Sacred Business Activation is a LIVE online soulful & spirit-led business initiation for spaceholders to embody their magic & rewild the way they share their gifts.

You’re here because you have heard the call to serve and hold sacred liminal spaces.

Sacred Business is an embodied approach to business. As an Embodied Spaceholder, You are your business. YOU and your journey, your experiences, the ways you feel and build your own capacity are the foundations and make up the map for your business.

As within, so without.

 The Sacred Business Activation helps you navigate this truth through a holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit- you will not learn business in this way anywhere else.

This program is specifically designed for sacred spaceholders who hold vulnerable and intimate sacred space for others. Created BY a spaceholder FOR spaceholders, I know what it is like to actually be where you are- not just spouting off one-size-fits all hyper-masculine business strategies that do not serve you or your sacred work. I will show you how to harness your intuition and the unique energy and frequency of your business/service to allow her to show you the way forward.

The core principles are integrity, embodiment, soul truth, sustainability, sacred-keeping, elemental alchemy, magic and connection. Yes, all the juicy witchy business- so let’s heal those witch wounds while we are at it too!

Sacred Business is about walking alongside you as you discover and embrace your unique essence, embody the magic of your soul work and unearth your inner confidence to show up as your most authentic self while facilitating long lasting genuine connections and relationships with your audience.

Harnessing feminine energetics to facilitate heart-driven and spirit-led sacred strategies and structures will assist you to become magnetic to your audience and to create and grow a thriving and fulfilling sacred business.

 The sacred business framework is grounded in sustainability and focuses on finding your unique roadmap for “success on your own terms”.

This training is a rite of passage and a a soul embodiment journey that will assist you to step into your fullest potential as a spaceholder, conscious leader and sacred business owner. It is here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery to help you unleash your inner alchemist and discover the truth of your legacy for this lifetime.

This program is designed to help you build a business that aligns with your values, your vision, and your soul's purpose whether you are brand new, straight out of training, or experienced and looking for a more aligned and holistic approach; from the initial launch of your business to long-term growth and sustainability.

Join us for the Sacred Business Activation Training program, and discover the power of spirit-led, heart-driven business.

Together, we will create a world where sacred businesses thrive, and spaceholders are internally empowered to step into their fullest potential.

Let's put a STOP to:
-spaceholders crashing and burning
-spaceholders feeling surprised by the intensity of the work without sustainable methods to build capacity within all of the unknown of this work
-spaceholders glorifying being over-busy,
-spaceholders feeling the need to constantly show up and ‘sell’
-spaceholders being afraid of making money or being abundant
- and to the hearts of spaceholders being filled with resentment when they realise they cannot juggle it all.Let’s normalise doing less but better (and stop glorifying busy and hyper independence).

Let’s normalise care work as something that CAN be sustainable, joyful and well paid.
Let’s normalise getting paid for work that doesn’t feel like work.
Let’s normalise that business is not always easy, but it can be FUN if you are willing to go deeper into what it is your heart TRULY beats for, and create around that (maybe the reason it isn’t working the way you hoped is because what you are doing isn’t ‘it’, but have been too busy and overwhelmed to step back and see what is!)
Let’s normalise that you can make money to sustain your family AND create community without being part of an MLM (if that's what you want, that’s cool too I support you, but it shouldn't feel like that is the only way!)
Let’s normalise community support for creatives.
Let’s normalise accountability and integrity to maintain the sacredness of this work
Let’s normalise feminine-led business instead of masculine extraction and scarcity.
Let’s completely re-frame and reclaim the meaning of SUCCESS to be less about how much we have in the bank, and more about the joy and fulfillment in our lives, and the ripples of change we are making not just for this generation but for those we will never see.

Let’s be part of the change in a culture that does not value traditional ‘women’s work’. This is an opportunity for us to be part of the change we wish to see.

And for the love of the Goddess, can we please normalise ONGOING community, professional mentoring/supervision, accountability and support in spaceholding!!

It is a natural progression to need and want support in the realm of business after completing training. We cannot ethically or appropriately hold others if no one is holding us.To old others you must prioritise also being held- ongoing.

I have so much FAITH in you… in all of us. The world needs us following the path that our soul is here for.

