September 24

Feminine business flow: Are you ready to unlock your super powers?


“Once we start to work with Feminine power we begin to see that it is not our minds that are in control of this power – it ebbs and flows with the movements of the planets, the procession of the seasons, the moons and tides, our own internal cycles of menstruality, anniversaries, the events around us. All these and more impact our experience and expressions of power. We learn to become aware of these various patterns and their impact on us and work more consciously with rather than against or in spite of them. We learn that they are all part of the same process. We open towards the energy, rather than shut down to it. We learn to trust the flow.” Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman


Are you a female entrepreneur? Perhaps even a mumpreneur?  Perhaps you are a birthworker trying to balance children, business and life?


It’s a juggle isn’t it?!


As women, we flow. We are literally not the same person from week to week! Every single week our brain changes. Our hormones change. Our bodies change. We are not linear beings.


Yet we are expected to fit into a linear patriarchal mold.


As Women, we have been had instilled in us from a young age that we are not enough. That to be born a woman is “second best”. That to bleed is shameful. That being a woman makes us automatically weak and never to be powerful, bold, brazen, wealthy or orgasmic- or else there will be more deep shame and guilt.



The patriarchal systems have ensured that we feel shame, just for being human. Our sacred blood and milk that creates and sustains life is to be completely hidden and never spoken about. How can we feel deeply loving of self and go on to have empowering birthing and parenting experiences when we keep this vital part of our existence as a festering shameful secret?


This shame keeps us hidden, small, in competition with our sisters and never equal to our brothers. In a constant state of self loathing, disconnection, fear and scarcity. As business women we want our businesses to reflect strength, leadership and power, something that as women we are told we do not possess; and if we do try to embody these traits we are seen as ‘masculine’, manipulative, ‘deviant’ and certainly not desirable.



How can we live our most vibrant and authentic lives if we feel inherently unworthy? Inherently weak? Inherently flawed? An unworthiness that is reinforced by the systems around us, just for being born female. The only model we have to connect with for our business ventures is a model that was not created with our cyclic nature in mind. A model that glorifies only one half of what makes us whole. A model that is linear, black and white, with only 2 options available. A model that has pushed us down and made us forget who we really are; wonderfully flowing, spiraling feminine creatures that possess superpowers for success right in our wombs (/womb spaces).


The masculine and the feminine models work so magically when put together, working in unison to form the container that holds the feminine flow. But for too long we have shifted to become completely one sided; unbalanced. Honouring one and shaming the other; and we are all feeling the negative consequences that have risen from this disharmony.


The solution to flowing as a strong, powerful, successful and abundant women in business?


Stop bending and stretching yourself to fit in to the expectations that do not serve you and flow with what does.


The magic already resides within you. You hold the power of success and abundance, but it requires a break down and unlearning of what you have previously been told. Plus it requires a remembrance and a relearning of the wisdom that our ancestors already knew and practiced that has been lost in these modern times.


“There’s a code.

A lady code.

It’s ancient, it’s deeply spiritual and more than that, it’s powerful. Fiercely powerful.

So powerful that it’s barely been spoken about in over 2,000 years.

Your menstrual cycle….

Yep, your period… is actually a 4-part lady code, that once cracked, will uncover a series of monthly superpowers that can be used to enhance your relationships with others, build a better business, have incredible sex + create a ‘bloody’ amazing life.” Lisa Lister- Code Red.

You bleed for 7 days every month and don’t die. If that’s not a super power I dont know what is -Lisa Lister.


So how do you harness your super powers and reclaim your own business flow?


In order to harness your power of flow, and crack this code, you need a sacred container. The divine unison of the yin and the yang. Something to contain all of those magical creating and nurturing powers that you hold within you, to ensure that you are refilled in every way, so you can continue creating and pouring out your magical gifts.


You cannot pour from an empty cup.


This is where cycle charting can serve as the ultimate secret weapon and super tool of your successful, abundant and balanced business.



How on earth could cycle charting help you feel more fulfilled, refreshed and bring more abundance into your business?


Because when you chart and utilise the messages within your charting you are finally working in alignment with your own natural rhythms that are built for you, instead of trying to fit into a mold made for somebody else.


Knowing how you are affected by your internal and external cycles allows you to find and become aware of any patterns that emerge. To then use these findings to work in alignment with them when you plan your life and business.



All creatures of the earth flow through cycles. Humans cycle through the moon phase, our natal moon phase, our solar cycles (including the seasons), and bleeding women cycle through their monthly menstruation.


In regards to harnessing the monthly lunar or menstruation cycles, the most important information is as follows:


Our monthly cycles comprise of 4 phases, all of which flow in alignment with an inner season, a life cycle, a moon cycle, energy/feeling, and an archetype


Menstruation- dark moon – winter- crone/wise woman- Reflective – Death/Rebirth

This phase offers extra potential for internal reflection, rest, meditation, heightened dreams. The veil is thin between worlds and you can connect much more deeply with guides, spirits and deep states of meditation. Your abilities for rest, reflecting, restoring, accepting, letting go, presence, meditation, dreaming, visioning and stillness are heightened. Self is the priority for this week.


