Magical Wild Woman,

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and disconnected?

Disconnected from yourself? Your children? Your partner? Mother Earth?

~Are you constantly seeking quick fix self-care trends to refill your cup that don’t seem to have any lasting effect?

~Not quite sure how to use the cycle mandalas in your planner? or want to dive deeper?

~ Do you want to know more about the magic of your cycles and how you can utilise them to increase success in all areas of your life (instead of hating them)?

~Do you feel like you are constantly chasing your tail?

~Are you looking for practical ways to embody ancient practices?

~Do you want to experience the magic of true feminine wisdom?

~Have you always felt like ‘something’ is missing in your life but you haven’t been able to unearth exactly what that is?

What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life…
information that is your birth rite?


What if we told you there was a glorious coven of magical sisters waiting to link arms with you to go on the journey of a lifetime?


A circle of heart radiating, light sourcing, womb anchored sisters just like you – ready to alchemise their unique, inner magic to effect positive change through healing themselves and Mamma Earth.


What if you could relearn and integrate the wise woman wisdom of the Goddess cultures and awaken the knowledge that is your birth rite and the foundation to living a life in true flow?

Rhythm and Flow



Come Journey with us


Rhythm and Flow is a 40 day online circle to dance amongst sisters with Grandmother moon, remembering and reclaiming our wise woman wisdom.

Rhythm and Flow reconnects women with the wisdom of Mamma Earth and their womb; the true essence of their being. It teaches women how to harness the potent energies of the cyclic nature of all things to create a life of ease and connection. Connection to self, others and Mother Earth.

As a powerfully symbiotic collective we will journey for 40 days, the number of spiritual transformation, through the foundations needed for a life in flow. Then we will integrate an awareness and understanding of how to harness and utilize our own natural cyclical energy to truly transform all aspects of our life on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. When we are able to reconnect with our inner and outer cycles, understand their interconnection and respect their rhythms, we are able to dance through the ebbs and flows of our life with fluidity and reclaim our power.
This journey is a remembering of what is already within you. It is that missing piece of the puzzle that you could never quite put your finger on. This is an honouring of our ancestors knowledge. A rekindling of the wise woman wisdom.


Are you ready to come home to yourself?


We can’t wait until our energies collide in the most magnificent of ways as we flow together through the magic of the divine feminine!


This is it!



Are you ready to dive deep and unlock your magic? Your peaceful yet playful, potent, passionate magic!?


Join Us here


We move through cycles in every aspect of our life. The cycles of the Sun, the Moon, Mamma Earth’s seasons, our menstrual cycle and the life cycles of ourselves, all vegetation and our animal friends. We are all interconnected.


The study of cycles is called PHENOLOGY. It focuses on how plant and animal life-cycle events are influenced by seasonal and interannual variations in climate and habitat. The study of cycles is a very important science that is vital to survival ON Earth and the survival OF Mamma Earth herself.


Unfortunately, the awareness and understanding of our cyclic nature as humans has been forgotten over time. It is time to relearn, remember and reconnect to this way of living.


Get ready to rewild and flow!



You will dance out of this journey with a deep understanding of;

A brief history of how we got to where we are

The physiology of our menstrual cycle

The spiritual messages of our menstrual cycle

The Moon cycles

The Seasons

The archetypes associated with our cycles

The interconnectedness of all things

How to weave the magic of the cycles into your day to day life to live more in flow

How to harness the potent energy within your womb

How to access the shamanic wisdom of your ancestors

The importance of ritual and ceremony

The importance of self care, self nurturing and self nourishment



You’ll walk away with a peaceful arsenal of knowledge, wisdom, tips, tools, rituals and tricks to bring more connection, balance, rhythm and flow into all aspects of your life. You will feel a deeper connection to yourself, your fellow humans and your environment. You’ll discover how to work with the magic of your womb and maybe even look forward to getting your period.



