September 24

We can have it all… can’t we? How to find flow AND have it all.


“These are burning times. And they call for Burning Women. Women embodied in their passion. Woman feeling in their bodies. Creative women. Courageous women. Women who have learned to run on a different power source to the world which is falling into flames around her. She has already disentangled herself from the wreckage of the patriarchal culture, so she will not be dazed, confused and disorientated by the systemic changes happening around her. Centred within herself, receptive to the Earth beyond her, she knows how to cultivate from the ashes, she knows how to find the embers to fuel the new fire.


Burning Women arise.

Our time is now.

Our time has come.”

Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman











Before I had children I would have never dreamed of juggling, nor prioritising work/career. My kids and family would be everything and that was that. I couldn’t understand the need to do anything else. Let’s face it, our modern world is so fast paced where we idolise ‘busy-ness’. Everything is so expensive and we are already so sleep deprived and stressed. How could anyone possibly manage to successfully raise healthy, well-rounded children, maintain a relationship, a healthy mind/body/spirit AND support any creative or career ventures??… I didn’t really believe that there was any conceivable way for women in this world to truly ‘have it all.’


Then I had children…. As I crossed the threshold from Maiden to Mother, I was gifted with (or perhaps more accurately, chaotically thrown into)  my soul work; my calling. I realised that these were both vital halves that worked in communion to fill me up, and make me whole.

(You can read more about this journey HERE)


Unfortunately, as a society, stress, chronic illness, chronic sleep deprivation, mental illness and of course the all-too-common “busy-ness” is the norm of life. We are so disconnected from our own bodies, from each other and from our Mama Earth that many of us are like walking zombies, just surviving; far from thriving. The belief that we need to worker harder and the fear of ‘lack’ permeates most people as they strive for more. So much so that we have lost touch with ourselves, and our desires.


Our culture definitely glorifies ‘busy’ and too often you see women trying to juggle and sacrifice their energy and their needs to keep things going. This is where burn out rears it’s furry head. What I want to shine a light on is that juggling lots of things (and especially too many unpredictable things like children, business and birthwork) doesn’t HAVE to automatically mean you are stressed, over tired, over worked, spent and on the verge of a break down. You shouldn’t need to take a holiday from your life because you are so empty. This is not a pleasurable way to live and it certainly doesn’t foster your creative juices to flow.


So many people have told me that I’m ‘brave’ or that they don’t know how I do it with all the things I have on the go. They wonder where I get the energy and how I manage to give to both facets of my life. For the most part they don’t really believe that I (or any woman) could give equally to our soul work and to our children. I thought that too. Until I had children and realised that this work makes me a better mother just as my children make me a better human and better at offering my gifts to the world.


Not only that but the so called “mummy wars” and the mainstream media and institutions who want us to comply keep us feeling small.  We are told from very young that no matter what we do, no matter what we choose, we are flawed and we are wrong. The community judgement-train weighs heavy on many of us, especially when we become mothers. Keeping small humans alive and happy is hard work! It’s all about intuition, but we are constantly being told that we cannot possibly make decisions without purchasing some new fancy-pants product with all the shiny parts, with batteries not included. Have you felt it?


Hmmm, but what if can “have it all”? A life in full flow. Of fulfilling mother roles AND our creatress roles, but without the burn out. Without the guilt. Without the dependency, disconnection and internalised shame?



Well, I believe we can, but (and it’s a big but) first we need to unearth our roots. To come back to our deep knowing, just as women have done throughout the ages. To remember and reclaim all that is already inside of us. To be transformed and rebuild ourselves upon the foundation of our unique flow. It is all about working with your own incredible potential, not in a mold made for the someone else.


Finding your flow and living according to your own natural rhythms is all about working with your own natural potential that ebbs and flows each week. When women in their creative phase acknowledge the potent power that lies within their sacred cycles they can create a flourishing, blooming, abundant and sustainable businesses; without the burn out, and without the guilt.


This understanding of our inner rhythm unlocks so much information about ourselves. It allows us to embrace all of the powers of each archetype and season at different times in our life. It is useful to know that there is powerful energy and messages at any stage as both the menstrual and moon energies are connected regardless of where you bleed. When we honour our natural cycles, we are able to see past (even overcome) our discomforts, and everything is witnessed as the gift that it is.

What I want to stress  is that if you don’t have a plan or a sacred container to ensure that you are held and refilled and working with your own rhythms then yes, this will be unsustainable. You will burn out and your body will begin to break down as a way to send you messages that you are pushing too hard. The vital and radical difference between that and what I am suggesting is to tap into the incredible wisdom of our foremothers who knew the secrets to balancing our creative, birthing and mothering generations ago. The patriarchal systems have made us forget that 100% hustle is not sustainable. That as women we flow and cycle; and that is our baseline of being. Have have the ability to remember this wisdom though. It is buried deep in your cells and when you start to harness your intuitive and cyclic abilities you will magnetise to it on a cellular level.


I have walked this path as a mother, a woman in business, and a birthworker and I continue to do so every single day. I have experienced first hand the positive impacts of aligning with my own wisdom, just as women have always done. Integrating this wise woman practice into how i run my business and organise my busy life with a feminine foundation has been radical and transformative. I now know how to schedule and plan my life and commitments that align with my own heightened abilities (that change from week to week depending on which phase I am in). I know when I most need rest, reflection and support with my daily duties, (so there are no more excuses for not prioritising self care and down time) and I know when I am most vibrant and extroverted so I can best nurture and support the needs of others.


Do I now believe that we can have it all and live a life in full flow?


Yes, yes I do!


Are you juggling your calling, your mothering and your own needs, wondering whether you can “have it all” without sacrificing one for the other?


The key to your balance and flow in life, motherhood and creativity is actually already within you.


Yes mama, you can have it all. Blissful balance and surrender into this glorious mother-phase.


You already possess the ultimate super power!


The key is in your flow.



If you want to invest in your family and  your business, first invest into you, and into the women of the next generation. Become immersed in this mindful daily practice that allows you to find non-negotiable space each and every day to nourish yourself just as you deserve.


The #ultimateflow planners are your ultimate tool for harnessing this individual power.

Get yours today!


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