July 15

What is your menstrual phase ritual?


Do you have a self care practice for your menstrual/moon time phase?⁣⁣
Do you take a day off, or allow yourself a specific time to rest?⁣⁣
Do you plan your business/life around your cycle, or does your cycle have ⁣to hustle and fit in with the demands of the external world?⁣⁣
How different this world would be if more women/bleeding people allowed their cycle to guide the way?! We are literally not the same person from week to week, and during our menstrual phase we cannot keep up with our usual routine.⁣⁣
“Women can reach deeper levels of meditation ⁣
with ease as they near the end of their creative/luteal phase. In fact for some of us we can almost find ⁣ourselves in a waking meditation… I called this experience being⁣ ‘between the worlds’, where although we can be aware and operate in the outside world, our perception and awareness of self is turned inward. ⁣
A paper by David Noton PhD entitled PMS, EEG and Photic Stimulation printed in the Journal for Neurotherapy in 1977 states:⁣ An EEG study of six women with PMS demonstrated that when they were⁣ premenstrual, their EEGs showed more slow (delta) activity… Delta brainwaves⁣ which occur when we slip from dreaming sleep into deep sleep. Advanced ⁣meditators are able to train their brain to produce delta waves without ⁣being asleep and experience profound peace, oneness and tranquility.⁣ Unfortunately David Noton goes on to say ‘it is concluded that PMS ⁣belongs to a group of disorders characterised by excessive slow brain ⁣wave activity” What he missed is something very profound and crucial.⁣ Women have a natural experience of deep meditation at this time… As ⁣women we have a natural ability during our monthly cycle to reach meditation depths that bring levels of restorative relaxation any male meditator would have to achieve. And it’s for free!” Miranda Gray.⁣⁣
How do you support your biological superpowers?⁣⁣

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