July 15

Rewilding: Reconnecting to your inner wild


The wild woman archetype is often associated with wolves because just as wolves became domesticated into the dogs we know now, we humans have been domesticated in exactly the same way. Our primal instincts, our vital connection with nature and with our bodies has been severed (made to fear instead!) and our anger, rage, passion shamed and squashed. Our blood, the blood of life itself has been tainted as ‘dirty’ and taboo. .
We have been made to believe that we are not enough as we are. That we are broken and need fixing in some external way that profits those that keep us small.
Rewilding is about remembering that we are one with the earth and her cycles. We are wild, we are free and we are fully and completely whole. Everything we need is already within us. we need nothing external to complete us because we are already whole. .
Rewilding is the ultimate peaceful rebellion. We are merely refusing to see ourselves as dependent on a system that continues to make us feel unworthy and not enough.
Diet culture, media, big pharma and big institutions all profit from oppression.
When we rewild and remember our wholeness once again, we no longer support any of these patriarchal constructs that were build off oppression and suffering.
Once we connect with our wild it is impossible to go back. You cannot reverse this remembering. It is the ultimate awakening and severing of any dependency, but it is also our birth rite. .
When we rewild we are also able to more deeply connect with and rewild the earth- we are one with nature, we just forgot.
For me, Rewilding is about reconnecting women to their own natural wisdom and unlearning all of this shame, dependency, disconnection and domestication. It is about remembering our own innate power, beginning with our inner and outer cycles and removing shame and fear of our shadows. .
To remember who you are you need to forget who they told you to be.
As Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her book, we need to reconnect with our inner wild and find those wolves to run with once again otherwise we will never live to our fullest potential or vibrancy!
Come journey with me and reconnect with your wild.


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