Follicular Phase – waxing moon – spring -Maiden – Dynamic – Birth

This is your ACTION week! You are being reborn and are emerging from deep rest to put energy into the new projects and tasks that you want to see bloom in this phase.

The abilities for this phase include increased memory and concentration, logical thinking, planning, goal setting, multi tasking, reasoning and problem solving, optimism and playfulness, big-picture thinking, less emotional attachment, objectivity, heightened energy, physical abilities and attention to details.


Ovulation – Full Moon – Summer – Mother – Expressive – Bloom

This is your expressive, nurturing, celebrating and most outwardly blooming week.

The heightened abilities for this week include nurturing of others, expressiveness and increased desire for socialising, teaching, talking and flirting. Heightened patience, sexuality/sensuality, tidiness/organisation, flexibility and compassion. Increased feelings of strength, of being grounded, sexy, grateful and able to achieve in all areas. Self confidence is heightened and actioning projects or tasks is at the forefront of our minds.


Luteal Phase – Waning Moon – Autumn – Wild Woman/Maga – Creative/Transformative – Harvest

This is the time to slow down, peel away the layers of the things that no longer serve you, and give thanks for the bountiful harvest from what you achieved throughout this cycle. This phase offers a time to change things that are not working and therefore offers heightened abilities in identifying challenges, problem solving, seeing things differently, speaking the truth to make big changes, creating order and routine, opening up new possibilities, and ensuring a sense of gratitude for the achievements of the cycle phase. This is the creative phase and opens up opportunities for creativity and lateral thinking. It can be a time to step back from the external world and start going inward toward one’s own desires. If your needs are not met, or you do not begin to slow down, this phase offers creative ways to force you and others to listen (including becoming quite grumpy and frustrated)


Charting, and understanding the 4 phases clearly shows you the times that you are more productive, and times that you need to slow down. You will highlight patterns that emerge for you in each phase that will be unique to you, and may align with some of the abilities and traits listed above.


Some of the things you may chart to elicit these patterns include:

  • moods,
  • feelings (physically and emotional),
  • cravings,
  • energy,
  • bleeding
  • mucous/discharge,
  • Sexual activity
  • general health
  • dreams,
  • physical symptoms (pain/discomfort/bloating
  • skin, hair and nails
  • motivation


(You can read more about how to chart HERE and download your FREE cycle charting guidebook HERE )



When using charting for your business, you are looking specifically at where your energy, motivation and highest potential lie each week, and to attempt to plan your business and life to sync with your own greatest abilities. Alternatively, if you know you will be doing something in conflict with your natural abilities and needs that you cannot get out of, it is about being aware that this is the case and putting protective factors in place. This awareness allows you to still be in control and ensures you are prioritising your needs to be able to continue to show up and complete what needs to be done, without burning out.


You can utilize these energy shifts to best suit your personal and business needs. There’s now a reason to flow with your downward energy around the new moon. To listen to your body and take some time out when you need to. This is important so that when you come out of it, you will feel even more alive, inspired and raring to go. If you don’t listen to what you are feeling, often you can feel very empty and less productive. You may find yourself with more blocks, upper limits and confidence issues if you don’t allow yourself the down time. You may also physically struggle to keep up.


You are not meant to have summer all year round. Just as you are not meant to hustle everyday of your cycle. Hustling is only ONE part of your cycle, and one part of your business. You also require the visioning, the planning, the dreaming and manifesting; the surrendering in order to feel the success of the hustle. No part of a cycle is more important that the others. You can’t have one without the others. They are all equally vital. Death and decay are just as important to birth and rebirth.


Charting will help you find your own inner life-map, unique to you! You’ll start to see those get-shit-done times, and the I-need-to-surrender times. You’ll find when you’re most vulnerable, when you prefer to be alone, when you NEED to be out in the world/be with friends/be present on social media, when you’re more likely to have an argument, when you’re most likely to clean out your wardrobe… and you’ll see it pattern itself throughout your cycle.


For a variety of reasons, many women don’t menstruate, and women/bleeding people who are using hormonal birth control, will not have an ‘organic’ menstrual cycle. But it is still very useful to chart. You will still find patterns emerge that are completely unique to you, that you can utilise when planning for your life and your business. In this case you can chart with the moon phase.



If you want to invest in your business, first invest into you, and into the women of the next generation. Become immersed in this mindful daily practice that allows you to find non-negotiable space each and every day to nourish yourself just as you deserve.


I have walked this path, as a mother, a woman in business, and a birthworker and I continue to do so every single day. I have experienced first hand the positive impacts of aligning with my own wisdom, just as women have always done. Integrating this wise woman practice into how i run my business and organise my busy life with a feminine foundation has been radical and transformational. I now know how to schedule and plan life and commitments that align with my own heightened abilities (that change from week to week depending on which phase I am in). I know when I most need rest and reflection, and support with my daily duties (so there are no more excuses for not prioritising self care and down time!). And I know when I am most vibrant and extroverted so I can best nurture and support the needs of others.


Finding your flow comes before self care. It comes before your business, because your business should be built around you, not the other way around.


To find out more about my Ultimate Flow Planners, the perfect sacred tool to assist in your life of alignment and flow check out the campaign HERE



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