December 24

Yoni Steam: What it is and why it is my favourite self-care practice.

Why on earth would you steam your Yoni?


Yoni steams have been around for millennia and have been noted throughout history across many different cultures. They have been traced through South America (Mayans and Aztecs) along with many Asian cultures. They have recently started to have a resurgence as women begin to reconnect with their bodies, their femininity and reclaim their reproductive health through natural remedies.

“A Yoni steam (also known as a vaginal steam, V-steam, chai-yok or bajos) is the process of letting a herbal steam flow through and permeate the vulva and vagina. Yoni steams can be used to support women of any age.”

The steam relaxes the pelvic floor, increases circulation, increases oxygen, opens blood vessels, and allows the oils in the steam permeate the labia and vagina.

Other reported benefits of a steam include:

  • Reduction in discomforts associated with menstruation such as cramps, pain and bloating
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Loss during menstruation can become more red/pink (rather than brown/purple) and periods can become more regular
  • Reduction in fibroids and cysts along with other uterine/vaginal/reproductive conditions (in consultation with care provider)
  • Increased fertility
  • Assists with healing
  • Supports the uterus after birth (consult a herbalist as to how long after birth you should wait. Generally it is a min of 6 weeks postpartum).
  • Cleanses the uterus and removes any old or stored blood
  • Increases circulation
  • Connects to deep energy and emotions stored within
  • Tones, cleanses and nourishes the vulva, vagina and uterus


Benefits aside though, having 20 minutes to myself to sit quietly with my pot of warm steamy goodness radiating up through my yoni is nothing but blissful ‘me’ time!


I try to time my steams around the fourth phase of my cycle (just before menstruation). This is the time of the Wild Woman when moods can be unpredictable and fluctuating, hormones are dropping, energy is slowing, and some peace, quiet and rest is often most appreciated.



It is also important to consider the quality of your herbs. I use only the absolute best quality herbs. The herbs that Nurture the Goddess and I sell were commissioned & have been specifically grown just for us by our incredible friend and Earthkeeper. They are nothing short of magic. Rosie, who grows our magical blend explains her process of consciously planting and nurturing this plant magic that bring such deep nourishment of body and soul:


“I wait to harvest until the moon is waxing or I can feel that the plant is abundant with vitality. I harvest on dry days, after the dew has evaporated, but before the heat of the sun. I ask the plant for permission to harvest her flowers or leaves, and set the intention for the particular medicinal property of the plant that will be used. I dry the herbs that day either in the dehydrator or if it is a hot day, laid out on drying racks in the shade. The herbs are then stored in”


After a steam it is important to rest. I ensure a lie down where I am comfortable and warm. After a steam whereby the sacred womb space has been nourished, you can feel slow and a bit hazy. It can sometimes assist in heightening downloads and messages, so it is important to have a space to be present and listen.


Our womb space is the epicenter of our creative being after all.


If you too would like to benefit from or learn more about the wonderful aspects of a yoni steaming you can download the step-by-step Yoni Steam Handbook written by myself and Erin Black of Nurture the Goddess via the shop. The second edition has just been released and we are so excited for you to begin your own journey of Yoni steaming as a self care practice.

*if you have specific conditions you are wishing to treat always ensure you consult a herbalist or other qualified professional.

Photos by the amazing Kirsten Klemasz Doula & Photography.


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