July 2

Self Care And Your Cycle


Self care (which has become quite the ‘buzz’ word) is far more than bubble baths and green smoothies. Self care is in addition to self love; a gentle way to love and protect yourself in this harsh world without dogma or pressure. As soon as there is dogma or resistance it is no longer care. And while the term ‘self care’ can seem a little counter intuitive, because we should be caring for ourselves as a priority always, the reality is that our culture thrives and profits from us being disconnected from our mind, body and intuition. Thus, I will continue to use the term self care and hope that those reading this understand that to care for yourself is protection against the disconnection our capitalist society feeds on, but that it is in addition to self love and feelings of self worth.

Self care is very multilayered, multifaceted and needs to be considered from a holistic perspective if it is going to actually support in the way we want it to. Additionally, while each facet is important at every phase, it is useful to pay extra attention and focus on certain areas at specific phases of one’s cycle/menstrual cycle and in accordance with one’s unique energy matrix when certain abilities are heightened or lessened.  

The different facets of self care (with consideration for the phases of the cycle) include:

Physical Self Care (Useful in all phases but needs to be modified accordingly. Follicular is a good time for heavier physical activity): nourish your body, eat, hydrate, move, sleep, consider preventative health measures.

Emotional (Luteal): debriefing, express your feelings in a safe space, counselling/coaching, meditation, eft, affirmation, grounding, connecting to pleasure, laughter, breathwork.

Spiritual (Menstrual): Lean into your religion or explore spiritual or other beliefs/practices. Begin a daily practice or regular ritual. Practice gratitude.

Intellectual (Follicular/Ovulation): continue professional and self development, think critically, read and learn.

Social/relational/community (Ovulation): (note: we are social creatures by nature. We are wired for connection. Community care IS self care). Maintain, nurture, broaden and strengthen intimate relationships and community. 

Financial (Ovulation): Get on top of money issues/bills/tax. Stop avoiding the mundane

Safety and security (Luteal/Menstrual): Create a safe space to honour yourself. Honour your own unique needs. Create, write, consider what safety looks like and feels like for you. 

All facets of self care are interconnected. You can’t have one without the other. Your physical, safety and emotional needs are a priority and you won’t be able to fully surrender to a warm bath or nourishing food if you have not taken care of other needs that are causing you stress/harm.

Get to know your own energy matrix and the things that you need as a non negotiable to be ok and continue in your work. One reason we need to charge for our services is to allow for non negotiable self care practices that will enable us to continue doing the work without burning out.

Do you have a solid understanding of your own unique energy matrix and what you need to implement as self care for yourself? Have you been burning the candle at both ends but still feel like you are going nowhere fast? Would you love some support to help you navigate which steps to take next in your doula business so that you can ensure a sustainable and thriving business and life

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