RE-turning- a community circle to RE-wild, RE-member, RE-claim, RE-awaken, & RE-enchant your life.

She is a place to unearth buried treasures within you (and within your lineage)
She is here to support you to unlock your intuitive gifts
She is the foundation of self love, self confidence & self love
She is the key to abundance and success
She is the anchor for developing healing relationships
She is YOUR unique compass and map for this human experience (there is no one-size fits all here).
She is your permission to live according to your innate rhythm
and she is the roots from which your bliss, joy and harmony grow and prosper.
These roots come BEFORE self care. They will show you your own unique map on which 'self care' is placed on top.

As a membership, RE-turning includes full access to our online membership portal which houses all of our ever growing library of resources and information (which you can access and move through at your own pace). You have access to a FB community as well as once a month we will be holding a LIVE zoom circle/transmission.

The world is remembering and returning to the power of circle, accountability and connection once again.

Connection is what brings us home again.

Is there something else you would like to know?
Get in touch and let's have a chat!
I would love to hear from you.