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Are you a birth professional navigating the emotional rollercoaster of on-call work, juggling life and business and trying to gain clients who really light you up?

Are you a circle keeper or other professional in sacred women’s business wanting to build a sustainable and fulfilling career that honours your sacred and healing gifts?

Perhaps you’re a woman hearing the call to come home to your wild self?

I coach birth professionals, healers, empaths, nurturers and sacred circle keepers who want to thrive in life and business to build a profitable and sustainable business their way, that feels aligned from the inside out.

Are you considering a move into the area of birthwork, circle work or other sacred business?

Would you like to understand the power of your cycle and how to work in alignment with your own natural rhythms so that you can thrive in life and business?

These E-Journeys weave science with the sacred and take you on a path of sacred learning that arm your with the tools you need to make a confident choice about your next steps within the alignment of your own rhythm and flow.

Would you like some information and resources about how to thrive with alignment and flow?

Find here a whole array of juicy goodies to work with your own rhythms and our ancestral wisdom:

from the Ultimate Flow Planner for birth professionals and wild women, the Yoni Steam handbook and Fear Release for parenthood guide to DIY blessing information and cycle charting basics you will find a lot of useful information here.