Embody the art of holding space to transform your life & business

Hey there sacred spaceholder.

I see you out there being a guardian of the sacred.

You're trained and skilled but now what?

You're here because you are being called to something bigger.

Something deeper.

Something even more powerful than you have ever dreamed of.

You know that you are meant for more. 

You are not an average spaceholder

You are not an average entrepreneur

You are ready to kick self doubt and unworthiness out the window, to serve your community (and yourself, and your family) from a place of grounded & embodied action.

You are ready.
You can't stop and wont stop doing what you love.

You are here for a revolution!

You seek depth, authenticity & truth

You are here to make a contribution to this world

You are here to serve, not influence

You are here for feminine-led depth, truth and richness that you can feel in your body.

Transformation and stepping out into the world to be seen in your full authenticity is scary AF!

Especially for us witches and spiritual types who were once burned and exiled for doing this same work.

It feels confusing to find your own unique voice and medicine that you are here to share amongst the noise of others.

But I've got you!

Enough of the training, methodologies and formulas that just speak to your mind.

You don't need any more training. You don't need to stay stuck IN your business, in the hustle... it is time to honour the integrity of your soul and remember that success comes only through the alignment of your body and spirit.

It is time to embody and integrate all of that juicy wisdom and unique medicine that you have inside of you!

You are worthy and deserving of loving what you do AND getting paid for it!

Imagine how different your life would be if you:

  • Became a magnet the most wonderful ideal clients that keep coming back.
  • Felt confident in your work, without the constant plague of doubt in your mind.
  • Became consistently booked out, working part time hours (for service based or online businesses)
  • Could integrate and transmute the knowledge you have accumulated, through your own unique lens into something that feels joyful and aligned.
  • Diversified your income potential so as to ensure it remains limitless
  • No longer had a hobby business but created sustainable, consistent income without the hustle
  • Were able to plan your business around your life, values and wellbeing
  • Felt safe and confident to fully emerge from the broom closet to OWN your spirituality and weirdness
  • Became seen, heard and known in your community for your UNIQUE medicine that the world needs now
  • Supported more people without burning yourself out and contributing to the change you wish to see
  • Built a sacred business in full authenticity so that you can support your family, disconnect from the system and become completely sovereign in a way that makes your heart sing
  • Were surrounded by other courageous, compassionate, commited and inspiring space-holders just like you, ready to take embodied and grounded action.

You get to decide if you want to stay stuck and scared, or take the leap into the cauldron of possibility & transformation.

Are you ready to live and create with freedom, authenticity and abundance?

Show me your inner circle and I'll show you your future.

Just imagine for a moment if you...

  • Had clarity & structure so that your creativity can flow
  • Could fully digest and integrate everything you have learned and alchemise it into your own unique, authentic and fully embodied soul-work
  • Had inspiration from others who have done what you dream of doing
  • Had support from others who are feeling similar but who can match your hunger and drive to move through the fear together and keep each other lit
  • Had practical and tangible actions to work through the overwhelm and blocks that are stopping you from being where you want to be
  • Never hustled again!
  • Stopped feeling like you are not enough/don't know enough

There is no shame in wanting more.
In knowing you are so worthy and deserving of having the life you dream of.

You want more out of this life...

More spaciousness & peace
More balance
More money which allows you the freedom to create & serve in the way your heart calls

More time to spend with your friends and family

More laughter and JOY

 More time in nature and doing the things that make you happy on a soul level.

Following your calling and building a business and life you love while getting paid for your innate gifts is not only possible but it is waiting for YOU!

And they don't have to come at the expense of your values or your wellbeing.

Your nervous system is both your compass to bring you back home, and your beacon of light, informing your body where your soul wants to go. It is the most important part of your business... but are you honouring it, or just pushing through too focused on other people's ideas of success to notice her?

This is why The Embodied Spaceholder Way is different.

This is a whole new way of BEing in business.

You can have more money, more freedom and more joy WITHOUT  hustle and extraction.
You are worthy and you are enough.
It is possible.

You're already a spaceholder.
You've done ENOUGH training.

You are ready to unearth YOUR unique magic, to come back home to your body and spirit, without all the noise from other people's noise and information.

You may have had a business for many years and you are ready for transformation and the next level, or you may be more recent to starting you own business (while being confident in your skills/completed training).

You are EXHAUSTED by hyper-independence and by unsustainable hustle that just take you around in circles.
Hyper-independence is a trauma response that doesn't get you anywhere except more overwhelm, isolation and frustration and you know that this is NOT the way for you.

Let me tell you this...
The only place hyper-independence and hustle will get you, is right to burn out... and not getting to do this magical and needed work long term.

Joy comes from the connection... because we are humans are we are designed to thrive when we come together in safe and brave spaces.

I know, cos I was there! My nervous system would not have survived being a spaceholder for much longer if I didn't make radical change away from the regular business rhetoric, and I would be doing work that is not at all what my soul is here to do- all the make money. 
That is not the life for me... and it doesn't have to be for you either.

You get to decide to follow you call!

