"It's Like A Therapy Session For Your Spirit"

Are you finally ready to harness the potent potential of your cyclic energy 

so you can effortlessly realign with what matters in your life? 

You're here because you feel a deep inner call to reconnect with yourself, other like-minded women and Mama Earth.

But let me guess...

  • You lack sisterhood and feel lonely to walk this path when so many others don't share the same beliefs?
  • You desire to go deeper into your own inner work as a pathway to also deepen your own sacred business or services with clients?
  • You're curious to learn how to harness the energy of the Moon, the Seasons and your menstrual cycle?
  • You've been on contraceptives or having menstrual issues for the majority of your life and are now craving to better understand yourself on a spiritual, earthly and physiological level so to find more aligned alternatives?
  • You feel lost and unsatisfied; feeling like ‘something’ is missing in your life? 

And the good news? 

You're not alone!

Every cell in your body already knew that, didn't it?

You know there has to be others like you wishing to dive into aspects of life and cycles  — even if they're uncomfortable!

You know it cannot just be you who wants to let go of the self doubt and come into your full being so you can honour your magical divine self.

And in your heart you know there are others out there who also believe there must be more to this life than what we are being sold.

Shhh! Can you hear it?

That growing call you're hearing is the call to Rewild...

It's your soul's echo to restore sacredness to your life and to honour your sovereignty.

Did you know that in the past, long before the rise of the patriarchy, we lived in Goddess Cultures?

During these times women were revered for the magic & mysteries we hold in our bodies. 

We are the keepers of both life & death, and we cycle through these phases every month alongside the moon, the plants & Mother Earth herself. We are the embodiment of the great mother.

But after the rise of the patriarchy we began to forget. 

These mysteries were no longer honoured as powerful & important parts of our human existence. Instead they became hidden & shrouded in shame in an attempt to dull their power.  The patriarchy has been cleverly constructed to disconnect us from the power that lies within our mysteries (scared much?)

So today, it is often that which lives deeply in the shadows, the taboo subjects, that holds the most power & magic.

Women are the keepers of birth, death, cycles & blood mysteries. We embody both the light & the dark.

Our need is to embrace action and rest (which goes completely against the patriarchal, linear, masculine ideals of hustle & production).

If we honoured women's mysteries we would have to face the fact that we are hurting the Earth... which contradicts the capitalist need for more money making opportunities at any cost.

Listen closely now...

The constructed shame surrounding our mysteries has led us to forget our rites of passage and our innate cyclic nature...

You feel it don't you?

Can you feel disconnection has now become normalised?

This disconnection has been both directly & indirectly linked to the massive rise in depression, mental illness, health issues, body image issues, relationship issues, dependency on pharmaceuticals (including synthetic hormones, infertility, fertility treatments etc), birth trauma, post natal depression, peri menopause issues & much more.

Not being connected to who you are at your core as a wild cyclic human means you are dependent on external sources who have a financial agenda. This makes you vulnerable to buying anything they wish to sell you out of both fear & ignorance.

This is an honouring of our ancestor’s knowledge.

A rekindling of the wise woman wisdom.

With your hand to your heart, know this...

... it does not have to be this way! 

It's absolutely possible to uncover your innate cyclic powers that have long been hidden and unpack years of generational wounds passed down through the red thread so that you can live your life of complete wholeness, sovereignty and freedom.

And you don't have to do it alone... 

Introducing Rhythm & Flow

Rhythm and Flow Digital Product

A glorious coven of magical sisters awaits you, to link arms with you as you rediscover your bewitchment...

Rhythm & Flow is a jam-packed online resource and VIP community, expertly and lovingly designed to support you in mastering your own energy while reconnecting to yourself, others and Mama Earth.

Imagine being enveloped in a circle of heart-radiating, light-sourcing, womb-anchored sisters just like you ready to alchemise their unique, inner magic to effect positive change through healing themselves and Mama Earth...

Rhythm & Flow reconnects you with the wisdom of Mama Earth and your womb — the true essence of your being.


It teaches you how to harness the potent energies of the cyclic nature of all things to create a life of ease and connection.

Imagine what is possible — what changes — when you have connection to self, others and Mother Earth?

"We are the women the Earth needs now"

– Jane Hardwick Collings


Rhythm & Flow Is Unlike Any Other Online Community Out There

Rhythm & Flow is NOT just another course that leaves you to unpack copious amounts of content and information in isolation. 

Let our Energy Mastery & Re-connection Toolbox become part of yours! 

