​The world is in chaos right now.

While we need connection more than ever, many of us are struggling with social isolation, anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

​What the world needs now is an anchor, to our ​inuition, to one another and to Mama Earth. To unite and connect in hope and in love.

If we can’t meet in person, let’s not let ​this social isolation stop us from raising ​the vibrations and connecting with ​a collective intention of global healing and awakening.

We will be meeting via Zoom on Sunday 29th of March 2020 at 11.11am ACDT (Australian Central Daylight savings Time). To find your local time click HERE and add ‘Adelaide – Australia’ as the starting time zone, then add your city.

Adelaide 11.11am
Melbourne 11.41am
Perth 8.41am
London 12.41am
Amsterdam 1.41am
Delhi 6.11am
Los Angelas 5.41pm Sat the 28th
New York 8.41pm Sat the 28th

There will be a replay available to those who can not make it live!

​A global online womens circle (and those who identify as) to tend and befriend (our natural stress response), support one another, connect with our intuition ​​and focus on hope for the future.

It will loosely follow a similar structure to our in-person gatherings where we will cast the circle, call ourselves fully present, talk briefly about the current seasons and cycles, journal, release & call-in. We will do a live drumming journey which you can use as either an opportunity to meditate, or an opportunity to journey to another realm to meet with your spirit animal/guide/angels/inner goddess etc and ask for guidance on a particular topic. We will send out a global prayer for healing before opening the circle and taking the magic away with us back into our current, sometimes challenging, different to ‘normal’ day to day lives.

You can be there fully present with video and audio on, or with children at your feet in your pajamas with video off and audio muted. Whatever you can manage.

Just to reiterate, if you can’t make it live we will send out a replay of the call to all signed up. That way, even if you do attend live, you can do the drum journey again multiple times when you. can find stillness and quiet.

You will receive a confirmation email upon signing up, and then another closer to the online event.

We so look forward to opening this space and virtually sitting in circle with you all Xx

"We have been sitting in circle longer than we haven't"- Jane Hardwicke Collings.

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