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I see you, and I feel your inner wild…


You’re here because you feel it too.


Are you ready to align, thrive and shine in life and sacred business your way?

“I am a Doula who has just completed my training (or am returning from a long break). I feel like I am about to leap off  the biggest cliff of my life and step out on my own into this sacred and soulful service. It is both exhilarating and terrifying and I feel like I need some guidance”


“I am planning a pregnancy, pregnant or newly postpartum and looking for planning support/sacred rituals”

“I have been called to sacred work but I feel blocked by having to run a business and make money. I want a holistic approach to running a sacred business. I know that if I don’t make money I will not be able to continue this calling but I don’t want running a business to taint the sacredness of my work.”

“I’ve heard the call to bring my space holding, circle keeping, nurturing/healing and honouring rites of passage out into the world to foster connection in my community. But I’m not sure where to start.”


“I am looking for a circle of women to connect and dive deep with”

The Ultimate Flow Planners are back by popular demand for 2020!

Are you a birth professional, sacred business owner or just looking for more flow?

Do you want to work SMARTER not harder?​

Plan your life around YOUR unique energy ebbs and flows and learn how to harness the magic of your inner and outer cycles.


When you answer and rise up to this work, you inspire others to rise up with you and the benefits spill out onto your family, your relationships and onto those witnessing your transformation.

The world suffers when you don’t follow your calling!

I live to see birth professionals and those called to sacred work not only survive in this field, but truly thrive. This means really finding the clarity on what it is you are here to do- not the doula down the road, or the circles in your area or anyone else. This is about you finding your ultimate flow and aligning with your core desires.

I want to see birth kept sacred and for the profession to be built up with a strong and solid reputation of authenticity, ethically standards, with the highest integrity and a united collective message.

May you create a community that sustains you and harness the power of your internal alignment and flow to truly thrive and support the change you wish to see.


I coach birth professionals & sacred space holders to thrive in life and business.

A variety of consciously curated courses to support you in working in communion with the cycles and seasons of life.

Consciously curated products to nourish you mind, body and spirit.


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