Spaceholding is so much more than any training you can do, it is about leaning into connection- with self, with others and with the Earth and Source.

It is not about old paradigms of professionalism, training/certification, glorifying hyper-independence, hustle or stagnant (and ego based) beliefs of success!

Embodied Spaceholding is about grounding into physiological truth, into depth, into ethical frameworks, pleasure, joy and potent relationships that support you to unlearn old and redundant beliefs; to reconnect to your infinite self worth, priming your nervous system and understanding primal human needs, inter-generational healing and authenticity.
This is about remembering what it means to be human- spirit in physical form.

I want to see you thrive and shine! Because the world suffers when you don’t follow your call, or embody your work.
You suffer
Your family suffers
Your clients suffer
Your community suffers
And it just keeps enabling patriarchy, colonisation and capitalism.

Get off the training/course addiction, it is time to integrate and alchemise everything you’ve learned into your own unique magic. You are so worthy and deserving of expanding and deepening your capacity to serve AND to receive.

There is no competition. No scarcity. No comparison.

The world needs YOU and your unique magic!!
And you need a community to hold you and see you and witness you as you do for your clients if you wish to continue and not burn out quicker than I can say “sustainability.”

How would it feel to get paid for truly transformational sacred work that never feels like work, while experiencing deep global and ancestral healing and connection?


“By getting the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of others in the group, not only can you greatly expand your own limited view of the world, you can also advance your own goals and projects more quickly. 
They’ve been used by some of the most successful people throughout history. 
We all know that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem or creating a result” -Jack Canfield

A few years back I discovered something...

I discovered the true power that arises from facilitating safe and brave spaces for Circle Medicine to works its magic.

And now I am seeing how that SAME power and magic can be used to support the facilitators and spaceholders to finally see their life and business dreams come alive!

Being an Embodied spaceholder is about the path to equally serve AND recieve

It is about integrity, integration, authenticity and connection- with your own body and spirit, as well as with others.

With every level of embodiment comes another level of integrity and MAGIC.

We need to reconnect with our innate physiological needs of what it means to be spirit in human form in order to support others to do the same.

Connection is what brings us home again.

For the second half of 2023 I am leading an intimate group of powerful, commited women through a 5-month high-touch transformational & feminine-led journey.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and step into exactly what you are here for?

Imagine the power of a sacred container of other committed and passionate women just like you, cheering you on, celebrating your wins and witnessing you in your shadows? THIS is what we are here for and what are Ancestors are screaming at us to return to- this is how we remember our humanness, in order to embody the ability to hold space for other’s most vulnerable human moments

Journey through the second half of 2023 with a circle of passionate heart-driven spaceholders.
(All dates to be provided in advance so that you can plan your calendar around these commitments) 

all yours

Throughout this 5-month journey you will receive:

Rhythm and Flow Digital Product

Some of what we will cover:

  • Laying solid foundations of a sacred business in alignment with your energy and values.
  • Heart centred social media and  marketing to create connection, not sell.
  • Soul-led magnetic messaging, positioning and branding
  • Self care, what it means to hold space and avoiding burn out
  • Individualised embodiment practices, rituals and integration.
  • Getting clear on your offers and your sacred strategy including pricing & packaging
  • Automated systems and must-have programs that can help make things easier
  • Energy mastery and harnessing your own unique potential for success (in whatever way that looks and feels to you!)
  • The energetics of money and connection as currency
  • Masculine & feminine energetics for business
  • The Foundations of Circle Medicine, Cycle Reclamation & The Embodied Spaceholder Way™

Plus MUCH more.

The Embodied Spaceholder Mastermind & Mentorship Is Like Nothing Else Out There

We've been called here...

We are here for the revolution together.

What if I told you that you could go deeper in your sacred work, step fully into conscious leadership of our own unique call, make money and live and create with freedom and authenticity?

What if I told you that it is possible to build a thriving and sustainable sacred business from your soul calling, to help be part of the change and healing that the world needs now?

That it is possible to wake up with joy knowing you are here to serve in a way that sparks joy (and get paid for it!)

Embodied Spaceholder Mastermind & Mentorship is here for you to:

  • Become so clear on who you are, what you desire and what you are building. 
  • Feel confident and ready to step out into the world with your gifts and your offerings without hesitation, without fear and without blocks.
  • Make your business work for you and your family
  • Magnetise your ideal clients that keep coming back.
  • Build a community that holds space for you- because you cannot hold space if no one is holding space for you.
  • You are worthy and deserving of a community that sustains you.
  • Bring all of your learning and wisdom from your head to your heart and out into the world.

If this speaks to you and the knowledge you hold that you are part of something greater cannot be silenced any longer, know you have found your kin.

Together we will unpack what it means to be a space holder and navigate the steps that help create a profitable, sustainable, balanced and aligned sacred business without the hustle.

"We are the women the Earth needs now"

– Jane Hardwick Collings


This is NOT teaching or training- it is a mastermind program steeped in connection to unearth deep clarity and confidence in the sacred, liminal and unseen parts of life. 