We have walked this journey ourselves and continue to do so on a daily basis. We have experienced first hand the hugely positive impact integrating this wise woman wisdom has had on all aspects of our life.

This is a sacred circle that will hold space for you and all that arises.

Both myself and Erin are living and breathing this work in our own personal and professional lives and we continue to do so every single day.

This work cycles. It spirals. It never ends. It is ongoing.

We are here to guide and hold you through all of it and here is what you can expect...

A safe ongoing encounter that will meet you where you already are...

Whether you are experienced in understanding and working with your cycles or completely new to these concepts, this membership circle has been designed to walk alongside you wherever you are at on your journey. Along with a circle of others on the same path, we will help you peel away new layers and dive deeper into inner healing and connecting with yourself.

Access to real transformation and not just knowledge...

Whatever you learn and experience will be felt for the remainder of your lifetime, as well as being passed down to the next generations — this is powerful work! You'll make a better world by starting with yourself. Is this not the best kind of gift to pass down to your children?

Rituals that enhance the quality of your life, without taking up more of your time...

We teach simple but potent concepts that you will be easily able to embed into your everyday life; these tips, tricks and rituals will anchor you back to your cycles and your inner power without taking much time out of your busy life but will make ALL the difference to how you feel.

New connections and a community that can last a lifetime...

We pride ourselves in offering an experience that you will not forget. An experience that will not only be a powerful remembrance of all of the foundations of your life but it will offer support direct from us as well as the ability to forge deep connections with others sharing this journey with you that will last a lifetime.

All Yours

What You Get With Rhythm & Flow

Facebook group

An exclusive closed Facebook group for the sisters dancing together — this is where the real magic happens because sisterhood is everything!

This membership includes access to the VIP private Rhythm & Flow Group – a sacred community of kindred spirits dedicated to a path of rewilding, alignment & energy mastery. In the private group there will be regular prompts, conversation starters and lives from us, your guides, to keep you motivated and on track.

The Rhythm & Flow Portal

Easy and simple to access and use, even when you only commit a couple of hours a month to it, you’ll be amazed at how much connection and rewilding can occur in just that time!

You'll get immediate access to a toolbox filled with foundational cycle charting & energy mastery tools – teaching videos, meditations, drum journeys, rituals & jam-packed wisdom-filled e-guidebooks that we trust will enable you to reconnect with your own super supreme powers, reclaim your potent potential & come home to yourself... we know this because these tools have helped us and countless others!

Regular Live (online) Events

As a powerfully symbiotic collective we will journey through the foundations needed for a life in flow and peel away new layers each time we cycle through each phase.

We do regular lives in the group for energy forecasts and checking in. We also have semi-regular circles that members get either for free or at a VIP price.


Katherine is a Social Worker, Birth Keeper, Shadow Worker, Sacred Space Holder, Threshold Walker, Circle & Cycle Teacher, Sacred Business Coach/Mentor, Wife, & Mother to two wildlings. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia Katherine is passionate about rewilding womanhood and honouring every phase. She believes that through connection, honouring our rites of passage and working in deep communion with the earth and our natural cycles we can heal the world. 

Katherine works specifically with birthworkers, sacred circle keepers, space holders & threshold walkers; the self proclaimed nurturers, healers, witches/sages, sensitive rebel souls, change-makers, action-takers and magical misfits to rewild themselves and create a thriving life & business the matriarchal way.


Erin is a Mother to three wildlings residing on the coast in Adelaide, SA. She feels truly blessed to be able to weave her soul calling of raising the vibration of Mother Earth by relearning, reclaiming and sharing the Wise Woman Wisdom, into all facets of her work. She is a doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist and facilitator of in-person and online gatherings, retreats and workshops. Erin’s passion lies in the potent magic of honouring our major rights of passage and holding sacred space for individual journeys to unfold.

The time is now...

Are you ready to journey with us and come home to yourself?

This journey is a remembering of what is already within you. It's that missing piece of the puzzle that you could never quite put your finger on.

Rhythm & Flow will journey you gently through (and cycle over again) the following topics...


Opening Circle and Laying The Foundations

To get started on the journey we deep dive into the four foundations that we consider to be the basis for reclaiming our feminine wisdom. It is imperative that we have a solid grasp of these 4 foundations to move forward on the journey. The four foundations are: 1) A visit through history (HERstory) to understand how we have arrived where we are at today. 2) An introduction to the Wheel of Life. 3) A drum journey to meet your power animal and

4) An introduction to our Womb Wisdom and cycle charting.


