June 27

Doulas have been struggling for too long! This is why Thrive was born!


From the full moon in March to the full moon in June, for an entire 12 weeks I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of holding space and offering my unique wisdom to a group of the most incredible Doulas. ⁣

This group of emerging doulas in their first 12 months of business trusted me to guide them through my formula to a thriving life and business. And let me tell you it was one heck of a magical ride! My heart is full and I feel immensely grateful.⁣

We concluded our official journey in June, but students continue to have access to all content and the intimate group for support. And I get the absolute privilege of watching them unfurl in their new found confidence as they spread their wings and use their voice to make positive change in this industry. ⁣

Many of my students admitted to feeling blocked around business, social media and what to do next. They felt isolated and stuck in how to make things flow and actually get potential clients to not only find them but hire them! They admitted to feeling like frauds and lacked confidence. Doula training is fantastic, but many do not offer the necessary business skills let alone ongoing and consistent support and community to fend off isolation, burn out and strategies on how to navigate complex situations. ⁣

This is why Thrive was born!⁣

If you are a doula in your first 12 months and ready to clear the fog and thrive in life and business, Thrive for doulas is open for our Aug round! Places are limited to keep it intimate.⁣

“I was not getting what I needed from my doula training…After doing Thrive I just feel really content. I feel more prepared. I just have this sense of knowing and being more confident…”⁣

“I had hoped to gain some clarity and for my knowledge-of-self to expand.. I ended up with a tonne more than expected. I am very grateful for the opportunity

Learn more about THRIVE For Doulas HERE


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