March 25

Protecting the sacredness of birth begins with YOU


How do we protect the sacredness of birth when medicalisation, pathologizing and patriarchal hierarchy has been suffocating our natural wild process for longer than we can remember?How can we be the beacon of light that offers to weave science with the sacred?⁣
Honouring the sacred in your work always begins first and foremost with YOU!⁣

You must ask yourself the deep questions about who you are and why you’re doing this work. What do you need and what do you desire. ⁣
What potential attachments do you have to the outcomes of your clients?How do you want to show up and take up space in this work and who do you want to work with?What frightens you and how will you process your own triggers and shadows?⁣

When you step into a birth room it is imperative for you to leave everything at the door and enter with full presence and attention and drop any expectations or control over what may or may not occur. ⁣
But how can you do this when you are carrying unresolved, hidden shadows that still lie unwitnessed within you? They bury themselves deep in your subconscious and in your body and they can be woken up without warning, affecting your ability to be fully present and hold space as your client and their baby deserves. ⁣

No one can do the inner work for you. It’s your responsibility and it is too often overlooked. Let’s face it, if everyone is carrying fear, even the professionals, the ability for power to be taken from the birthing people is going to be hastened. Be the rock solid support that helps heal birth, not continue to destroy it. Start by looking inside yourself (within the safety of a sacred container of community). How can you empty yourself of limiting beliefs, confidence blocks and past traumatic experiences? How can you fill up with self care, sustainable practices, solid community where you can be vulnerable so that you can continue being a source of light and fully present gatekeeper to the sacred magic of birth and perinatal period? Who is holding space for you in this process?


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