You can't hold space if no one is holding space for you

Who is holding space for you?
It is time for YOU  dear spaceholder.

It is time for YOU to rewild and be held...

Discover the range of offerings below that will support your own rewilding journey and ensure that you are always pouring from a full cup.

1:1 Energetic Alchemy Sessions

"everything is energy, energy is everything"
During my 1:1 Alchemy sessions, you will experience an individualised energy healing that includes a kinesiology balance.
Kinesiology uses muscle reflect testing to tap into the subconscious mind to clear stress of any kind. These balances are gentle and nurturing and through muscle testing we can communicate to you where the cause of your body's disharmony is coming from to naturally heal and for you to thrive as your true soul desires you to0.

This is especially powerful for those in business, particularly spaceholders because you cannot hold space if not on is holding space for you. Witch wounds, sisterhood wounds and money wounds are often the biggest saboteur of spiritual based businesses (especially women in business). Our businesses are a mirror for our internal world- "as within, so without," thus, everything you desire will come from the inside out.

REturning- A Rewilding Program To Come Home To Your Magic

Within the REturning program (previously Rhythm & Flow) there is a portal of resources, meditations and embodiment tools, along with a Facebook Community.

Together with my colleague Erin Black, we also facilitate in-person and online circles, workshops & Events

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