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Are you ready to master your magic and prosper in your soul work?


How can I serve you?

Cycles + Birth


“I understand and honour the vital role that our cycles, menstruation and birth play in our lives. I am looking for information, rituals, a sacred community and/or professional resources to use for my own rewilding or to support my clients"

Circles + Ceremonies


"I am a Birthkeeper/Threshold Walker and I am looking to deepen the sacred work I have been called to by creating beautiful individualised circles, ceremonies, rites of passage and rituals for my clients. I want to learn how to facilitate these from start to finish with confidence and ease"

Sacred Business


“I have been called to this sacred work of Birthkeeping & Threshold Walking. I know this is my soul-path and I am a vessel for this divine message but I feel blocked by having to run a business and make money. I want a holistic approach to running a sacred business. I know that if I don’t make money I will not be able to continue this calling but I don’t want running a business to taint the sacredness of my work.”

About me

Hey there, I'm Katherine.

Cycle Witch, Threshold Walker, Birthkeeper, Social Worker, Sacred Business Guide & Mum to two wildlings.


You have been called to this work.
You did not choose it.
It chose you.


But you want to serve without taking away from yourself, your family or from the sacredness of this work.


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With a foundation of honouring the cycles and reclaming our wildness, I guide Birthkeepers & Threshold Walkers to go deeper in their work, master their magic & grow their impactful sacred business.


I believe it is not only possible but imperative to master your magic while growing a profitable and sustainable business your OWN way, without compromising the sacredness of your message.


Let's work together

Rhythm & Flow Online Circle


Academy Of Sacred Arts & Threshold Walking


Sacred Business Resources & Coaching


The latest from the blog

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Are you a witch?

The witches were not burnt because they were a menace to society. Or even because they were wrong or dangerous. In fact they were some of the most respected and vital people within the community. Everyone knew they needed their wisdom that had been passed...
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The likely answer to your cycle questions

The first answer I will give to all of these questions will always be “do you CHART?”⁣.⁣I get asked a lot of questions about menstruation and cycles which often include:⁣.⁣-How can I help regulate my cycle⁣-What can I do to increase fertility⁣-What can I do...
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Hannah Goding

“I now feel like I have so many valuable resources and knowledge to help me with my business. I feel like I have an amazing community and support network. I felt as if I have been totally held as I worked my way through all the struggles and realisations that come with starting a business, doing doula work and working on myself…. I believe I am infinitely worth and deserving of everything I want and desire. I feel much more ready to start my business - much more prepared. I feel as though I am ready to take on clients, build my business, offer my services and support women. I feel as though I honor my energy and things flow much more now”

Hannah Goding

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 11.09.02 am

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I cannot explain how much you have helped me. I don’t know what I would have done without your support through these early birth experiences. To be honest I might have even been put off from doing this job all together. I probably would have been put off getting more clients and attending any more births. Your support has been really helpful to navigate through it all and help me to stay calm. Not getting stressed or overwhelmed."
Dani Loizou


"Before my call with Katherine I was feeling lost about what do to next after launching my doula business. She helped me to organize my thoughts, identify the ways I was playing small and come up with some action steps to help me make the greatest impact. I am now feeling more confident on where to focus my energy and what to take action on."
Bonnie Griffin


"After working together I feel Inspired as f@$%! Like my ideas are worthwhile, and like I have a clear message and vision, and I can create a badass opt-in and a up-sell that makes sense to me, my vision and my funnel. Feeling like I can do it all, even the technical stuff, I just needed a clearer idea of my path... The next step seems much clearer now."
Lani Raven

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 11.08.28 am

"I can't recommend you enough - everyone who is thinking about birth work or has similar crises in confidence to me, I am sending your way."
Hayley Wilson