Fear Release For Birth & Parenthood


​Is fear of birth taking over your pregnancy?
Are you getting closer to your due month and feeling the pang of anxiety, limiting beliefs, or fear creeping up on you?
Birth is promoted as being pretty darn scary!
Perhaps you’ve already given birth and you have felt traumatised by your previous experience so fear about a next birth is starting to take over.
Or perhaps it’s not even birth itself that you are frightened about, maybe it’s just the transition into the unknown realm of motherhood/fatherhood?

The purpose of this book is to assist you to not only find and acknowledge your fears/limiting beliefs, anxieties, concerns or any possible blocks (intense feelings, people, past experiences) that could inhibit your birthing process, but to also discover your own meaningful way to release them.

So, are you ready to go ahead and feel REALLY confident and positive about your birth?
Are you ready to release yourself of any fears, worries, concerns or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you (that could in fact inhibit you from having a beautiful birth) and fill yourself with positivity and gratitude instead?

If you said “HECK YES!” you can purchase my book to unlock the formula for releasing your fears.


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