Private 1:1 Sessions

Energy Alchemy (kinesiology/energy work)- Online or In-Person
Holistic & Perinatal Counselling- Online or In-person
Business Mentoring, Coaching & Professional Supervision
Personalised Blessing & Closing Ceremonies

You’re here because you're looking to be held and witnessed yourself.

You can't hold space for others if no one is holding space for you!

Let's work together one on one!

Energy Alchemy
(In-Person or Online)

Individually tailored sessions weaving together all of my professional modalities (including but not limited to Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology, Shamanic healing, Holistic Counselling, Energy Work, Perinatal Counselling & Education, Birth Story Listening, Inner-child healing, Ancestral Healing, Acupressure, Somatic Processing & Nervous System support, Trauma Healing, Shadow Integration, Business Coaching, Social Work and more.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find clear and balance stressors & blocks in the body & the unconscious mind.

Some of the reasons people seek out these sessions include:

Money/Abundance issues, Self Sabotage, Relationship issues, Self esteem/self worth, Fertility/Pregnancy/Reproductive stress, Menstrual issues, Various Health issues and concerns, Mental health related issues and concerns, Stress relief, Parenting/Child related stress, Releasing stuck or repetitive patterns, Finding happiness and alignment, Sleep issues, Skin issues, Weight issues/management, Business issues, Increasing energy, clarity and focus, Birth Trauma, PTSD, Imposter Syndrome, Fear of birth, Birth Preparation, Pain, With/Sisterhood/mother wounds, Dark/Negative Energy, Nervous System Reset...
And SO much more.

Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything’

(Note, Kinesiology & Energy Alchemy works with energy, as such we do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure symptoms, stress or disease, we are simply raising consciousness to your greatest potential to allow your energy to flow through your entire body which enables your body to activate healing on all levels – healing and thriving are your innate nature and beauty.)

Bookings are available for ONLINE or IN-PERSON balances; location is no barrier!

Social Work Therapy & Parent Coaching (Individually tailored for NDIS participants- self and plan managed only)

For plan or self managed NDIS participants.

Online or in-person.

I am a qualified social worker with a special interest in neurodiverse women and mothers, matresence, parenting and somatic approaches to trauma recovery.

I specialise in women’s health and wellbeing (mind, body and spirit), with a focus on high-masking neurodivergent women and mums, and mums of neurodivergent children (including parent coaching, PDA specific resources, and perinatal specific support) as well as emotional regulation via somatic/body based approaches, and the intersection of neurodiversity, motherhood/matresence and trauma.

Social workers are highly qualified trauma-informed Allied Health professionals who support people from a psycho-social model and work with the whole person from a holistic and social-emotional framework. The role of Social Worker includes (but is not limited to) providing counselling, information, advocacy, resources and referrals to other services.

Social Workers have the skills and knowledge to support individuals, families, groups and communities. Social work is also a profession that advocates for fairness, integrity, ethical practice, social justice and human rights.

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.” Brene Brown

It is my mission to co-create a personalised therapy sessions where my clients feel seen and heard, to support them and their families in achieving their goals through a compassionate, holistic, non-clinical and personalised approach.


Motherhood + Matresence
High-masking ND women and mothers
PDA + School Support
Parent Coaching
Holistic and Somatic approaches to wellness and healing
Parts Work
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Community, Connection & Co-regulation
Emotional Awareness and Regulation
Nervous system capacity building
Self-esteem and confidence building
NDIS support and advocacy

Email or phone me directly to discuss how I can support you.

Holistic & Perinatal Counselling
(In-person or online)

A blend of ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic practices where mind, body, and spirit unite.

Integrating traditional counselling & social work with complementary and alternative practices for a holistic approach that transcends conventional therapy, creating a sacred space for shadow work & profound inner healing.

Perinatal specific: Professional holistic counselling specific to preconception, pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum, birth trauma healing, birth story listening and parenting.

*home visits dependent on availability

Blessings, Closings & Ceremonies

Shamanic Ceremonies for Soul retrieval, reclamation & embodiment.

We have all but forgotten our rites of passage today which has caused havoc on our society as well as our individual spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing

Ceremonies to honour change and transformation, to grieve the parts of us that have been shed and to reclaim parts that we have lost and to celebrate emerging as a new person is not only empowering but healing and life changing.

Ceremonies are individually tailored and can be 1:1 or in a group setting.

*Limited Availability & By Application Only.
*Available in my clinic or in a location of your choice, depending on availability

Business Mentoring/Coaching, 

& Professional Supervision.
(Online or In-Person)

Who is holding space for YOU spaceholder?

This offering is for those seeking guidance, direction, accountability and general witnessing/supervision in their business and/or practice.

Specifically designed for spaceholders (aka perinatal professionals, doulas, circle keepers, care workers, health professionals & nurturers) to maintain professional standards of accountability, ethical practice, trauma-informed care and ongoing professional development (regardless of regulation or certification status).

For both new/emerging and experienced spaceholders to obtain guidance and simple steps and tools to grow their business in a regenerative and joyful way, master authentic social media and marketing, and feel held and heard in all that it means to offer one's gifts into the world.

(Book under "pick my brain" for a one-off session, or get in touch for an personalised arrangement)