July 15

The likely answer to your cycle questions


The first answer I will give to all of these questions will always be “do you CHART?”⁣
I get asked a lot of questions about menstruation and cycles which often include:⁣
-How can I help regulate my cycle⁣
-What can I do to increase fertility⁣
-What can I do to control my fertility/prevent pregnancy⁣
-I struggle with mood swings and intense moods⁣
-I have unusual pains at certain times in my cycle⁣
-I feel disconnected from my body⁣
-I want to connect more deeply with the earth and the moon⁣
-What can I do to support self care while running my own business?⁣
-I feel really depleted and burnt out⁣
Do you chart?⁣
If you think there is something seriously up, trust that and seek out some medical support but more often than not the answers are already within you. Your cycle is desperately seeking to connect with you and is sending you messages about what your body and soul needs to be able to heal or move into your soul path. ⁣
The best, most potent way to reconnect with your own whole, powerfully autonomous self is to chart your cycle and see what patterns emerge. Connect with your intuition as you interpret your charting. I never cease to be amazed at the power women report to me that they feel they have regained from this seemingly ‘simple’ practice. ⁣
Charting is not self care, self care is on TOP of charting. Charting offers you the map of what self care you are requiring at this time. ⁣
Charting will reveal exactly the answers you are needing to help you feel more empowered, more aligned and healthier in your mind body and spirit. Once you chart you will know what needs to come next and you won’t feel so dependent on someone outside of you telling you what you need to do.⁣


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