You’re here because you've heard the call to be of service as a spaceholder...

Discover the range of offerings below that will teach, guide and help you in stepping into ethical, conscious and joyful sacred business

Sacred Business Activation (in person and online)

Are you being called to step into your soul work, be of service to others and actually make money to support your family in the process?


Yes? Then you’re in the right place!


The Sacred Business Activation will give you the exact steps to go from a passion or hobby, and newly learned skills in sacred work, to growing and thriving without burning out, and without sacrificing the sacredness of what you offer.

The world really does suffer when you do not follow your calling and put your offerings into the world!

You can have more money, more freedom and more joy WITHOUT hustle and extraction.
You are worthy  and you are enough.
It is possible.

Choose from:
-A One-Day In-Person workshop

-A 2 day online LIVE activation
-A go-at-your-own-pace online journey full of modules, resources and templates.
Why not all three?!

Embodied Spaceholder Mastermind + Mentorship

Are you ready to kick self doubt and unworthiness out the window?
To serve your community (and yourself, and your family) from a place of grounded and embodied action?

You love what you do.
You are ready to facilitate spaciousness, freedom and financial stability doing what you love
Because you can't stop and wont stop doing what you love.

Embodied Spaceholder is the ULTIMATE mentorship journey that supports a solid foundation for you to grow and build your sacred business.

You already have everything you need inside of you. You have done ENOUGH training. You don't need more training. You're here to be supported and witnessed in as you unfurl and expand into your heart desires, and into your truest purpose and alignment.

You can have more money, more freedom and more joy WITHOUT hustle and extraction.
You are worthy  and you are enough.
It is possible.

1:1 Energetic Alchemy Sessions

Need some individualised support in your business?
Come and pick my brain!!

The majority of my mentoring & coaching clients are looking for support in the realm of navigating business as a space holder.

Is it really possible to maintain the sacredness of our work while also trying to market our services and charge money without it feeling gross, and without the hustle?! Let me show you the way.

This is especially powerful for those in business, particularly spaceholders because you cannot hold space if not on is holding space for you. Witch wounds, sisterhood wounds and money wounds are often the biggest saboteur of spiritual based businesses (especially women in business). Our businesses are a mirror for our internal world- "as within, so without," thus, everything you desire will come from the inside out.

 If you've never experienced the power of a money balance, now is the time!

Sacred Business & Energy Mastery Bundle FREE

Are you looking for some tools to kickstart your sacred business?
This resource pack is a GOLDMINE of information, wisdom and tools to support you to thrive in your business, without the burnout and without sacrificing the sacredness of your work.

Work WITH your energy, not against it, learn about all of the tools and programs I use and love to support me in in my business, and learn about the framework I teach that supports other spaceholders like you to not only love what they do, but create freedom and spaciousness in their lives while they do it.

And it is FREE!