July 15

Embodying the art of holding space


Holding space has become more popular in recent years and is often used synonymously with ‘giving support’, however it goes beyond just support. ⁣
To me, holding space feels like flow. When you are fully present in the role of holding space, time stands still. You become completely open and accepting of each moment as you enter quantum time and the sheer presence of your mind body and spirit feels like you are both completely weightless and also anchored into the ground with roots that dig into the core of the earth. ⁣

Your thoughts and feelings all become laser focused on the person you are supporting and in that moment, nothing else outside of that room matters. Your attention becomes to deeply interconnected with your heart as you fully embrace every need of the person you are being present for. ⁣

“these words embody the principle of surrounding the environment with your awareness in way that provides comfort and compassion for all.” Adam Brady⁣

Holding space is the place of walking beside another person and meeting them where they are at; no judgement, no advice, no attachment to an outcome (in fact, there is no specific ‘outcome’ we are just focused on the now), no shame and absolutely no ‘fixing.’ ⁣

It is also about protection of that person and their surrounding physical and energetic environment to allow them to fully lean into their experience within the safety of the energetic container being created. This sacred container forms the ‘space’ of which we hold, thus the creation and protection of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic safety is of superior priority.⁣

When honouring the space we hold, for example in a circle, there is an element of trust in the medicine that the combined energy of the circle will present, while ensuring that the space is protected and kept safe.⁣

“Through the practice of holding space, you serve as a container for which the healing and transformation can take place. It’s a powerful gift of presence that you can give to others through the quality of your attention.” Adam Brady.

When honouring the space we hold, for example in a circle, there is an element of trust in the medicine that the combined energy in the circle will present, while ensuring that the space is protected and kept safe.⁣

When we are so present for someone we allow them to step into their power of fully owning their experience to accept where they are at. We do not expect them to be somewhere they are not, we just hold the container with our attention that allows growth, transformation and connection through their ability to be held in full vulnerability.⁣

Holding space is a huge responsibility and not one that everyone chooses to take on, and not everyone should take it one. It can be taxing and can cause massive energy depletion by those who hold. Great reverence should be taken when accepting the gift of being invited to hold space, to honour the needs of both parties when accepting. ⁣
.Ask yourself If you can fulfill your role to offer full present attention and protect the safety of the space to honour the journey of this other person. How do you need to empty out for yourself, to be able to be fully present for another person? What do you need for yourself first to be able to honour the role of holding space?

“It’s virtually impossible to be a strong space holder unless we have others who will hold space for us.” Heather Plett⁣

Holding as you are also held is part of the magical cycle that is human connection. We cannot offer our gifts in a bubble and always need another to mirror to us what we give out into the world. There is no weakness, no shame and no judgement in both giving and receiving. It fact it is the ONLY way that we can fully give. The need for us to both give and receive space holding in our lifetime is just the reality of our human experience. ⁣

What does holding space mean to you? How to you give and how do you receive? When do you block your ability to receive?⁣

I am passionate about guiding others in the art space holding. My upcoming Academy is a sacred space for birthkeepers and threshold walkers to be fully seen & heard, where you can learn the art of holding space while being held yourself. Space holders always need space holders of their own.


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