July 23

Is Your Soul-Work A Sacred Business Or A Hobby?


Hey beautiful birthworker,⁣
Is your sacred business and soul work just a hobby for you?

Or do you have big dreams and plans to really grow in this work?When you and your business grow, you get to support more people as well as yourself and your family. You get to focus solely on what your soul has called you to do rather than trying to fit it into your ‘real life’⁣

Why does the business side freak you out? Why are you avoiding it? What is scaring you? Are you afraid of failing? What does failure ‘look’ like? Hey, what does ‘success’ look like? ⁣
Where is the resistance for you? That resistance holds the key to your growth. Lean into it. Unearth it. Ask it what it needs. That’s where you stand on the threshold between hobby and long-term sustainable soul work!⁣

I know, ‘business’ sounds so patriarchal doesn’t it. Invoking images of men in suits smoking cigars and discussing their investment portfolios. Blegh. It sounds like something that feeds into the disempowerment and disconnection that you’re trying to fight against! ⁣

I hear you. ⁣

But let me offer you an alternative perspective… Your work matters! Your work is important and needed! How you FEEL in your work matters. ⁣

The world suffers when you don’t follow your calling.⁣

Perhaps it’s time for a reframe on our perceptions of what it means to run a ‘business’… a sacred business. Your business is the manifestation of your sacred service that enables you to be sustained. It is the sacred container that offers the safety and security you need to protect yourself and your sacred offerings. And guess what? Your business is not an extension of something external, some larger corporations trying to suck you dry; your business is an extension of YOU and can be anything you want it to be!!

We need both the masculine container and the feminine flow to form the whole. Without the container we get diluted, the message can get lost and we are very vulnerable to burnout and financial disarray. Without the flow we are just structure without the sacred essence of our offerings. BOTH are vitally important to this work if we are committed to it for the long term.

So, are you committed to growing your sacred business so that you can continue to contribute to healing this broken system and support people at this powerful rite of passage? or is it a hobby job that is not a priority and will not ever sustain you and your family? The difference will often lie in your mindset.

BUT if it is a business, even a sacred one it ultimately does need to be making money… and a profit! Having a sacred business (vs a hobby) means making money and to make money means showing up and finding the people that want to work with you. It means seeing this as the ‘real work’ not the in between from your other ‘real’ work. It means having the mindset that embodies both the business owner AND sacred servant.

What did you do today to contribute to your business? How did you show up? What did you do to attract your potential clients?

Did you focus on things external to you? Did you focus on the fluffy fun stuff like business cards and website design before you got clear on your message and offerings? Are you clear on what you desire and what success looks like for YOU (not for anyone else?). Did you get caught up in a comparison vortex, validating your inner demon that you’re not enough?

How can you focus more on creating instead of consuming? When you’re fully embodying both the feminine flow and masculine business container of your business that’s when flow takes over and creativity wholeheartedly outweighs consumption… the downloads and inspiration come thick and fast!! But this only happens when you have the time and space to focus… to focus on what your soul is really calling you to do! To focus on what it means to be a business owner and how that benefits (not hinders) your life and ability to serve those you are called to serve.

Those that take business seriously are the people that get clients. They understand that their business is an extension of them; it is sacred and it is the vital half that completes their ability to continue doing the work they’re called to do. These are the people committed to long term success; the people who show up and share their sacred offerings with clarity, ease and flow…. Minus the scarcity, minus the unworthiness, minus the comparison and minus the resentment for business.

Need help to navigate this path to a thriving life and business?


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