We ARE the gentle revolution!

Business is an ever evolving rollercoaster that continues changing as we do. It is 100% a journey not a destination!! 

Sacred businesses owners often do not resonate with the usual linear strategies and one-size fits all formulas for supposed ‘business success’. Many start to feel frustrated and deflated, and internalise their struggles as something they did wrong. 

You did not do anything wrong!

You just need a more sacred and individualised formula that will never be a one-size-fits-all.

A few years ago my Thrive For Doulas program was a raving success (by my own measure of success of course), as were the first in-person Sacred Business Workshop and Embodied Spaceholder Mastermind in 2022. All of those students have gone out to achieve some incredible things. Not because of me but because they found their OWN inner alignment and their OWN soul-led truth that guided them to their own unique formula for ‘success’ on their terms.For me, success looks like filling up all spaces in my containers and witnessing my students and clients bloom into their unique and authentic service with more peace and ease. It looks like 10 students going out to hold space for at least 10 people each and witnessing the ripple effect of the 100’s of people touched by sacred work (in unique and different ways), deeply held in their sacred transformations, forming deeper connections with themselves, each other, the earth and spirit.

This is the legacy of ‘success’ that I wish to serve.

Hear it in their own words:

“DO IT! it is so valuable. Katherine really takes you on a journey and you come out the other side more awakened, more empowered, more knowledgeable and with an abundance of resources. You will changed your money mindset, your self worth, connect with your inner child etc

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I cannot explain how much you have helped me. I don’t know what I would have done without your support through these early birth experiences. To be honest I might have even been put off from doing this job all together. I probably would have been put off getting more clients and attending any more births. Your support has been really helpful to navigate through it all and help me to stay calm. Not getting stressed or overwhelmed. I now feel like I have so many valuable resources and knowledge to help me with my business. I feel like I have an amazing community and support network. I felt as if I have been totally held as I worked my way through all the struggles and realisations that come with starting a business, doing doula work and working on myself…. I believe I am infinitely worth and deserving of everything I want and desire. I feel much more ready to start my business - much more prepared. I feel as though I am ready to take on clients, build my business, offer my services and support women. I feel as though I honor my energy and things flow much more now” Hannah Goding

“The Sacred Business Workshop run by Katherine, was the best investment I have made for my business thus far. I have done other business courses, however, none of them touched my heart and soul like Katherine’s did. Katherine is so genuine and comes from a space of love, and at the same time, she is professional and has a wealth of knowledge around running a successful business. I have learnt so much from doing this course, and feel incredibly inspired and excited for this next chapter in my business.” Vanessa Freer

“Katherine went above and beyond and I could feel her commitment and energy she was putting in to really help us… She under-sold what we were going to receive. I felt like I got so much out of this program. I honestly wish every single baby doula HAD to do this course. I wish it was a prerequisite to starting this work, just to make sure every new doula understands the importance of self care, burn out and business.” Dani Loizou

And this is exactly what I wish for you my loves.To get the truth of what is here for you! To fill up your containers and services with magnetic dream clients, spread your magic far and wide and open to receive and hold the abundance that comes via these aligned exchanges. What more could you hope for?

This is not a one-size fits all business methodology!

This is a feminine led and regenerative activation that molds and bends to fit your unique and individual needs- because you and your business are unique and we need it to stay that way so that the world is full of colour and difference.

Secure your place HERE

Together we will unpack what it means to be a space holder and navigate the steps that help create a profitable, sustainable, balanced and aligned sacred business without the hustle.

This is a workshop to set you free!!...

…To feel completely and unabashedly joyful and free! To not only do the work you love and are called to do on this earth, but to also get paid for it and be able to live the life you desire and deserve.What will it cost you to stay where you are?

.....What is it worth to you to start living your dream life?

What do you stand to lose if you are not doing this work in 12 months time?

What are you willing to invest to ensure that your soul work is built on solid foundations so that you can remove yourself from a system that keeps you dependent and to secure your financial freedom?

I want to show you how I built a business from scratch, with not ONE CENT of debt, always turning over a profit and ALWAYS selling out (with a waitlist)- and then I want to show you how you can find your own way to whatever ‘success’ means to you.

Is there something else you need to know?
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