July 15

The Pill; what you aren’t told


“By altering our natural hormone levels, the pill induces in us a different biochemical and psychological stage of life we’re in and may affect our unfoldment thereafter…While it may be difficult to prove the effect that taking the pill has on our psychological development we can see that through its profound hormonal impact the pill may also be interfering with the fundamental chemistry of who we are and what we can become”. Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope

“In 1969 Barbara Seaman wrote a letter in which she labeled the contraceptive pill as, “a vast uncontrolled experiment, unparalleled in the history of medicine”. In 2020, we are still in that experiment, and there seems to be little movement in breaking out of it, is this because we are all under the spell of the pill, numbed and breathing under water?”
The pill is an endocrine disruptor. The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate our metabolism, sexual function, growth and development of tissue function, reproduction, mood and sleep. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland serve as the brains control centre for hormones and are ultimately over ridden by the pill in an attempt to prevent pregnancy. By disrupting such a core part of our psychological make-up, how can we honestly claim that the pill doesn’t change who we truly are? Hormonal contraceptives suppress hormones, meaning emotional experiences are then flattened and natural emotional reactions are absent. Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the pill: Or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control claims that “the pill wipes out all the ups and downs, gray areas and subtleties that the female body’s hormone cycle produces monthly”. However, isn’t it these “ups and downs”, these “gray areas”, and subtleties of personality that make us, us? Without these characteristics aren’t we desensitised versions of ourselves? The magician’s girl who does not flinch?
Maeve McKeivor – the medium.
Why is this not more widely discussed? Why are girls as young as 9 being put on “the pill” without ever consulting about the possible consequences?

Why are doctors and medical professionals telling people that there are no long term effects of these pharmaceutical drugs?⁣
The biggest issue is that more and more girls are being put on these medications without any reverence to the still unknown negative impacts that perhaps they won’t even realise until much later. Worse than this, these women and girls haven’t yet been able to distinguish what is ‘normal’ for them before introducing something that changes so much about them, thus unable to ever see the full extent of the impact these drugs have had on their true wild nature. We aren’t giving them a chance to even know themselves and they don’t ever get a chance to know what they may have lost. ⁣
Did you know that the pill, among other things, changes the way that we choose a mate? This means that when we choose a mate while on the pill we are likely to feel very differently if/when we come off the pill. When on the pill we are more attracted to people who resemble our family/familial line so to give us protection and safety (because the body thinks it is pregnant), but when we are not on the pill we have ebbs and flows of hormones that help us choose a mate that would suit our own desires and what would be best suited to procreation. I often wondered what it would look like if we looked at the correlation between the pill and divorce rates.⁣
Western Medicine is a wonderful thing and the Pill brought about a massive revolution for women HOWEVER, we should ALL be given the opportunity to make a fully informed choice and this information is NOT being shared with everyone being prescribed them. My own doctor refuses to prescribe any form of hormonal contraception because of the world wide damage they have caused. It is her own way of saying “ENOUGH” to this industry taking things too far and using our bodies against us. Be informed, always! If you don’t like the information given, get a second, third, tenth opinion. You deserve it.⁣


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