Welcome Home Threshold Walker...

Are you ready to master your magic and prosper in your soul work?

You're here because your soul has heard the calling to dive deeper

... the real question is: in what direction is your soul being pulled?

You're being pulled to start or dive deeper into working with your own cycles.

You're being pulled to learn, create and offer circles and ceremonies.

You're being pulled to a having a breakthrough in your life or business. 

Welcome, while I'm further along the journey you're starting on

I'm here to guide a light as you tread your own path... 

I'm Katherine.

Liminality Witch, Cycle Guide, Threshold Walker, Birthkeeper, Social Worker, Sacred Business Guide & Mum to two wildlings.

You have been called to this work.
You did not choose it.
It chose you.


But you want to serve without taking away from yourself, your family or from the sacredness of this work.

With a foundation of honouring the cycles and reclaming our wildness, I guide Birthkeepers & Threshold Walkers to go deeper in their work, master their magic & grow their impactful sacred business.


I believe it is not only possible but imperative to master your magic while growing a profitable and sustainable business your own way, without compromising the sacredness of your message.

Not sure where to start? Then start here...

Immerse yourself in these popular offerings designed to help you easily move forward in your soul work!

The Blessing Book & The Circle Medicine Guidebook: The Ultimate Start-Up Guide To Blessings Ceremonies & Circles

The Liminal Business & Energy Mastery Bundle: Rewild Yourself And Your Business With This FREE gift.

FREE Masterclass: The 3 Most Important Thing Any Blessing, Circle & Ceremony Facilitator Must Know.

What beautiful souls are saying

Allow me to help you thrive in your sacred work

I now feel like I have so many valuable resources and knowledge to help me with my business. I feel like I have an amazing community and support network. I felt as if I have been totally held as I worked my way through all the struggles and realisations that come with starting a business, doing doula work and working on myself… I believe I am infinitely worth and deserving of everything I want and desire. I feel much more ready to start my business - much more prepared. I feel as though I am ready to take on clients, build my business, offer my services and support women. I feel as though I honour my energy and things flow much more now”

Hannah Goding
- HannahGoding.com

After working together I feel Inspired as f@$%! Like my ideas are worthwhile, and like I have a clear message and vision, and I can create a badass opt-in and a up-sell that makes sense to me, my vision and my funnel. Feeling like I can do it all, even the technical stuff, I just needed a clearer idea of my path... The next step seems much clearer now."

Lani Raven 
- wildwombwitch.com

Before my call with Katherine I was feeling lost about what do to next after launching my doula business. She helped me to organize my thoughts, identify the ways I was playing small and come up with some action steps to help me make the greatest impact. I am now feeling more confident on where to focus my energy and what to take action on."

Bonnie Griffin
- Bonniemgriffin.com

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