Nurturing the Maiden

This module is a homage to our inner child. A reconnection to our inner maiden and all she contributes to our current life. We look at the Maiden archetype and the energies of Spring, the Waxing Moon and the follicular phase of our menstrual cycle. There will be colouring, ceremony, self-care and a dive into how we can harness the energies and messages of waxing moon bleeding. 


Celebrating The Mother

It’s time to PAR-TAY Bishes! Think Full Moon, Summer, Ovulation vibes! It’s time to clean out the closet, put on your party dress and find the JOY. Your uterus is a Goddess Damn temple - we shall worship her as such! Our monthly circle will incorporate a full moon ritual and we will dissect the archetype of The Mother and all she represents. What does it mean if you are bleeding on the Full Moon?


Evoking the Wild Woman

A turn inward. Dancing, moving and shifting the energy toward the pleasure that is our birthright. A reconnection to nature and it’s messages. The energies of Autumn, the Waning Moon, the luteal phase of our menstrual cycle. What does the Maga/Wild Woman archetype mean to you? How can you access her fierce power in a healthy way? What vows have you made that are ready to be cleared?


Grandmother Blood

Burning the candle within we will drum to meet our inner Goddess. This is a deep dive into the magic of menstruation and the gifts our bleeding time has to offer. Our monthly circle will incorporate a dark moon ritual as we explore the energies of Winter, the New Moon and the Archetype of the Crone/Wise Woman. What heightened abilities do we have during this time and what is best avoided? Always with the self care because - necessity.



What if I am not bleeding? A look into conscious conception and conscious contraception. The cycle of birth, growth, full-bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth… Reflections, assessments, celebrations, rebirth ceremonies.

This cycle comes to a close as the next is set to rebirth ...

Here we go again to peel away yet another layer.

Imagine what becomes possible when you have access to a peaceful arsenal of knowledge, wisdom, tips, tools, rituals and tricks that bring more connection, balance, rhythm and flow into all aspects of your life?

Imagine the deeper connection you'll feel to yourself, your fellow humans and the environment ...

Imagine working in harmony with the magic of your womb ...

Imagine actually looking forward to your period!

"If we gonna heal, let it be glorious" 

– Beyonce


What others say about 

Rhythm & Flow

This journey is a remembering of what is already within you. It's that missing piece of the puzzle that you could never quite put your finger on.


Rhythm & Flow Member

"It’s a community, a safe space, a platform to voice your dreams and fears and to be your true self..."

"I felt a bit lost and alone as a new mother and wanted to connect with like minded women and to fee refreshed and alive. I felt like I’d found a collective of women who understood and really ‘got me’. I felt more myself and that I’d been heard....  It’s like a therapy session for your spirit."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"I initially felt indulgent for putting money and time aside for 'myself"...

I was afraid that I was too much of a beginner but Rhythm & Flow was a beautiful guided journey into things I had always wondered about but never knew where to start. 

I entered (the journey) to fully embrace my womb space. My womb was screaming to reconnect. It was painful to fully feel just what I had done to her by letting go of her power and handing over mind. She has been showing me what she needs to heal.

I loved having ongoing support and structured methodology around the cycles, the moon phases and parts of my life I had wanted to explore for a long time."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"I felt nurtured and empowered...

I was blown away by the information in the portal. I felt nurtured and empowered with the guides and drumming and journaling that I could work at my own pace."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"I feel seen and heard ... 

"I feel seen and heard which has had a ripple effect into my life that has catapulted an enormous change in me, so much so that others have noticed too."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"The journey has been empowering ...

and helped me explore past experiences with a new perspective. LOVE Katherine's and Erin's enthusiasm and encouragement."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"I am weaving all of this into my daily life ...

My experience with the content in MemberVault has been great. I love the Facebook group. I loved all the foundational information and I am weaving all of this into my daily life."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"To be joined together across time and space through the sacred magic of the womb is something very special indeed ...

"I'm ecstatic that something like this exists because we are shifting away from the separation and oppression of women's matters. It's so important to be in tune with this kind of information so that we embody more flow in our lives, which in turn brings light to those that are lost. This circle, alongside the other women's circles that are alive across the world has the potential to generate incredible power — for every woman as well as for us all. "


Rhythm & Flow Member

"The connection booster I needed ...

Stepping into the Rhythm & Flow circle has been just the connection booster I needed. Connecting to myself, nature and the incredible humans that gather in this group to share their stories. The learnings Katherine and Erin have provided touch on everything you could imagine. The perfect glimpse into reconnecting and rewilding, as promised."


