Have you been looking for sacred ways to Re-Wild your life, your community, your business & your relationship with spirit?

Welcome to the Art Of Rewilding Podcast...

/ri' wild/
~ to reverse the process of domestication
~ to return to a more wild or self-willed state

This is our gentle revolution of the healed feminine.
Can you feel it?

The Art Of Rewilding Podcast with Katherine Eden is a podcast that aims to wake our innate wild for the sake of the earth and humanity though story medicine and taboo tales of birth, death, rebirth, re-connection & reclamation. There is no 'right' way to rewild and reclaim, this podcast serves to honour all of the unique ways and to bring us all back together so we can walk each other home.

With a core focus on honouring our inner and outer cycles and reclaiming our innate wildness, this podcast aims to guide those wishing to deepen their connection with this human experience to embody their work, master their magic & grow their impactful sacred business in communion with the Earth.

Let's Rewild together. For the sake of ourselves, of our children & for the earth.

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"We are the women the Earth needs now"

– Jane Hardwick Collings


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