February 27

The key to manifesting is not thinking positively


For those who have tried to think positively but felt it so difficult and then felt like you brought any bad luck upon yourself because you failed at thinking positively, I see you. It’s not your fault. This is what we’ve been taught about manifestation. ⁣

Yes the universe conspires to work for our highest good but we are being asked to go deeper to heal and manifest from the inside out. .⁣

There is a big difference between thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are conscious processes that we can control (to some extent). Beliefs on the other hand are subconscious processes that are formed from years of patterning, and even carried on through our lineage from our ancestors. ⁣

What happens in our conscious mind is just a projection of what is going on in our unconscious mind. We can choose to push down our negative thoughts and try to just “think positively” but if our underlying ingrained limiting beliefs are sitting there laughing at those positive thoughts, calling out their bullshit for not actually doing the work, nothing will change. ⁣

Our beliefs are stubborn and you have to get dirty and uncomfortable to unearth and shift them. They have been hiding away in the shadows of our shame and unworthiness for a long time. They haven’t seen the light of love and don’t think they are worthy. ⁣

When we start trying to shift our beliefs, our brains have a unique way of creating super uncomfortable feelings for us in the hope we will stop meddling with the way things are. But if you persist, and feel deeply, eventually they will budge and you will create NEW pathways that will transform into actual positive beliefs that then create comfortable and joyous thoughts ⁣

The key to manifesting your desires is an inside job. Your external world is just mirroring what is going on on the inside… just deeper than we think.

If you’re looking to unearth and release some of those limiting beliefs, childhood blocks, fears or thoughts of unworthiness and are committed to doing the work to be successful in your manifesting you can book in your free clarity call with me HERE.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.x


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