April 21

Natal Moon Charting


~Natal Moon Charting~⁣
We all experience 2 cycles each month- the Lunar Cycle (cycling with the energy of the moon), and our Natal Moon Cycle (Cycling with the moon phase of our birth). Menstruating women/people have their third Menstruation cycle that also weaves and cycles with the other two. Most women (when charting) can notice which cycle or energy is most dominant, which can change and shift over our life. ⁣
The Natal Moon cycles similarly to the other cycles, with the natal moon being the equivalent of the ovulation peak of energy during the menstrual cycle, or the full moon of the Lunar cycle. Some women experience a second ovulation at their natal moon (which many don’t realise can happen and therefore are not prepared). Second ovulation can also occur during a blue moon (a second full moon in a month. ⁣
Thus, for those women who do not have a menstrual cycle, or when considering cycles for men, it is the Lunar and Natal Moon Cycles that provide the dominant ebbs and flows throughout the month. These cycles still experience the same seasons, archetypes and shifts in energy which can be better understood on an individual level through charting. ⁣


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