Throughout the journey you will receive lifetime access to;

 The exclusive facebook group for the sisters dancing together

(this is where the real magic happens – sisterhood is everything)

 6 modules jam packed full of information on the various cycles and how they interconnect

 6 weekly videos

 6 powerful rituals and ceremonies to help integrate and activate the remembering at a cellular level

 Journal prompts

 Inspirational affirmations

 Mandala Moon Dial cycle trackers and Pattern Tracking reflection pages

 2 Guided drum journeys

 3 recorded meditations

 Rewilding Womb Wisdom E-book

 Full Moon Ritual Guide

 Dark Moon Ritual Guide

 Yoni steam handbook

 Moon Time E-book

 Colour and Flow colouring book


Join Us here


We have walked this journey ourselves and continue to do so on a daily basis. We have experienced first hand the hugely positive impact integrating this wise woman wisdom has had on all aspects of our life. Some of the biggest changes we have noticed are;


 A deeper understanding of and love for ourselves

 Better communication with those closest to us

 More patience and compassion

 Lighter and less painful periods

 We look forward to our monthly MoonTime!

 More ease and flow in our personal life

 More ease and flow in our businesses

 Healing of our ancestral wounds

 A comforting sense of ‘coming home’ to ourselves

 An understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and a feeling of true belonging

 A realising that we are all the same

 A sense of purpose

 A guiltless passion for the pleasure that is our birth rite

 Alignment and flow

 Heightened intuition and healing powers

 An embracing of our vulnerability and authenticity

 Heightened creativity and productivity

 We have experienced first hand the potent power of the collective energies of sisters gathering, holding space for one another and being witnessed


We know it is our souls path to share these learnings with you.

As Beyonce says;


“If we gonna heal, let it be glorious!”


What is the investment?

What is the investment?

This course is valued at wee over $500, however, for this first journey round starting on the darkmoon of March 17th we are offering spaces for only…


We know… this crazy low price will ONLY be available for this round. Once this round is complete it WILL be going up.

We trust you’ll know if you feel called to join.

Erin and Katherine  

Why 40 Days?

Why 40 days?

40 holds great spiritual significance in the realm of transformation. According to numerology, under the vibration of the number 40 we are ready to build our higher consciousness; one that is developed on all levels of being. The number 40 holds great significance amongst all major religions and according to the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical text, it takes 40 days to ingrain any new way of being into our system. In 40 days you can shift into a whole new way of living and of being. 40 symbolises the death of oneself and spiritual rebirth.

Any other burning questions? I would love to answer them for you! Send through an e-mail or message via Facebook or Instagram Xx


How much time will I need for this course?

Lasting change requires repetitive action. It is up to you how deep or shallow you wish to dive, but we feel that 2-3 hours per week (divided up as you see fit) would be ideal. 5 hours even better! But we understand that life in our current world is ‘busy’. As with most things in life, the further you commit and participate the more integrated the knowledge will become. The beauty of this course is that you will have lifetime access so can come back as you see fit to reopen and re explore the magic.


Do I need to be menstruating to take this course?

No, absolutely not! There are a multitude of reasons that you may not have a menstrual cycle. You may be pregnant or breastfeeding, you may be on hormonal birth control that inhibits your natural cycle, or you may no longer have a physical womb. Even if you aren’t currently bleeding you still experience the energy of your ‘womb space’, and experience and are led by your internal and external seasons and cycles. This course is for you if consider yourself open to deepening your knowledge and spirituality. It is for you if you are looking to connect more deeply to your body, your fellow humans and Mamma Earth and to anchor yourself in a foundation of self nourishment.


Do I need any prior knowledge?

Absolutely not! The only prerequisite is that you are a glorious human being who feels the call to deepen their knowledge and connection, and to spread the sweet love, compassion, care and connection.


What is the Refund Policy?

We truly believe in the magic of this course and its ability to initiate positive life changing results. We are eternal students and practice what we preach. We continue to walk the path of unlearning lifetimes of oppression and integrating this earth-magic wise-woman-wisdom on a daily basis. This is our soul work and we feel that not sharing it would be a huge disservice. As we personally know the transformative potential of this knowledge we are sharing – we offer a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND (MINUS FEES) if you are not aligning within 7 days of starting the course. You will know within that time if this is for you. If it is not, simply let us know and we will issue a full refund. We are committed to creating a safe, dedicated circle of women to journey alongside, and alignment and commitment are essential to maintaining a safe, sacred space for our sisters in the group.