases this can be about women not allowing the flow of their wombs and their innate cyclic nature.


Mama Gena talks about our pussy being the gps to our pleasure. Our lives, particularly as female is entirely directed at seeking out pleasure at every turn. No matter what experiences or circumstances, we are actively seeking out deep, pure, fulfilling pleasure. When we are blocking that pleasure, and thus blocking the messages from our pussy, our lives will almost certainly turn to the shadows and we will experience any number of issues until we have no choice but to listen.




The second phase in our cycle is the Follicular or Maiden phase. This phase is about birth/rebirth. Just as the maiden is young, fresh, strong and full of energy, so is the womb. The body is building itself up and replenishing all it needs to get ready to begin creating life.


The physiology of this phase is includes the rising of both testosterone and estrogen (hence why it is considered more a ‘masculine/yang energy). These hormones allow us to be more extroverted, social and active. They also suppress appetite, increase our libido and allow us to function well on less sleep. Meanwhile the hormone Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is released and stimulate the follicles in our ovaries (that contain and release the eggs for fertilisation) to mature and ripen.


This phase is dubbed the dynamic phase. It is full of energy and all about getting ready to take action. Our outerlights come back on, as our inward lights dim. We focus our energy on outward projects, people, and putting our energy outward anywhere that it needs to go. We require less sleep, and can multitask and communicate much more easily. We gain much more clarity, concentration and focus during this phase, and it is the best time for structured or logical thinking. This phase and the next are where we best fit into the linear expectations of the masculine business world. We are fun, sociable and often we care about our appearance. Being a maiden is much more physically acceptable in our culture- every woman is expected to be just that- hairless, fresh, pretty, and young no matter her age…. Sorry… that’s not how the cycle of life works.




Ovulation phase is the phase of the Mother- she is the queen. The mother is sexual, flirty, exudes sensuality and confidence. She is a social, multitasking, physically peaking queen that feels like she can (and will) achieve anything and everything she wants to. Men are more attracted to her and she is very willing to connect, nurture and support others however they need. She is less emotionally invested but loves to put attention into her home/surrounds and will ensure things are in a logical order and tidy.


Physically this is the phase where the juices start to flow- literally. The egg is released by the ovaries and travels down the fallopian tubes (which varies in length for each woman). The egg enters the womb space ready to be fertilised, but can only survive unfertilised for around 12-24 hours. Testosterone and Estrogen peak at this time which enhances the energy from the Maiden phase. If the egg is fertilised it will attach and begin to gestate a fetus as pregnancy begins. If the egg is not fertilised it will begin to decay and release with the lining of the uterus during menstruation.


The Mother phase is very much about sexuality, nesting, connecting with others and nurturing outwardly. Our communication, team work and negotiation skills are on point. We are productive, expressive and able to make things happen. Both the maiden and the mother are considered Yang phases (time to hustle) as the energy is high, big and outward. We are able to give to others more and don’t require as much inward care.



Luteal Phase:

The yin/inward phases begin with the Luteal phase- often the most disliked phases of the cycle. This is our most common time to experience ‘pms’ and ‘moodiness’. This is the phase of the wild woman. When you no longer tolerate and must release anything that no longer serves you before you start the cycle again. It is about completely standing in and speaking your truth. You must release any and all baggage and dead wood from the previous cycle so that it doesn’t follow you into the next cycle (because it will continue to haunt you later). This phase forces you to become hyper vigilant about the things that are preventing you from living in your complete truth. It highlights what does not bring you toward pleasure and it will make you uncomfortable until you release it- or suffer. This phase gives no F@#ks! It is the neon sign of your life.


Many believe that this phase begins to heighten your connection to your spiritual/psychic abilities. Your dreams and senses become heightened, you are ultra sensitive and intuitive and you are more heightened to messages and downloads of the aspects of your life that are not serving you. This is also the creative phase where your desires lead more toward inward expression and creativity. You may want to suddenly break into dance, pain, draw, write, knit, just create! This also helps to shift any intense feelings and move it into a positive.


Menstruation is a breath of fresh air and provides is with the gift of release and rebirth each and every cycle. The Luteal phase allows us to gather up everything we wish to release when menstruation begins so that we can be free and continue on our path toward our greatest desires and pleasure.


This is an incredibly powerful and potent time in your cycle. It is vital to be still. To rest and to be open to what comes.


