Would you like some information and resources about how to thrive in your life and business with alignment, balance and flow?


Find here a whole array of juicy goodies that help you work in alignment with your own rhythms and with our collective ancestral wisdom.

Ultimate Flow Planners: Honouring birthwork & creation in the modern world

Make your business work for you! Not the other way around.

Are you a birthworker or creatress?

Are you a Birth Professional or ​Sacred Business Owner called to share your gifts into the world?

Perhaps you are creative and want to harness your own inner wisdom to create the freedom you crave?

Have you felt the overwhelm of trying to juggle life and business, especially when it comes to the uncertainty of birth-work?

Do you let your self care slip? You know you ‘should’ take time for you but just can’t seem to find the time?

Are you sick of the constant hustle, wondering how to work smarter NOT harder?

Do you feel disconnected from your body and want to work with it rather than against (especially given this is what you are supporting for your clients)?

Are you keen to be part of radical change and pass it on to the next generation?

What if I told you that the key to your balance and flow in all life and business is already within you?

It is my dream to see more ​sacred business owners take radical responsibility for their business and harness their own magical potential ​to help them thrive!

Womb Wisdom Resources

Are you wanting to learn more about how to connect with your innate cyclic power?

Would you like to align with your own natural rhythm and heal your womb or menstrual cycle?

Your womb space/menstrual cycle is the barometer of your wellbeing, the GPS for your pleasure and creativity and the centre of your wild cyclic nature. This wisdom is your birthright.

I have created a number of free and affordable resources to reconnect you back with this most powerful foundation of living that comes before any self care practice.

Find your FREE cycle charts on the gifts page.

Also available in the shop:

~Rewilding Womb Wisdom: And introduction to working with the seasons, moon, menstrual cycle and archetypes.

~Yoni Steam Handbook by Katherine Eden & Erin Black

If you would like a sisterhood network or more FREE resources, join the Moon Time Energy Exchange where you will be gifted moon rituals, cycle charts and guides, a sisterhood and a playlist.

Resources for Pregnancy & Parenting

Are you a birth professional or sacred space holder looking for some pregnancy and parenting resources for your clients?


Are you pregnant and looking to expand your knowledge and reduce fear for your current and upcoming journey?


I have created a number of educational and ritual guides to support women and parents to reduce fear and plan their journey from a place of inner alignment.

Current resources available:

Fear Release for Birth & Parenthood

Coming soon:

Find Your Own Way to Birth:

Pt 1: A guide to planning your birth journey

Pt.2: Choosing your care providers

Blessing & Circle Medicine

Coming Soon….