February 27

Motherhood is not the thief of your identity…


Let’s be clear, motherhood is not the thief of our wild soul skin!
It is the external patriarchal constructs that no longer honour the massive feat it is to be reborn as a mother. They steal our ability to fully integrate and alchemise our past, present and future selves as both woman/womxn AND mother! No longer one without the other.
Our inability to surrender to the presence required to nourish and care for our babies without the village we once had, with the constant pressure of finances, work pressure, body image pressure, looking young, being able to be everything to everyone but never feeling enough let alone honouring our own needs (insert mother guilt and chronic martyrdom archetypes) is what removes us further away from our spirit and wild self.
Motherhood is the magical phase that transforms us on a cellular level. What is asked of us is beyond anything we could ever comprehend we were capable of. It shows us how powerful and strong we really are and shows us love more infinite than was ever conceivable. It is a time of presence where we do leave our soul/seal skin to give all that we have to nourish our offspring. But motherhood is not meant to be a sacrifice of our spirit self forever! And we are wired to parent as a collective, not in isolation where we cannot return to our wild spirit self to refill and prevent drying out.
Many mothers feel that they are losing themselves to motherhood, and then after their children have grown they feel lost and unable to find their spirit that was stolen from them decades before. Women are innately creative beings, we need to keep creating and birthing well beyond the motherhood phase!
Despite our ageing phases not being valued or honoured by this culture, the transition beyond motherhood is where we can reconnect with our creative seeds and nurture them to fruition. We can prevent losing ourselves and our soul skin by reconnecting with our creativity and honouring the gifts of each and every phase.
Motherhood does not steal your spirit, our external world wants to keep you small and refuses to revere your gifts as they should be because they know how powerful you really are!
Do you?


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