January 25

New Year, New Look, New Offerings


Whoooosh, we’ve said goodbye to another year! As one door closes another one opens and can I just tell you that I am almost exploding with excitement for what I am conjuring up for this magical year!!

Things are flowing, moving and changing….. can you tell??

I am not the same woman I was last year. Nope. Big things have shifted for me and I can’t wait to share them all with you! To begin with you will be witnessing an evolution in the overall ‘look’ of my business and offerings. I have been KonMarie-ing my life and business for a little while now (she’s so cool isn’t she? Just wish my house could reap the benefits as well! oops) and I have done some massive clearing, releasing and purging in order to find the clarity I have been craving and to be able to truly focus on the things that have been calling to me to focus on for so long!

I feel like I went through this tunnel of growth and change over the last 5 years and I have now emerged out the otherside where the light is shining so bright and it is embracing me in it’s comfort and warmth. I feel it on such a deep cellular level. I have really and truly come home to myself after some of the biggest most challenging years in my life and I am here to fully and truly shine now as I step into sharing the gifts I keep being called to share.

No matter where I go or what I do, I am asked to show up as a mentor and a teacher. I have resisted for sooooooo long. Seriously. So. much. (just asked Erin, she’ll tell you it just became ridiculous!). I seriously can’t NOT do this work. It feels so good I’ve just never made it work. I LOVE to teach and I LOVE watching others step fully into their amazing potential and power. It seriously lights me up more than anything else! But I just have not been valuing that natural gift as something worthy of being an actual ‘offering’. I wasn’t ready. I needed to go deep into the underworld of my shadows; to shed my skin and to truly LOVE those shadows so that they could transform into the exact medicine that I needed to catapult into my true calling.

Throughout my life I have held my own mentors and teachers in the highest esteem. They are my favourite people and I honestly know I would not have been propelled into any of the magical growth that I have done without them. In the past year I have thrown myself right into investing in myself by investing in teachers and mentors who can be the eyes to things that I just cannot see on my own. It’s just the nature of life and business that we cannot live or survive let alone THRIVE without the support of others and a commitment to invest in ourselves and our dreams… especially if you have a business.

Working and collaborating with others is my favourite thing and creating the most magical team of support has been so invaluable to the growth of my business. We just cannot move forward quickly without the wisdom and experience of those who have already gone before us.

As such, as I now travel with firefly medicine this year and a calling to ‘Be The Light’ I know that my path is to give back to others what has been given so graciously to me. To be the eyes, the ears, the space holder and wisdom keeper to journey along side those who are ready to step into their own power and truly and honestly come home to themselves!

I will be elaborating on this offering and whether it might be the perfect fit for you in the next couple of days. My website and social media will also be updated with a fresh vibe and more info as well.

Are you a natural nurturer, highly sensitive/empath, creative, black-sheep, magical mermaid, birth professional and/or circle keeper with big bold dreams? Are you committed to achieving these dreams and know that you and your business are ready to truly shine this year from a place of balance, alignment and flow? I have two new consciously curate offerings to help you kickstart and fast track those dreams!

Thrive: A modern mastermind for doulas in their first 12 months of sacred service offers an intimate group coaching for doulas in the early stages of their business and sacred work to build solid foundations for a sustainable and thriving long term business.

Places are strictly limited and an earlybird price will be available for those super keen to jump on board.

I am also offering a range of 1:1 coaching to help you find your flow, align with your desires, unblock your shadows and come home to the power & magic within you.

You can book a free clarity call with me HERE or check out my new offerings in the COACHING section.


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