Physically this phase is very progesterone dominated which forces the body to slow.down. And either prepare the body to grow a baby, or to shed the uterine lining. The corpus luteum which is formed by the ruptured follicle in the ovary produces high levels of progesterone. The progesterone causes the thickening and filling of the endometrium (uterine lining) to house and support the embryo that may have been fertilised. Estrogen can also be high at this time which also assists with endometrial thickening. The body’s temperature is generally elevated and the cervix and mucus thicken to inhibit anything else from entering (and disrupting) the cervix. After about 10-16 days,  if there is no embryo, the corpus luteum stops producing progesterone and there is a significant drop in hormones, beginning menstruation. Women that have a shorter luteal phase or produce less progesterone generally have more trouble becoming or staying pregnant, but often overlook the luteal phase when it comes to tracking fertility.


The luteal phase also recalibrates our route to pleasure. We are no longer looking to achieve pregnancy and nurture another human so we begin to turn inward to what it is we are wanting in life. This phase allows us a second sexual peak- just for our own pleasure! This wild woman inside you wants you to have everything she desires, and desire begins with listening to pussy (Mama Gena). There is a chance for a second ovulation, particularly when the moon is blue, and also that lines up with your birth moon, but for the most part, this second peak is just for you. The 800 nerve endings that makes up your clitorus serves ONE fucntion and one function only- your pleasure. Think about that. This is why it pays to be in tune with YOU.


The one take home message about this phase is:

listen to her; or she will manifest it into physical discomfort!!


Your cycle is a vital structure that connects you to every other woman, and every other being. You are an incredibly powerful cyclic being that embodies the cyclic phases of birth, bloom, decay, death and rebirth.


You bleed for 7 days every month and don’t die, if that’s not a super power I don’t know what is

– Lisa Lister.


She holds so much more than just fertility for those who choose to listen. And listen to her you must.


When we follow the message of our womb we embody the essence of pleasure and life becomes ecstatic.


Even without a menstrual cycle you still have a cycle that you can chart your energetic super-powers (read more here). But when you are able to release your sacred blood each month you have immense powers to support this world physically and spiritually.



Blood is powerful. Menstrual blood has always been viewed as sacred. From as early as time humans have been creating stories about powerful maidens needing to be cast away for fear of them using their blood for curses. Menstrual blood is said to have the power to manifest into whatever we choose it to. To bring men home from war. To undo any hex to curse. To embody any prayer we make with it. For centuries the patriarchy have shamed us and our blood to inhibit women from knowing the true power the lies within their womb. This blood creates life; it is life. It is the most powerful life force known to man. And we have been conditioned to hide it away and pretend it doesn’t exist. We have no power when we do that.


“When women return their blood back to the earth, men will come home from war”- Native American Proverb


Have you noticed the number of women reclaiming their sacred gifts? Just go to instagram and you’ll see more women (who may have been doing this secretly for many years) coming out of the shadows and posting their rituals of blood painting, blood anointing, and blood prayers, uniting again together. Women are listening to the messages from their womb and treating their pussy with more respect. Women are flocking toward more healthy, natural and eco friendly period products like cups, cloth pads, sponges, period undies and free-bleeding. We are no longer ashamed. We are no longer hiding. Periods are magic. They are life and the seed to our creative and pleasure centre. We are rising again to heal ourselves and the earth. Will you rise as well?


Treat her with love and respect. Honour her. Gift her back to the earth. Pray to heal the earth and she will listen. Ask her for the answers. She will answer you.


Have you felt this disconnection yourself?


Disconnected from yourself? Your children? Your partner? Mother Earth?


Do you want to know more about the magic of your cycles and how you can utilise them to harness your potential and increase connection?


Have you always felt like ‘something’ is missing in your life but you haven’t been able to unearth exactly what that is?


What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life… information that is your birth rite?


Are you ready to come home to yourself?


What if there was a circle of womb anchored magical sisters waiting to walk and share with you on this charting and power harnessing journey?


You are invited to join the Rewilding Sisterhood + Moontime Energy Exchange Movement a FREE safe, and sacred sisterhood community. This is a modern red tent movement that brings women together to REmember and reclaim the power of menstruation. It is space for all women (and those who identify as) to support one another, retreat, and share. It acts as a magical container to draw on ancient wisdom, and pass down to the future generations. Within this community, we reconnect with ourselves, each other, the Goddess, Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, and the magic of the seasons and cycles, just as women have always done. We cannot pour from an empty cup. It is vital we refill in order to continue with all that this busy modern world asks of us. For the sake of our daughters and granddaughters, we must unite and rise to reclaim this time.


This movement invites us to be part of the change we wish to see in the world.




Learn more HERE



Come and journey with us!





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