Rhythm & Flow Member

"Feeling very blessed to be in this space ...

I've had lots of fun being part of Rhythm & Flow. Amazing value and so much wisdom shared. I feel truly inspired to make a commitment to loving myself fully thanks to all the realisations I have had while going through the content. Feeling very blessed to be in this space."

Is there something else you need to know?

How do I access the content for Rhythm and Flow?

Once you have purchased you will be emailed your login information so you can access the course online. Please note you will need access to an internet connection to be able to gain access to the course and watch the course content.

How long do I have access to the Rhythm & Flow Membership?

You have access to all content and the closed circle Facebook group for as long as the Rhythm and Flow Membership exists (the lifetime of the product/offering).

Can I share the content of the Membership with others?

You cannot share the content (or any login details) of the Rhythm & Flow Membership Circle (either via the membership portal or close group) with anyone else as this goes against the terms and conditions of your purchase. This information is for your educational purposes only. If you know of another person who would benefit from this membership, please kindly share this page with them or encourage them to read through our blogs/Instagram pages or to contact us direct.


How much time do I need to get the most from this Membership?

Lasting change requires repetitive action. It is up to you how deep or shallow you wish to dive, but we feel that 2-3 hours per week (divided up as you see fit) would be ideal. But we understand that life in our current world is ‘busy’.

As with most things in life, the further you commit and participate the more integrated the knowledge will become. The beauty of this membership is that you can access your content at any time and as we rebirth through each 6 modules you can can come back to re explore the magic on a deeper level each time. There are always more layers to unpack.


Do I need to be menstruating to join this Membership?

No, absolutely not! There are a multitude of reasons that you may not have a menstrual cycle. You may be pregnant or breastfeeding, you may be on hormonal birth control that inhibits your natural cycle, or you may no longer have a physical womb. Even if you aren’t currently bleeding you still experience the energy of your ‘womb space’, and experience and are led by your internal and external seasons and cycles. This course is for you if consider yourself open to deepening your knowledge and spirituality. It is for you if you are looking to connect more deeply to your body, your fellow humans and Mamma Earth and to anchor yourself in a foundation of self nourishment.

This membership is for all who identify as a woman or who are non-binary/gender fluid, we do not exclude. However we do discuss in depth the hormones and physiology of an ovarian/uterine cycle so if this is not something you experience or resonate with, this may not feel like the membership circle for you.

How is the Rhythm & Flow Membership different from other online Memberships?

This membership has been designed for you, the time-poor but motivated woman, who wants access to the best evidence-based information, tips and tricks to help you reconnect with your own innate wisdom, reclaim your inner power (away from oppressive systems that benefit from your compliance) and rewild yourself to live the live you have been called and yearn to live. 

We have ensured that this membership is self paced but simple to fit into your busy life, very affordable yet also really supportive and nurturing. You will not be left to your own devices. We believe that community and connection is everything. It is the medicine we need most right now so this membership is built on that as our foundation.


Who is the Rhythm & Flow Membership for?

Whether you are experienced in understanding and working with your cycles or completely new to these concepts, this membership circle has been designed to walk alongside you wherever you are at on your journey and help you peel away new layers and dive deeper into inner healing and connecting with yourself.

Whatever you learn and experience will be felt for the remainder of your lifetime as well as being passed down to the next generations — this is powerful work!


Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Absolutely not! The only prerequisite is that you are a glorious human being who feels the call to deepen their knowledge and connection, and to spread the sweet love, compassion, care and connection.

What is the investment for the Rhythm & Flow Membership?

The Rhythm & Flow Membership Circle is a one-off payment of $222 (worth 10x this easily) or you can pay 3 monthly payments of $77. Both will provide access to all membership content, the sacred closed group as well as all monthly circles/masterclasses and support.


What is the refund policy?

We truly believe in the magic of this Membership and its ability to initiate positive life changing results. We are eternal students and practice what we preach. We continue to walk the path of unlearning lifetimes of oppression and integrating this earth-magic wise-woman-wisdom on a daily basis. This is our soul work and we feel that not sharing it would be a huge disservice. As we personally know the transformative potential of this knowledge we are sharing – we offer a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND (MINUS FEES) if you are not aligning within 7 days of starting the course. You will know within that time if this is for you. If it is not, simply let us know and we will issue a full refund. We are committed to creating a safe, dedicated circle of women to journey alongside, and alignment and commitment are essential to maintaining a safe, sacred space for our sisters in the group.