This is not a one-size fits all business methodology!

This is a feminine led and regenerative community that molds and bends to fit your unique and individual needs

Get on a path to building a profitable and sustainable business, unearthing your natural healing and nurturing gifts that honours an equal energy exchange and the value of financial sustainability.

You are not here to move through another formula, methodology or rigid set of modules.

You are here to unearth, get clear on and crystalise your OWN magic and medicine, without the noise of other's formulas and methods.

You are here with a gift and you are here to serve. 

It is time to reclaim your OWN unique way.

You cannot do this work alone.

You cannot do this work for free.

You cannot do this work without honouring your own needs.

You cannot do this work without being seen.

You must ensure that you hold space not hijack it and ensure you do no harm.


And, just as the landscape of ethical and authentic marketing is changing, our need for connection is not... we as sacred workers and Threshold Walkers and as Embodied Spaceholders need to grow and move with the times so that our message and gifts can be seen, heard and utilised.

This journey is for your if...

  • You are birthworker, a circle keeper, a wellness practitioner, a coach/mentor, a counsellor/therapist, a yoga or pilates instructor, a kinesiologist, a medium/psychic, a healer or someone that walks thresholds with others in their most vulnerable moments, whilst running your own business

  • You are a bit of a course/training addict… but do you fully integrate and embody the teachings you keep undertaking?
  • You are ready to OWN your unique magic, step into your soul-led conscious leadership and be part of the positive change we all wish to see.
  • You are looking for a community to walk alongside you, cheer you on, hold you and witness you in your wholeness to raise your frequency and change the trajectory of your whole life and business to be fully in alignment with your unique authentic vibration.
  • You are self responsible and committed to embodied action. Someone who is willing to deep dive, take uncomfortable steps and shed what is no longer serving them to meet their truest desires
  • You have a deep yearning and desire to go deeper, be heart and spirit led, follow your calling, reclaim your power and live and create with authenticity and freedom.
  • You want to get clearer on their vision, direction and purpose, while being held accountable and being supported to take feminine-led action to get them there.
  • You are skilled and trained in your service, you practice with integrity and professionalism but you despite all of your efforts, you’re struggling to get potential clients to actually commit, or consistent clients (and consistent income) and you’re feeling deflated.
  • You are ready to commit to your big hearted vision and all that it takes to sustainably nurture your sacred business
  • You’re feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. You want to do this as your main income source, but are frustrated that you aren’t there yet.
  • You want to build up a sacred business in full authenticity so that you can support your family and disconnect from the system.
  • You want REAL embodied transformation not just more information

This journey is NOT for your if...

  • You are not willing to go as far as you wish to take your clients
  • You are committed to a spiritually bypassing, ‘love and light’ narrative or unethical practices which bypass necessary shadow work, embodiment, culturally appropriate practice, critical questioning and listening
  • You are not willing to put yourself first and make self-care and your own personal and professional development first before others (because this truly matters!)
  • You are not willing to commit to yourself, go out of your comfort zone, have difficult conversations, engage support or take personal responsibility
  • You are not ready to commit to a container and like-minded community
  • You are not ready for transformation, expansion or change 

By Joining us for the Embodied Spaceholder Mentorhip and Mastermind you can and WILL...

  • Become so clear on who you are, what you desire and what you are building
  • Feel confident and ready to step out into the world with your gifts and your offerings without hesitation, without fear and without blocks.
  • Create sacred structure, bespoke business strategy and magnetic marketing for your business to expand and grow without extraction
  • Be surrounded by support from others who are feeling similar but who can match your hunger and drive to move through the fear together and keep each other lit, accountable and committed to their big hearted visions.
  • Never hustle or get stuck in a hobby again!
  • Make more money, help more clients, work part time in a sustainable, heart-filled and joyous way!

I see you!

A thriving sacred business IS possible for you!

It is my absolute honour to personally invite you to be one of the few that get to take a seat at the metaphorical sacred table and step IN for the EMBODIED SPACEHOLDER MASTERMIND 2023.

Hey, I'm Katherine... 

I live to see Spaceholders not only survive in this work but truly thrive.

I am committed to the Revolution we all yearn to see.

It is my honour to support Sacred Space Holders to diversify their offerings and become unapologetically clear and confident in their soul calling, so they can serve more people in a deeper, more holistic and profitable way — while still vehemently protecting the sacredness of this work.

As a Birthkeeper, Social Worker, Coach, Counsellor, Circle Keeper and Embodied Space Holder myself for over 10+ years, I’ve walked alongside countless women step into their soul-led path and have watched them thrive.

As a creatress at heart I have held many spaces in my birthkeeper work, as a circle keeper as well as through the creation of The Art Of Rewilding Podcast, The Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator Training and the Embodied Spaceholder Way.

Circle Medicine is at the heart of Every way that I serve, because circle medicine is what is deeply in line with our physiological truth. We are here to remember the magic in our humanness.

Harness the power of your internal alignment to truly thrive.

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working with me...

Is there something else you need to know?
Get in touch and let's have a chat!
I would love to hear from you.