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Spaceholder/Birthworker Mentoring

Energy Alchemy + Soul Embodiment (Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Shamanic Ceremonies)

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find clear and balance stressors & blocks in the body & the unconscious mind.

As a social worker, doula/birth keeper, business mentor, menstrual/cycle guide and kinesiologist with a specialty in everything perinatal and ceremonial. I have supported many women through birth trauma, PTSD, pain, fertility issues and similar as well reconnecting with their menstrual cycle, fear for birth, birth preparation and everything in between.

What is Kinesiology?
Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything’

Kinesiology uses muscle reflex testing to tap into the subconscious mind to clear stress of any kind, be it physical symptoms or emotional stressors, from the whole being on all levels – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Kinesiology sessions or “balances” are gentle and nurturing and through muscle testing we can communicate to you where the cause of your body’s disharmony is coming from, which in turn has a profound and permanent shift in consciousness enabling your Mind, Body and Soul to naturally heal itself and for you to thrive as your true Soul desires you to – in true alignment with the universe around you.

Some of the intentions that people come to kinesiology for include:
Money/Abundance balancing
Self Sabotage
Relationship issues
Self esteem/self worth
Fertility/Pregnancy/Reproductive stress
Menstrual issues
Various Health issues and concerns
Mental health related issues and concerns
Stress relief
Parenting/Child related stress
Releasing stuck or repetitive patterns
Finding happiness and alignment
Sleep issues
Skin issues
Weight issues/management
Business issues
Increasing energy, clarity and focus
And SO much more.
(Note, Kinesiology works with energy, as such we do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure symptoms, stress or disease, we are simply raising consciousness to your greatest potential to allow your energy to flow through your entire body which enables your body to activate healing on all levels – healing and thriving are your innate nature and beauty.)

Kinesiology is seriously amazing! It blows my mind and is literally magic right before your eyes.

Bookings are available for ONLINE or IN-PERSON balances; location is no barrier!

I also offer Shamanic Ceremonies including Soul Embodiment Ceremony (similar (but different) to a Closing of the Bones or a Womb Sealing). These are on request only. Please email me direct to enquire.

Business Coaching & Other Coaching

Need some extra support in the area of sacred business, birth work, whether doula/birthwork is right for you, on cycle charting and menstrual support, birth preparation, or to just feel heard and witnessed?

Come and pick my brain!!

The majority of my mentoring & coaching clients are looking for support in the realm of navigating business as a space holder. How can we maintain the sacredness of our work while also trying to market our services and charge money without it feeling gross, and without the hustle?! Let me show you the way.

A lot of birthworkers, or people considering birthworker needing are often looking for some support by someone who has been there and can guide on many different areas unique to the field.

I can also offer professional debriefing for any space holders such as kinesiologists, circle keepers or similar, because we CANNOT hold space if no one is holding space for us. We cannot do this work alone or in isolation. Reach out! You need to practice what you preach.