October 31

Why email lists are vital for your sacred business


Something important that i have been discussing with my THRIVE students recently…What would happen to your business If your social media accounts disappeared tomorrow? 😱

Zuckerberg totally has that power! It’s his space, not ours and we just cannot forget that. I love instagram. It creates community and deep connection more easily that other platforms, but he could just decide he doesn’t want to to it anymore (I know, pretty unlikely given the current profits). Or more likely, your account could be deactivated without notice. It has happened without notice to friends of mine before. .
So, do you have another way to reach your audience? Do you have another way for your audience to reach you? .

Beat the bullshit algorithms and OWN your own space!! Be the leader of your own space as soon as you can. .Instagram and facebook are moving more and more toward prioritising content by family and friends as opposed to businesses and we have no control over that. So at the end of the day it’s becoming harder to be seen by our people. .
The other thing is that our internet lives are just getting soo noisy!! It’s really hard to be seen among everyone else. .
If you want to own your space, have some control over the experience your audience is having, screen them in some way to know that they ARE in fact your ideal client and be seen and heard above all of the noise, you absolutely need an email list!

People need to see/know you at least 7 times before they are willing to trust you! 7 times! ⁣

Stats from Jenna Kutcher:⁣
-Less than 6% of your followers are even seeing your content⁣
-People prefer to see promotional material via email than via social media. ⁣
-174% more conversions via email…⁣

If you are getting lost in their news feed and that is the only place that they have the option of seeing you, they won’t even have the chance to know that maybe your service is the perfect one to help them out or save them valuable time. ⁣

Unsubscribers are scary and uncomfortable. I get it. It feels gross… but actually every unsubscriber is someone that is NOT your person, and space for someone who is.⁣

You don’t want to be spammy and offer sales pitches- ME EITHER!! GROSS!! I just wanted to connect! I want to share stories that might inspire someone else to rise up. I want to offer services that I really and truly believe in and that I feel can help make a difference to someone else- but I can’t do this if I don’t tell you it actually exists. ⁣

I love it when someone has a solution to a problem I am having, so why wouldn’t others equally love a solution that I am offering? I don’t even need to be the expert, I just need to value myself enough to contribute and share.⁣

The point of this story is, if you have a business (even a face to fave service biz) and you don’t have a mailing list, do yourself a favour and get one now! If you only rely on instagram or social media to build your following you are at massive risk of losing it all and missing out on connecting with those who want to commit to you! ⁣

Who ARE your people that might want your sacred services?⁣

Starting a list isn’t difficult, it doesn’t need to cost you but you get to be in control of your own following, no one can take it away from you and these people are committed to you and your message. Seems like a no brainer to me!⁣

What some support to THRIVE in life and business? I offer 1:1 and group coaching for sacred business owners and birth professionals wanting to quantum leap into the next level. ⁣


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