Rewilding Womb Wisdom Guide + 12 months of Cycle Charts

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Have you ever planned your life with your womb in mind?
Why the heck not??


Wild Magical Woman,
🔻Are you looking for more practical tools to align with your body/mind and spirit, and find more balance in your life?
🔻Have you ever planned your life/biz with your womb/yoni as your guide?
🔻Did you know that as cyclic beings, each and every week of our life presents with different abilities for us to harness our potential and success?
🔻Would you like to experience more alignment and flow in your life. To reduce the pressure, stress and resistance and flow in sync with your own natural rhythm?
🔻What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life?…information that is your birth rite!

Are you still unsure where to start with all this womb/yoni talk? Are you asking what the heck I am talking about when I say you should consult with your womb? (I’m not crazy I promise!).

It is completely life changing and you’ll wish, like me, that you knew about it sooner…
…and once you understand the foundation, it’s EASY AS to implement and keep up! Living in flow is not a fad, and it doesn’t rely anything external- it is all you baby!
This a unique and individual journey that weaves the science with the sacred. It is not just hippie dippie stuff!
What I am offering:
🌙Rewilding Womb Wisdom has been a year in the making. With over 50 juicy pages of all of the warm womb goodness that will help you to take the reigns back on your life, and harness all that your womb power has available!!
🌙Learn about the 4 phases of menstruation, the archetypes, seasons and moon connections and how they might manifest in your life. Use this information to plan our your life, your commitments and your self care to honour each phase so that you are flowing fully in sync with what your body is doing. Stop fighting against your body and what she needs- start working with her and she will reward you 10 fold.
💥Also included are 12 months of cycle charting in 4 different and unique mandala moon dials! (plus all the instructions to go with it).
👉An exchange of $33 for this comprehensive and transformational guide, or for a limited time book a 60 minute 1:1 Rewilding Womb Wisdom session with me for $111 and receive this book FREE.
What are you waiting for?
Pleasure, desire, success, abundance, self love and FLOW are awaiting you!!


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