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The Academy Of Sacred Arts & Threshold Walking

Is the art of holding space and threshold walking calling you?

Would you like to understand the power of your cycle and how to work in alignment with your own natural rhythms so that you can thrive in life and business?

The Academy of Sacred Arts & Threshold Walking offers a number of e-journeys, either self directed or with valuable mentoring support to weave science with the sacred, taking you on a path of sacred learning that arms your with the tools you need to make confident choices about your next steps.

Rhythm & Flow Online Circle Membership

Would you like to understand the power of your cycle and how to work in alignment with your own natural rhythms so that you can thrive in life and business?


Would you love to be able to plan your life around your energy so that you can ensure self preservation & maximum vitality?

Are you curious to learn how to harness the energy of the Moon, the Seasons and your menstrual cycle?

Are you lacking sisterhood, feeling lonely to walk this path when so many others don’t share the same beliefs?

Are you looking to go deeper into your own inner work as a pathway to also deepen your own sacred business or services with clients?

Come and join the Rhythm & Flow Online Circle!

Women's Circle

Sacred Business, Cycles & Birth Resources & Products

Are you looking for resources and tools to best support your clients without having to spend so much time creating them?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the business side of your work and wish someone could help you make it easier and quicker?

Would you like someone to give you exactly the tools you need to build your sacred business so that you can spend more time focusing on your own unique message and actually being in service?

I have spent over a decade working in the realm of Birth, Space Holding and Threshold Walking. First as a Social Worker/School Counsellor and then as a Doula/Educator/Mentor and Coach.

I have worked with hundred of people from a variety of different background and spent a lot of my time developing valuable resources to support them in the most holistic but efficient way.

It is hugely important to me that those embarking on or deepening their sacred soul work have the necessary tools to best support their clients and themselves so that they can spend more time in service and less time at the computer.

Every tool and resource that I have developed has been tried and tested and proven to be effective in this work and now I want to share them all with you!

Are you a Birth Keeper, Threshold Walker and/or Circle Keeper navigating the emotional rollercoaster of on-call and deeply emotional sacred work, juggling life and business and trying to gain clients who really light you up?

Are you yearning to build your confidence in your sacred skills while also growing your sustainable and fulfilling career that honours your sacred and healing gifts?

I coach sacred business owners, birth professionals, healers, empaths, nurturers, threshold walkers and sacred circle keepers to master their magic, step into conscious leadership, follow their calling and thrive in life and sacred business.