July 15

Shadow Work Is Anti-Racist


As within, so without.

We are being called more than ever to heal ancestral wounds and birth a new world that is not founded on generations of suffering and pain.

In order to do this though we actually need to come face to face with the realities and truth of our history and of all that BIPOC and marginalised communities have experienced. We need to listen and centre them. We need to check our privilege. And we need to become really familiar with discomfort.

Facing our shadows no matter how uncomfortable or heartbreaking is the only way forward. Acknowledging the harsh truths that Black women and people are still dying in unprecedented numbers in pregnancy and birth, that the Indigenous population in Australia make up the majority of our prison numbers and trans black women are dying at hugely disproportionate rates, just to name a few. we need to do better. We need to be uncomfortable and face these facts so that our discomfort might actually lead to some action and change! We cannot keep turning a blind eye!

Shadow work is the acknowledgement and honouring of truth even when it is hard because that is the only way to aid in healing and rebirth.

Listen to the stories. Honour the voices. Remember those who were taken too soon. Read up on the history and HERstory that involved oppression and slavery to create this current system we live. Ask questions. Take action.

Our shadows, the ones we hide away because they make us feel shame and guilt and confusion to allow them to be fully felt and healed, they hold the key.

Image by @tarnellisart


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